14 Sure-Fire Signs He Will Never Come Back (AND 6 HE MIGHT!)

Ending a relationship, whether it was one-sided or a mutual decision, means getting used to a new way of life, on your own, without your go-to person.

So many people deal with this by keeping up hope that their ex might return to them, but this can often just lead to more hurt down the line, and it is something that you need to try to avoid.

When you have gone through a breakup, you need to focus on yourself and move on, not sit in hope each day that he might come back. One of the best ways to convince yourself that he is not coming back is to look for the signs that he is putting out there and to actually believe them.

Keep reading to find out all the signs that he will never come back, so you can close that chapter in your life and start a new one focused on healing and on you.

Signs He Will Never Come Back

He Has Cut You Off

He is done with the relationship, and he will show this by cutting you off from his life. He will not text you or reply to your texts, and he will not make an effort to talk to you unless completely necessary.

For him, this is his way of moving on. It can be so difficult to deal with, but it is his process and you need to respect that. You just have to then turn the focus on yourself and find your best way to heal and move on from him and the relationship. 

If he has cut you off from contacting him, take it as a clear sign that he is not interested in the relationship with you anymore, and that he is focussing on his own life and moving forward on his own.

This is often one of the first signs a man shows that he will never come back, so it pays to listen early on.

He Is Seeing Someone Else

One of the hardest parts of moving on is seeing your ex with someone new, but it is bound to happen, whether it takes years or even a few weeks or months.

If you are sitting at home hoping that your ex finds his way back to you, but he is off seeing someone new and being genuinely happy, then you need to give up hope.

He has moved on from the relationship and is finding someone new to be with, and this means that he doesn’t see you as an option as a partner anymore. This shows that he has moved on emotionally and is also happy seeking out a physical connection with another person.

Your Relationship Ended Badly

One obvious sign that he will not be coming back, is if your relationship ended really badly and if the two of you did not say goodbye on good terms.

Sometimes, these relationships can be traumatic for either party, or for both people involved, whether there was cheating or if the relationship was just toxic, and he might deal with this by cutting you off and simply never talking to you again.

Relationships that ended badly very, very rarely end up working out in the future, so if you can accept the hard truth that the two of you did not handle things well, or that there were serious issues that lead to your relationship ending, then you can understand why he will never come back.

You Said Hurtful Things

We have all been in the heat of the moment and have said things we didn’t mean, but you might have crossed a line with your ex, and he might not be able to forgive you for the things that you said.

It can be so difficult to come back from saying something that cut him deep when you attack him personally and focus on his faults. This isn’t just a simple blowup in the heat of the moment, but it is personal and nasty, and it comes from somewhere deep down where there is anger bottled up.

He might not be able to forgive you for what you said, and the two of you might not be able to work past it, and what you said might be so hurtful that he will never consider coming back.

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He Has Changed

If you look him up on social media, run into each other somewhere, or share a group of friends, and you notice that he has changed from the person he was when he was with you, then it might just show that he is happier, and he has no intention of coming back.

Sometimes, two people just do not bring out the best in each other, and no matter how much you feel like you loved him, he might be better without you, and he might feel more comfortable being who he really is outside of your relationship.

It is obviously not great to realize that you may have been holding someone back or you might not have been the right person for them.

BUT if you notice that he has changed, and seems happier for it, then you need to leave him be.

You will probably find that you’re happier on your own too!

He Avoids You

Someone who is hoping to get back together with their ex will be open to spending time together, even if it is in a group of friends. This shows a willingness to connect again and hopefully move forward.

When he starts to avoid you and refuses to be around you even if other people are there, then he is far past the point of wanting to get back together, and you need to know that you cannot keep hoping that he will change his mind.

He wants to cut you out, and he does not want to have to deal with seeing you and whatever that might bring up, he is done, and you should be too.

He Returns Your Things

We can be such sentimental creatures, and we will hold on to even the most insignificant items if they hold sentimental value.

When he is never planning on coming back, he will see no sentimental value in your things and will want to return them to you as soon as possible, to be done with you and your relationship.

He wouldn’t feel the need to return your things if he thought there was some chance that the two of you would get back together, or if your items gave him some happy emotions. He wants to start over on a clean slate, and this means a life free of reminders of you.

He Tells You To Move On

When you are still in love with an ex and you hope that the two of you would land up back together, the last thing you would do is encourage them to move on and see other people.

If your ex is pushing you towards seeing other people and moving on, then it is a very clear sign that he is not planning on coming back.

He might genuinely want you to be happy with someone else and find yourself outside of the relationship, but he could also be encouraging you to move on so that he can feel a little better about moving on himself.

When he doesn’t feel jealous or hurt that you are going on dates and talking to other guys, and if he is the one telling you to do so, then he is not romantically or emotionally attached to you anymore, and this means there is little chance that the two of you will be together again.

He Sees The Breakup As Positive

Your ex might have told you, or is telling others, that the breakup was a good thing, and that it was the best thing that could have happened, and this just shows that he views the relationship negatively, which means that you are viewed in the same way.

He might think that the relationship was bringing out the worst in him, it was holding him back, or that the two of you were just not compatible, so when the breakup happened, he thought that it was for the best.

It can be hard seeing someone reduce an experience that was so painful to you, to being something good and positive, but if he has decided to view the breakup that way, then it is very unlikely that the two of you will be together in the future.

He Doesn’t Trust You

If you did something in your relationship that broke his trust, such as cheating or lying, then he would obviously be very hesitant to trust you again.

There are couples who have gotten over these types of setbacks, but if he doesn’t trust you anymore, and shows no signs that he is willing to try and build his trust back up again, then you cannot sit and wait for him to come back.

