How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You (What To Know!)

Being ghosted is never a great feeling, but instead of sitting there and feeling sorry for yourself, you should turn it around and make him regret ghosting you!

Don’t make him regret ghosting you in hopes that he might make contact again, make him regret the fact that he missed his chance with you, and that you are way more than he deserves anyways!

While we would never advocate for revenge, you definitely owe it to yourself to show him that he made a bad decision, and do what you can for yourself with your head held high to move on.

How do you make a guy regret ghosting you?

The best way to make a guy regret ghosting you is to move on and not retaliate. Don’t message him back and don’t try to find out why he did it. Rather focus on yourself and the things that make you happy, and make it apparent what he is missing out on.

If you want to show him why he made the wrong choice in ghosting you, read on for our tips!

Why Did He Ghost You?


Ghosting is the act of rejecting someone without letting them know why and just never replying or texting them again. It is quite a harsh form of rejection and leaves you with many different questions.

When asking yourself why he ghosted you, you need to remember that it is all on him, and none of it is on you.

The most probable cause is that he isn’t ready for commitment and he is worried to take things further. This is his own issue that he needs to sort out.

Ghosting someone is definitely a cowardly way out of things, and shows a bit of his character as well. To me, it shows that you actually dodged a bullet. 

Why would you want someone who can’t communicate properly? Or who is undecided on whether or not they want you? No thanks!

However… Even though ghosting is all on him, it can still be really hard to deal with being ghosted and especially the fact that you don’t know why he ghosted you in the first place! Just remember that it is nothing you have done, and it is all his own flaws that caused it.

So, when he has ghosted you, keep in mind the following:

Don’t Let The Wrong Emotions Take Over

Try your hardest, even when it seems impossible through the anger and hurt, to not let the wrong emotions take over. Make sure you move on with good intentions and for the right reasons, and not to be bitter and hold onto anger and seek revenge.

The wrong emotions could lead to you doing or saying something that you might regret later on, and it just isn’t healthy to hold on to these negative feelings.

Don’t Let It Consume You

Yes, you are allowed to feel angry and frustrated with being ghosted, but you can’t center your life around this. It might feel like he took your power and dignity away the moment he ghosted you, but you are in control of that and how it makes you feel.

Do not make it your sole focus to make him regret what he did, and rather base your decision on the fact that moving on is best for you.

How To Make Him Regret Ghosting You


So, keeping in mind that you should focus on yourself and moving on with a good, healthy mindset after being ignored, here are some of the things you can do to make him regret ghosting you!

Completely Block Him

This might seem like an odd first step, especially since he has ghosted you and effectively blocked you out, but you need to properly block him out of your life.

There is always a chance that he might try to pop back up and tug on your emotions to work his way back in there again when it suits him, but you can’t let that happen. Once a ghoster, always a ghoster. Respect yourself enough to not associate with people like that.

This also means not reaching out to him to find out why he ghosted you or to try to get him to message you. He has your number and knows where to find you, and if he wanted to message you then he would.

Make sure to also unfollow him on all of your social media accounts as well, as this can make it easier to move on not having to be reminded by him every time you scroll through your feed.

Don’t Give Him A Reaction

Sometimes, men ghost women to get a reaction from them, which is so unfair. The best thing you can do is to not give him any reaction at all. Don’t feed into his game, and don’t let him feel like he has control over you.

One thing that is common among guys who ghost girls, is reappearing further down the line by subtly reacting to photos or even commenting on posts. He would be doing this to hopefully entice you to contact him, but once again you need to avoid giving him a reaction.

You are not obliged to reply to him or to give him any of your time. If the two of you cross paths in the future when out or at college, don’t react in person. Be polite and friendly, but short and move on. Don’t let him feel like his ghosting had any effect on you – this will drive him mad!

Focus On Yourself

Focusing on yourself and doing the things you enjoy, as well as building yourself back up again, is the best revenge you can get and is a sure way to make him regret ghosting you.

It can be quite a knock to your self-confidence when someone ghosts you, and it can take time, but you need to focus on yourself again. You need to work on making yourself happy in yourself, and try and push out any negative thoughts that you might have.

This isn’t always easy, and to help, start doing things that you enjoy. Find a hobby, spend time with friends and give yourself some self-care and some self-love.

Knowing who you are and being sure of yourself will be a great way to make him regret his decision to not keep you in his life, and it is just healthy practice for yourself as well, immaterial of whether or not you are doing it to make him jealous.

Put Yourself Out There

Once you have spent time on yourself and are moving on from what he did, you could always look to put yourself out there again. This does not mean trying to find someone to fill the space he once held, but don’t close yourself off to meeting someone new it if you feel comfortable with the idea.

Just do not go on dates only to make him jealous. This isn’t fair on the person you are going on a date with, and it really isn’t a healthy practice, and might not even work!

By putting yourself out there, you could land up meeting someone who is genuinely right for you, and who will treat you how you deserve to be treated.

Hopefully, when you find someone new, the old ghoster won’t pop up in your thoughts anymore!

Avoid Trying Too Hard

While you want to make him regret the decision of ghosting you, it should not become your sole focus, and you should definitely not try too hard to make him regret his decision.

Here are some of the things we might be guilty of when trying too hard to make someone regret ghosting:

  • Do not post obvious photos or captions that are very clearly an attempt at making him jealous. These posts can often be spotted from a mile away, and you should avoid doing this to yourself.
  • Do not post continuously on how happy you are and how great your life is going – this will come across as disingenuous and doesn’t put you in a good light.
  • Some of us resort to posting quotes or lyrics that might seem like a dig at the person who ghosted you. This is fine once or twice, you deserve your say, but don’t do it too often, as it seems as though that is your only focus at the time.
  • Don’t try and make dates with other guys only to make him jealous. Nobody will believe that you found the new love of your life only a week after being ghosted!

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a guy regret ghosting you. You want him to learn that it isn’t acceptable behavior and he needs to find a more mature way to deal with the relationships in his life.

But it’s important to remember that this desire to get him to regret ghosting you is coming from a place of pain. Not empowerment.

While it is fine to make him regret his decision, it should not become your sole focus.

You should instead focus on your well-being and your self-confidence, and block him off from your life.

This is the healthiest and most positive way for you to move on, and for him to work out what he is missing! Good Riddance. Thank You, Next.

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