Everything To Know About NexGen Nails (A.K.A Why I’m Obsessed)

Wondering what NexGen nails are? Seen the dipping powder in salons but never tried it? Get all the facts and see if they are the right choice for you!

(Also, I promise this post IS NOT sponsored. I just did all this research when I got my nails done and wanted to share what I found plus my experience.)

So I was at the salon the other day getting my classic gel nails and my salon lady asked me ‘why don’t I ever get the dip?’

Now, I’ve seen numerous woman get the ‘dip powder’ manicure throughout the years, but I had horrible memories of getting acrylics in my early twenties and thought it was the same.

So I said, ‘I just don’t like fake nails.’

And she informed me that the dip isn’t fake nails! It’s your own real nail, but just the dip is fake. Wait WHAT?! Did everyone know this but me?

She told me that once I try dip nails, I’ll never want any other type of manicure.

I had been steered wrong in the past, but I decided to give it a try and see if they really are as incredible as they sound.

But being the littler nerd that I am, I wanted to know more about them. Are they good for your nails? What’s the difference between dip powder vs. acrylic vs. gel? I wanted to know it all.

So apparently, I discovered the most popular brand in dip powder is NexGen. There are a lot of competitors, but this was the one recommended at the salon and through my own research seems to be the best brand available.

I will be comparing this brand specifically to avoid any discrepancies as I’m sure they all have their own pros and cons.

But NexGen is apparently the Lamborghini of dip powders, so let’s dive in……

NexGen nails are the latest trend in the nail industry, and you might have heard a bit about it already. If you haven’t, you will probably want to know a little more and find out if NexGen nails should be the reason for your next visit to the salon!

NexGen nails are suited for those who love nail art, but who are not a fan of acrylic nails. It is an easy and simple way to give you perfectly manicured nails!

Here is everything you need to know about NexGen nails, and whether it is the right option for you.

What Is NexGen Nails?

Coffin Shaped NexGen Nails

NexGen nails were designed to protect your natural nails. When using acrylic, damage is done to your nail beds, and sometimes this damage can be long-lasting.

Depending on how quickly your nails grow, NexGen can last more than three weeks!

I have been looking for a way to protect our nail beds while still have beautifully long, manicured nails, and NexGen offers that.

When NexGen is applied, your natural nails are buffed, and a bottom coat is applied. You then dip your nails into the powder (which can be a color of your choice) and a topcoat is then applied.

This then takes around 5 minutes to dry, and you do not need UV or LED lights. It is pretty much as simple as that.

Just like with acrylic powders, you can choose the color you want your nails to be. There are so many ways to pretty-up your manicure, and you can be just as creative with NexGen nails as you can with acrylic – just without the damage to your nail beds.

You can dip your natural nails into the NexGen powder, or you can have tips applied first if you want longer nails.

How To Remove NexGen Nails At Home

You can remove NexGen nails at home with a few simple steps. You need to follow the right steps to remove the nails and product, you can’t just pull them off.

It does take some time to remove NexGen nails at home, so make sure you can sit down and do it properly.

While it is always better to have your nails removed at the salon, you can get away with doing it at home on your own if you are careful. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Buff your nails lightly and remove the shine with a buffer.
  2. Clips your nails down as short as possible (if you have tips)
  3. Fill a small bowl with pure acetone and soak your nails in the acetone for up to 15 minutes. If you are using nail polish remover, leave your nails to soak for up to 35 minutes.
  4. Use a small stick to scrape off any remaining NexGen nail polish.
  5. Repeat this process until all of the NexGen is removed.

If you don’t want to sit with your fingers dipped in acetone for 15 minutes, you can soak cotton balls in acetone or pure nail polish, place these on your nails, and then cover them with aluminum foil. This still gives the same soaking effect, but you can walk around while they soak.

Try not to remove NexGen nails at home too often, as the acetone can be strong and damage your nails and skin, and you will need to buff away at a fair portion of your nail surface, which could cause them to thin over time.

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NexGen Nails Vs Acrylic

There are quite a few differences between NexGen nails and acrylic. One of the main differences is how the two are applied.

NexGen nails are safer and healthier compared to acrylic and do less damage to your nail bed. NexGen also lasts longer and has more of a shine than what acrylic does, so it ticks all of the right boxes.

Acrylic nails are also easier to chip, so when you have NexGen nails applied, you do not need to be as careful with your fingers.

Is NexGen Better Than Acrylic?

Many consider NexGen to be better than acrylics (myself included.) Not only is it a longer-lasting and stronger application, but the overall look is better as well.

When paying to have your nails done, you want them to last as long as possible. By using NexGen (or most dipping powders), your nails will last longer than acrylics do.

NexGen nails have a beautiful shine that is often hard to achieve with acrylic, and the shine lasts the whole time the nails are applied.

There is also less chance you will chip your nails, as the structure of NexGen is stronger than that of acrylic.

When NexGen is applied to your nails, less damage is done to your nail beds, which is a huge advantage for some. The only worry is when the NexGen is removed, but the same can be said for acrylic.

However, NexGen can feel slightly thick and bulky, and it will more likely be a personal choice as to which you prefer. 

The Benefits Of NexGen Nails

NexGen nails come with some incredible benefits. Here are some of the pros of NexGen nails:

1. Natural Look and Feel

NexGen nails not only look natural, but they feel natural as well.  Many users have said that they can’t even tell that the nails are there most of the time – which is a huge advantage!

I was always veeeery aware that my acrylics were there.

2. Nail-Health Benefits

NexGen does very little damage to your nail beds. In fact, to ensure that nails remain strong, it is fortified with vitamin E and calcium to make sure that nails are kept healthy.

3. Chip-Free

Being lightweight and flexible when set on nails, NexGen is practically chip-free. It is water-resistant as well and is durable and strong. You don’t have to worry about your nails chipping or cracking with a slight bump!

4. No UV Light Needed

You do not need to set NexGen nails under a UV light, so you don’t have to put up with any damage to your nails, nail beds, or skin.

You also get to cut this step out of your nail application and don’t have to worry about purchasing a UV light if you do your nails at home.

5. Odor-Free

The product is breathable when applied to nails, even though it is waterproof. This keeps nails in good condition. The product is also odor-free, so your nails not only look and feel natural, but they smell natural as well.

6. Nail Designs

There are so many different NexGen colors for you to choose from. With over 100 options, you will never be limited to the look you want for your nails.

You are also still able to apply nail polish on top of NexGen nails, so you can enjoy some beautiful nail designs.

7. Affordable Pricing

A full set of NexGen nails costs between $35 and $50, which is quite affordable for nails. Regular acrylic nails cost less per appointment, but you need more upkeep and maintenance, which ends up costing more in the long run.

NexGen Nail Disadvantages

As with everything, there are some disadvantages to using NexGen nails. 

1. Lengthy Process

The process of applying NexGen to nails can be quite long, and some find it uncomfortable as well. It is worth doing an application to see if it is something you would want to do again.

2. Removal Takes Time

Removing NexGen nails also takes quite long. It is recommended that you have the nails removed at a salon, and if you do it at home yourself, you need to do so slowly to ensure it is done right and you do not damage your nails.

Everything To Know About NexGen Nails

There is all you need to know about NexGen nails, the pros, and the cons, and how it all works.

Personally, I can’t maintain my natural long nails. They are too thin and break easily. The dip powder has been a great option and I love having a perfect manicure at all times without ruining my natural nails underneath.

There are some great benefits to using dip nails and it is fast becoming popular in salons. Whether or not this is the right nail technique for you will be up to your personal taste.

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