Avoid These 8 Habits If You Want To Be Truly Respected

Have you ever wondered what makes some people instantly respected? It’s not always about what they do, but often about what they don’t do.

In our quest to be our best selves, there are certain behaviors we should leave behind.

Let’s get into into eight habits to drop that can be losing you respect in personal and professional relationships…

Ditch the Digital Dominance

Why It’s Important to Unplug

Ever noticed how some people can’t put their phones down, even during a meal? If you want folks to really listen to you, it’s time to put that device away.

When you’re not constantly checking your phone, people see you as present and engaged.

This shows that you care about what’s happening right here, right now, which really makes people respect you.

Stop Oversharing

Keep a Little Mystery

Sharing stories is fun, but telling everyone everything can be too much. When you keep a few details to yourself, people see you as confident and in control.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t open up about important things, but save some stories for the right moment.

People will respect you more when they see you know the difference.

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Avoid Over-Apologizing

Sorry Isn’t Always Necessary

Do you say sorry a lot? It’s great to apologize when you’ve made a mistake, but saying it all the time makes it feel less special.

Try to only say “sorry” when you really mean it. This makes your apologies more powerful, and people will notice and respect your sincerity.

Cut Out the Complaining

Be the Solution, Not the Problem

Nobody enjoys a constant complainer. If you’re always focusing on the bad stuff, it’s hard for people to enjoy your company.

Try to bring up solutions when you talk about problems. This shows you’re a positive person who helps make things better, and that’s a surefire way to earn respect.

Eliminate Lateness

Time is Precious

Being on time shows that you respect other people’s time as well as your own. Whether it’s a meeting, a class, or a coffee date, always try to be a bit early.

This habit tells people you’re reliable and trustworthy, which are key ingredients for respect.

Stop the One-Upmanship

Celebrate Others

Do you find yourself always trying to top someone else’s story? This can make you seem competitive in a not-so-fun way.

Instead, try listening and celebrating what others share. When people see that you’re genuinely happy for them, they’ll respect and appreciate your kindness.

Let Go of Judgmental Comments

Open Your Mind

Quick judgments can push people away. Try to listen and understand where others are coming from before making up your mind.

This shows you’re thoughtful and considerate—qualities that make people feel respected and safe around you.

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Refrain from Seeking Constant Reassurance

Believe in Yourself

It’s normal to want others to agree with your choices, but asking for constant reassurance can make you seem unsure.

Trust your own decisions and let your actions speak for themselves. When people see your confidence, they’ll respect you even more.

By letting go of these behaviors, you’ll not only feel better about yourself, but you’ll also see how much more respect you get from others. Let’s start these changes today and become someone everyone admires!

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