Should I Text A Guy Who Ghosted Me? (7 REASONS YOU SHOULDN’T!)

Being ghosted sucks. It really does, and it is one of the worst feelings you can experience if you have just decided to put yourself out there and meet someone new.

It might be easy for someone to decide to not send a text again and ghost you, but that does not mean it is easy for you to get over, and being left in limbo, and the frustration that comes with it, can be quite confusing.

Should you text a guy who ghosted you? The simple answer is no! You might think that you need closure, but they obviously weren’t worth your time in the first place. There really is not much more that you need to know about how they feel about you.

Remember this, no answer is an answer. And the most powerful one at that You don’t need ‘closure’ or to double check he got your text. He got it, okay? He CHOSE not to respond.

But if you’re still going back and forth about whether or not you should text that guy who ghosted you, I have come up with a nice little list of reasons you shouldn’t.

Not now, not ever!

Why You Shouldn’t Text A Guy Who Ghosted You

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They Aren’t Interested

The main reason why you shouldn’t text someone who has ghosted you is because they aren’t interested. They aren’t sitting around waiting for your text, they have moved on and most likely aren’t thinking about you.

This sounds really harsh, but it is the truth. Why should you waste your time texting someone who couldn’t be bothered to reply to you? Don’t fool yourself into thinking you would get closure out of it, because if they couldn’t have simply replied to you, they won’t be putting in much effort to give you closure either.

Rather accept that they aren’t interested, and try to forget about them. A text isn’t going to suddenly interest them in you again!

You Won’t Get Anything Out Of It

There isn’t much that you will get out of texting someone who has ghosted you, and you most likely won’t learn anything new either.

Someone who does not respect you enough to even send you a text will not be too worried about replying to your follow-up text about them ghosting you. If ghosting is their MOA, then you can expect them to act this way again.

They will not care enough to give you any sort of closure, and they most likely won’t apologize for ignoring you either. There isn’t anything new that might come from texting them, and their actions, or lack thereof, should be closure enough.

They Might Not Even Reply

If they have ghosted you once, nothing is stopping them from ghosting you again! There is very little chance that they would reply to a follow-up text that you send them.

You will just end up feeling foolish sending another text that they do not reply to, and you could feel as though you have made yourself appear desperate.

By sending them a text, you are only opening up the opportunity that they will ghost you again, and it really isn’t worth hurting yourself over and over again.

You Could Say Something You Regret

You might decide to send them a text in anger or frustration, and with text being so accessible, it could lead you to say something you might regret.

Your anger and hurt at being ghosted might get the better of you in the moment, and this could result in a really mean text. While ghosting is in no way a nice thing to do to someone, you need to be the better person and move on, instead of saying something out of character for yourself.

It is always best to not text anyone when angry or upset, and rather take the time to consider what you are going to say and whether you should say anything at all.

You Let Them Win

By texting them after they ghost you, you are almost letting them win. It shows that they have got under your skin by ignoring you and that you are the one still hanging on, while they have moved on. 

If you text them and they end up ghosting you again, it would just make you feel worse about the situation. It will be a whole new level of disrespect and it would feel as though they have won.

They have the power by not replying to you text after text, and it is best to just not send anymore more texts at all.

And look, I get it. Relationships aren’t about ‘winning.’ But when you text someone who has ghosted, disrespected, and doesn’t value you, you sure won’t feel like a winner.

The only way to win in these situations is to move on with your life, forget them, and be happy.

Work on yourself and find people who value and love you. Not those who are completely apathetic to you.

They Could Say Something That Hurts

Being ghosted sends a pretty clear message that he is not interested. This is a hard truth to swallow, but it is something that you will have to accept and move on from. While they haven’t said anything at all, their silence speaks volumes.

Texting them gives them another option to send you a text back, and they might want to make their message very clear. This could lead to them sending you a text you probably wish you hadn’t had read, and it could really knock your self-confidence a bit.

It is better to just learn that ghosting shows how they feel without them needing to put it down into words for you.

You May Have Misread The Situation

There is a chance that they haven’t ghosted you at all, and that they are genuinely busy and have forgotten to text back, or just haven’t had the chance to yet.

Sending a text in anger thinking that they have ghosted you could put you in a bad light, and could really hurt the person you are texting. This is not always the case, but if they have not ghosted you and are just taking a little longer to reply, then texting them angrily could ruin things between you.

This is obviously different if they haven’t texted back for days or weeks, which then makes it pretty obvious that they have ghosted you!

Should You Text Someone Who Has Ghosted You?

It is best to not text someone who has ghosted you. Ever.

Their silence and lack of texts show how they feel clearly enough and instead of taking more of your time to text them back (only to be possibly ignored again.)

It is better to cut your losses and move on to bigger and better things! Besides, ‘losing’ someone who doesn’t care for you isn’t a loss!

Remember this phrase for the rest of you life, okay? Go where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated.

There are people out there who will love and cherish your presence and you won’t have to double text or beg and plead to be in their life.

They’ll want you there. And be excited to hear from you, text you, invite you out.

So in the mean time, block that loser who doesn’t see your worth and soon enough you’ll find people who do.

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