He will only see you and the relationship in a negative light, and that hurt and anger that you caused him will manifest itself in him moving on and focussing on himself, not being with you anymore.

As hard as it can be to accept, you need to understand why he feels this way, and instead of trying to win him back over, work on yourself and try to understand what made you act out in a way that broke his trust.

He Tells Friends He Is Done

The two of you might still share some mutual friends, and he could be open with them and tell them how he is done with you and the relationship, and how he never plans to get back together.

A good friend would hopefully tell you this, even when you are at your lowest, to stop you from holding onto any hope that he might come back. The sooner you accept that he is not coming back, the sooner you can start moving on by yourself.

He could also be telling your mutual friends how he feels, and how he will never get back together, hoping that the news gets back to you somehow, prompting you to let go and to stop holding on hope.

He Cuts Ties On Social Media

After your breakup, he might delete all of the photos and posts with the two of you on social media, and he might even unfriend you, or go as far as blocking you. This shows that he wants to move on without reminders of you, and he doesn’t want others to think that you are still together.

For most of us, social media is a big part of our lives, so taking the steps to end your relationship on social media and erase any memory of it, shows that this is what he is really wanting, and while he can’t erase memories of you in real life, he isn’t wanting to try to make new ones.

He Is Rude To You

If when the two of you talk or see each other in person, he is rude to you or acts distant and cold, then it shows that he doesn’t want to try to make amends and possibly move forward.

If there was any chance of the two of you getting back together, he would show it by being warm and at least being nice to you, but when he has no intention of getting back together or even just being friends, he would not put in an effort to be decent towards you.

It can be super hurtful talking to him or seeing him, only to be met by coldness, and someone you do not even recognize, but this hurt might actually be what you need to move on and to get over him.

He Tells You Outright

You might have been trying to reach out to him to get him to talk to you or consider getting back together, but he doesn’t want this, and the only other way he can let you know is by telling you outright that you will never get back together.

Sometimes, being cruel really works, and in a way, it isn’t him necessarily being cruel, but instead, he is telling you how he feels and what he wants, and this probably doesn’t align with what you want from him

This can be really hard to hear, but at the end of the day, he is really doing you a favor and forcing you to accept a truth you might have been avoiding.

6 Signs He Will Come Back

There are many signs to look for that show he is never coming back, but at the same time, not all breakups end up with two people moving in completely opposite directions. Sometimes, a breakup is just a bump in the road of two people landing back up together again.

A breakup can often highlight faults and flaws and show two people what they need to work on to be a better couple, and it can be a good thing.

Here are some signs that show that he isn’t over you and that he might end up coming back:

He Stays In Touch

He hasn’t cut contact with you, and the two of you still talk, even if it isn’t all the time. He might look for reasons to contact you, whether over text or call, and he might even try to organize hangouts with mutual friends.

This shows that he does not want to live his life without you, and he values having you in his life. He isn’t ready to cut you off, and this is because he still has feelings for you.

You Are Still Friends Online

Still being friends on social media shows that there is potential going forward. He does not want to cut you out or erase you from his life, whether real or online, and he is keeping this open to see what happens in the future.

This is even more true when he interacts with you on social media, liking your posts, commenting on pics, and even sending you DM’s. He is actively watching your life online, and still has an interest in you and what you do.

He Is There If You Need Him

While you are in a relationship, your partner is your support, and they should be there for you whenever you need them. This creates an emotional bond between two people that is difficult to break, and when the two of you break up, this bond might still be there.

He might still make an effort to be there for you when you need him, even if you do not reach out to him first. If you are going through a tough time, then he could reach out to you to check that you are okay, and he could offer the same support he did before.

This is a clear sign that he still cares deeply for you, and that he wants to make sure that you are cared for and that you have the emotional support that you need.

He Asks About You

Has he been asking your family and friends about you? Enquiring whether you are seeing someone new or are open to the idea of dating other people?

If your friends and family let you know that he has been asking about you, then it is a sign that he might want to be with you.

He might not feel comfortable asking you these questions, as he would not be sure where he stands with you, but he would still want to keep track of where you are in your life and who you are seeing, to determine whether or not he has a chance with you again.

He Brings Up Memories

The two of you would have developed some great memories together during your relationship, and when you break up, you don’t want to dwell on these, as they could just cause more heartbreak.

However, if he messages you bringing up memories you shared, or he sends you a photo of the two of you or brings up lyrics to your favorite songs, then it shows he is still thinking positively about your relationship, and he misses the connection that the two of you shared.

He would not be doing this if he wanted to end things with you.

He Is Nervous Around You

Seeing you after the two of you have broken up, even if quite a bit of time has passed, can make him really nervous, especially if he is wanting to get back together with you.

He might feel just how he felt when the two of you started dating, being nervous about saying the right things and treating you well, and this could all come back up again when the two of you have been apart for a while.

If you notice him acting nervous and shy when you see each other, it is a good sign that he still has feelings for you, and he isn’t quite sure how to display these yet.

Should We Get Back Together?

You might be so confused when your ex shows signs that he wants to get back together with you, and it can be so difficult to decide whether the two of you should get back together or not.

This is something that only the two of you can answer, and it is so important to put quite a bit of thought into it, especially if your relationship wasn’t a healthy one or it didn’t end well.

Think back on the relationship that the two of you shared, and how you made each other feel. Try your best to not romanticize it, and think of the good and bad parts. If you think you will just fall back into bad habits again, then it is probably better to stay apart.

All relationships take work, and if the two of you decide to get back together again, then you should both be prepared for the hard work that comes with being better partners for each other.

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