Why Does He Text Me If He Is Not Interested? (7 REASONS!)

It can be so confusing to have a guy text you when you know that he isn’t interested in you or a relationship with you. Why exactly do men text you if they aren’t interested?

Most of the times I’ve found men text you when they aren’t interested because they like to keep their options open. Even if he isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with you, he may still enjoy talking to you and doesn’t want to burn that bridge permanently.

But that is just one very common scenario and it could be a variety of reasons. You may have dated before and it didn’t work and now he is making contact. Or you may have had a fling but now he is seeing someone else, but still texting you.

Understandably, this could leave you with quite a few questions, and it can be especially confusing if you still have feelings for him, but you don’t want yourself to get hurt again.

So, what are all the possible reasons he texts you if he is not interested? Here are a few more reasons this might be happening….

Why He Texts You If He’s Not Interested

Why Does He Text Me If He Is Not Interested

He Is Interested Physically

He might not be interested in a relationship with you, but he could be interested in being friends with benefits and is only looking for the physical side of a relationship.

This could have him saying all the things you want to hear, but then when it is time to take things to the next level, he backs out.

So, he could be looking for the physical side of a relationship and he might even like hanging out with you. But don’t be caught by this and hope that one day it will lead to something more, chances are it won’t!

A man that only wants a physical relationship with you will not want anything more.

Sometimes we hold out hope because our egos love the idea of convincing someone of our worth. But listen to me!

You don’t need to convince anyone of your worth. And much less a man who knows you, knows how amazing you are, and still chooses (every single day) not to date you.

He Genuinely Wants A Friendship

Men and women can be friends, there doesn’t have to be anything hidden behind his text messages to you, even when he isn’t interested in something more.

He might genuinely like your company and the two of you could get along really well, and he wants to enjoy time with you as a friend.

When he texts you in this situation, there would be no sexual undertones or flirty jokes. He won’t ask for late-night hook-ups or anything of the sort, it would be a simple, platonic friendship that you can both enjoy.

Reading into this too much could actually ruin your friendship, so just take it as it comes and appreciate the fact that there are no hidden intentions behind his messages!

He Needs Someone To Talk To

He might be lonely and have nobody else to talk to.

Even though he isn’t interested in you, he just wants to have someone on the other side of the phone responding. 

This isn’t fair on you, and while you might be okay helping him not feel alone for a little while, you cannot be his go-to person when nobody else is picking up. He may learn to depend on you for this with nothing in return.

Often, guys who do this have just got out of long-term relationships, he has moved to a new city or something else has changed in his life.

He could be lonely and looking for company, and you could be fine with this, but don’t let it become a one-sided relationship.

He Is Bored

You might be his entertainment for now, while he waits for something fun to come along. He might be bored and looking for a way to keep himself entertained. 

The two of you might get along beautifully, and you might joke around well and have good banter.

This is a fun way to pass time, for the both of you. For this reason, he might look to you to entertain him for a while and it can be fun for a short time.

However, you might notice after a while his messages become less and the two of you stop talking as much, only for him to come back again a few months later to start talking again.

This is because something better has come along for that period, and once that entertainment wears off and he is bored again, he will text you!

Personally, I put a lot into my friendships and relationships so anyone who only makes time for me when ‘they’re bored’ isn’t the person I want in my life.

I would gradually distance myself if you see he only approaches you when he needs you.

He Is Being Nice

To put it simply, he might only be texting you because you texted him first and he is just being nice. Would you rather he ignored you? Probably not.

Even if he is not interested in you, it does not mean that he is rude and that he will not text you back.

Just remember to not be so pushy and not force him into a relationship he might not want.

It is perfectly acceptable for women to take the lead and initiate things first, but when someone makes it clear that they are not interested, it is time to dial it down a notch.

You can still talk and text, but try to consider his tone and his messages.

If he is short and not putting in the effort to keep the conversation going, he might just be acting polite by replying but is not actually wanting to talk to you.

Don’t text first a couple of times and see if he reaches out at all.

He Is Keeping His Options Open

Like I said in the beginning, I think this is the main reason men text you when they aren’t interested.

There is a chance that he is the type of person who likes to keep his options open and he could be stringing you along.

He wants to keep you just in reach in case he changes his mind and wakes up one day and decides he is actually interested, instead of rightfully losing you altogether.

Or perhaps because keeping in contact could lead to a possible hookup in his mind.

No matter how you feel about him, you deserve so much better, and he is not keeping your feelings in mind!

The signs that this is what he is doing include making plans with you that never happen, promising to buy you things that never appear, and just making promises about the future and saying the things you want to hear.

As hard as it might be, especially when you do like him, you need to know that you deserve more and take yourself out of that situation.

He Wants A Boost Of Confidence

He might be talking to you just to boost his confidence a little. He will fish for compliments and try to get you to build him up a little bit. Also knowing that he can text you and you will text him back will boost his confidence by knowing he has you there waiting on his every text.

Try and work out for yourself why he might be texting you if he is not interested.

If it is because he wants to be friends, then you can decide for yourself whether that is healthy for you or not, but if it is because he is messing you around, you deserve better and need to cut contact! 

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