11 Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You (RED FLAGS)

The man born under the Cancer sign is often considered to be the perfect relationship material.

He is caring, sensitive, offers you stability, and dreams about a future with a wife and a happy family beside him. 

Most men are afraid of marriage.

We have to admit it, not all men are that enthusiastic about the marriage concept!

However, you will instantly see in Cancer’s eyes, his dreams about settling down. And that is what women find most irresistible!

Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You

Not all is sugar, spice, and everything nice, being with a Cancer man.

Cancer men are known for their moods that shift like the Moon’s phases, after all the Moon is their ruling planet.

So we understand that his behavior can drive you crazy sometimes. Being warm and tender, and the next moment cold and distant, raise the question “Is Cancer man playing you?”.

Sit tight, we got you girl!

Here are all the signs that can point to your relationship not being headed towards the wedding bells.


The cancer man loves physical touch and aren’t shy about PDA.

When a cancer man really likes you, he will be all over you, both in private and in public.

He doesn’t care who sees him or what others think.

So if your Cancer beau isn’t holding your hand and kissing you when you’re out on dates, thats a big sign he is just not that into you.

Talks About The Future… And You’re Not In It

When he speaks about the future, he doesn’t include YOU.

When we say YOU, we mean not just yourself but the two of you as a couple.

Cancer man loves to share his dreams about his future with the woman he plans to be part of.

If he is serious about the relationship you will hear words from him like “my future wife”, “mother of my children”, or he will always plan ahead including you both in the agenda.

Yes, Cancer man is as simple as that.

He will not try to get you into his bed by just saying he sees you and him settling down.

No, this man only says that when he truly means it. If not, you are not the woman he chooses to spend the rest of his life with.

Better save yourself time and move on before he decides to do it.

Emotionally Closed-Off

He doesn’t show his emotions.

Cancer man is a bubble of emotions!

But when that bubble bursts, he can be moody and withdrawn. If you only know his moody and reserved side, something is off in the relationship.

When this man has complete confidence and trust in the woman he is with, they show both of their sides.

The difference is that he will be willing to talk about his emotions. He will be open and talk with you about what bothers him, and allow you to help him.

If he is only playing you, he will never confide in you.

His Walls Are Up

His Walls Are Up

You are hitting the emotional wall.

If he cares about you he will explain what is going on in his life, if not you will only hear he is not in the mood to talk.

Cancer man shuts you off from his life in his difficult moments when they don’t have serious intentions with you.

He’s Hard To Get In Touch With

It is hard to reach him.

Cancer is friendly and loves spending time with people he feels close to.

This man might not be excited about the idea of getting out of his cozy home and going out to be in a large group of people, but they will enjoy your company in an intimate atmosphere.

It is always a red flag if you can’t reach your man and make plans with him.

When a Cancer man is playing you, they will be the one choosing when and where to meet you. If not, he will not allow you to interfere with his personal time.

He Doesn’t Invite You Over

He never invites you to his home.

For Cancer, home is where the heart is. This man sees his home as a sacred place, and it is not about how well it is decorated or arranged.

It is their most personal place, where they only let people they plan to have in their future. Don’t get confused if he only invited you to see the bedroom, but calculate how much he allows you to learn about him while being there.

The home of a Cancer is filled with memories and speaks about their most intimate parts of life.

If this man is serious about you, when you go to his place, he will show you much more than just the bedroom, even those baby albums.

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He’s Flakey

Cancer men are true to their word. If they like you and make plans with you, they will honor those commitments.

However, they are extremely flakey people if they DON’T like you or see a future with you.

So if you make plans with your Cancer man and he cancels last minute, offering a lame excuse in the process…. or worse, just completely ghosts… you can take that as a sure sign he is just passing time and not serious about you.

You’ve Never Met His Family

We don’t say that you should meet his parents on your first or even your tenth date, but when a Cancer man is serious about you, you will hear about plans for meeting his family.

This man has a strong bond with his family, and as a priority in life, family comes first for the Cancer man.

When he is serious about you, he would want you to meet his closest family members.

After all, the opinion of his family is what they value highly. Yes, this man will never settle down with a woman his family disapproves of.

So if you are lucky enough to be invited to a family lunch, be at your best!

He’s On His Phone A Lot

When a cancer man is really into you, you will be his top priority.

He won’t be checking emails, responding to texts, and (god forbid) scrolling through social media.

Chances are, you won’t even see his phone out. You will have his undivided attention.

But if a Cancer man is playing you and not truly interested, it’s very likely he will only give you 50% of his attention. If even that.

His Eyes Wander

He looks at other women.

Yes, all men look at other women, especially when it is an attractive one. The red flag in your relationship with a Cancer man needs to be raised up if he does that every time a girl passes at you.

Cancer man is very loyal and faithful, but only and ONLY when they have serious intentions about you.

You should never be worried for a Cancer man to cheat on you, as they despise this the most.

But when he is playing you, he will not care to make you feel safe in him and make you not doubt his loyalty to you.

Instead, he will look, flirt and play just as he plays with you. Leave him without thinking twice about it. You know you deserve so much more!

You Don’t Feel Like A Priority

Deep down inside, you will know.

Being with a Cancer man is kind of difficult not to pick up on his emotions and feelings. Themself being very receptive will transfer their energy onto you, so you better listen to your gut what is telling you.

If while being with him, you have moments when deep down inside you can feel that he is playing you, yes, that is the skill of reading people’s emotions that Cancer is mirroring on you.

He knows you are serious about him, they can feel it. So his caring nature that he can’t control is telling you to save yourself from heartbreak while you still have time.

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