12 Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings (WATCH FOR THESE!)

The Libra man by being ruled by the planet of beauty and love, Venus, can be incredibly charming and attractive.

This man is well-behaved, extremely polite, and mannered.

You can notice him always graciously holding his body, well choosing his words, and casually enjoying a friendly conversation.  

Libra Is Meant To Be In A Couple!

The man Libra is loyal and faithful when it comes to love relationships.

This person adores the idea of being in a couple and sharing their deepest feelings with the person they love.

However, sometimes the Libra man tends to hide his emotions, and it can be difficult to read their energy. 

Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

Young handsome couple having fun on roadtrip - Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

He Can Be Very Indecisive

Just as their Zodiac symbol, a Libra man can find it extremely difficult to make a decision and balance, and choosing his romantic partner is no exception.

This man is very likely to try to hide his emotions from you before they are completely certain about whether they want to be with you or not. 

He Doesn’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings

Venus governs balance, harmony, and connection. It is no wonder the Libra man always tries to do the right things as he is not a person that handles conflicts easily.

If it was up to him, he would prefer if he could get along well with the whole world.

That is why this man tends to repress his emotions, as they are unsure if his words might hurt your feelings in any way. 

Yes, this considerate and incredibly caring side of a Libra man tends to turn this man into a real puzzle when it comes to figuring out his feelings.

Luckily we have Astrology, and today we’ll dive deep into all the signs a Libra man gives by trying to hide his feelings. 

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He Acts Reserved In Your Company

The Libra man is very friendly and enjoys the company of other people. However, when he likes someone, this man might act a bit shy.

So don’t be disappointed if you can’t catch a moment with him alone.

Your Libra man needs time to get to know you better and feel comfortable enough to open up about his feelings.

However, a shy Libra man who likes you can be the cutest thing ever! If he looks down when your eyes meet and his cheeks blush, know this man likes you! 

His Body Language

Handsome Man walking - a Libra mans body language is a telltale sign he's got secret feelings for you

Non-verbal communication is a huge part of reading Libra man’s emotions.

If he sits with his feet turned towards you, he likes you.

Touching his lips while speaking with you is a way for him to make sure he will not blurt out something inappropriate to you, like “I want to kiss you!” Or it might be a sign he is hiding something from you.

When he might tell a lie about “How he feels,” he may be touching his nose so pay attention.  

He Avoids Answering Personal Questions

When you like someone, you want to know everything about this person, but the Libra man tends to hide his emotions by avoiding answering such questions.

So if he is being highly diplomatic with his answers, know that this man is trying to protect his heart and is being cautious.

Again, don’t get discouraged. Instead, give him time to relax and help him open up about his feelings by being the first that gives some personal information about yourself. 

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He Is Trying To Make You Laugh 

The Libra man might try to hide his feelings for you, but his efforts to make you smile give him up.

Any man knows that the fastest way to a woman’s heart is by making her laugh. Now you know why your Libra man always tells jokes and funny stories.

He might be shy to tell you directly how he feels about you, but it doesn’t mean he won’t try to steal your heart. 

Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings - Beautiful couple have fun in a ice arena. Elegant girl in a yellow sweater.

He Remembers All The Details About Your Life

Suddenly surprising you with a bar of chocolate over your work anniversary or being the very first to wish you a happy birthday is a Libra man’s way of telling you he has feelings for you.

This man will remember every single detail about you and your life and never fail to remind you about it.

He can hide his feelings as much as he wants, but noticing and remembering everything about the person you like is a clear sign he likes you!

You may have been some time now in a relationship with a Libra man, and you want to be sure that your man is not hiding his feelings from you.

In order to have a healthy relationship, you must know how the other person feels.

But your Libra man might again avoid opening up to you by trying to protect you from hurting your feelings. So how will you know if he is hiding his feelings? 

He Is Being Quiet Around You

Libra man, once he gets comfortable around someone, is a chatty, friendly person. So you might get confused if he is suddenly quiet in your company.

Yes, this clearly shows that he is hiding his feelings from you. It might be something bothering him, and he doesn’t want to get you worried.

But we know that together you are stronger to overcome any difficulties. So be open with him and tell him you have been noticing that something is bothering him.

Say that you feel hurt by him not being honest with you, and the moment he realizes you feel bad about his behavior, he will share his feelings. 

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He Is Acting Overly Emotional

Couple holding hands - Libra men in love He act Overly Emotional

If your Libra man is acting sensitive and gets easily aroused, know that this is a sign of him hiding his feelings. In these situations, it is probably something you have done or said that might have hurt his feelings.

But your Libra man will strongly avoid confrontations and arguments; therefore, he will repress his emotions. The anger or sadness he feels deep inside is the reason why your Libra man suddenly acts overly emotional.

However, don’t go to him directly and ask what is wrong. First, go through recent events and your conversations with him.

Think about what might have upset him and approach him by asking if he feels bad about that.

The Libra man likes to feel appreciated and his feelings to be acknowledged, so even if that is not what made him angry or sad, he will be glad that you are willing to think about it and apologize.

This way, he will feel confident enough to express his feelings and share what is on his mind. 

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He Won’t Participate In Your Shared Activities

As we mentioned, Libra man is all about being in a couple. These people like it when things are in balance and harmony, like when two people do something they love together.

If he refuses to participate and makes excuses about how he can’t come with you to a previously planned event or activity, it is a sign your man hides something.

Don’t allow for the problem to expand. Repressed feelings and unclear communication can be the number one reason for relationships breaking apart.

Again, be honest and open with your man and ask him if everything is alright and why he is no longer interested in sharing his time with you. 

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He Is Acting Anxious And Stressed

Man biting his nails, anxious - He Is Acting Anxious And Stressed

When the Libra is not in balance, it reflects strongly on their health and mental state. If you notice your Libra man being anxious or under stress, it is something they feel, and it makes them lose balance.

We know it will be much easier if he just shares his emotions with you and explains what is causing him discomfort.

But your Libra man can be proud and try to figure out something on his own.

Be patient and, in a subtle way, offer your help with his work on another matter you think is causing him pressure.

Once he starts figuring out the solution, the anxiety will lower, and he will be able to share his feelings with you. 

Dealing with emotions is never an easy quest. Sometimes it is hard to deal with our own emotions, let alone with other people’s feelings.

Therefore it is important to remember to stay calm and be patient. Give your Libra man time, and don’t pressure to open up to you.

Adding additional stress won’t help your relationship. Instead, creating a calm and safe atmosphere for the Libra man to talk to you will help him to feel balanced and share his feelings with you. 

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Sharing Your Feelings Is A Two-Way Street

Your Libra man won’t share his emotions unless you are ready to do the same.

Sometimes we need to remember that feelings are equal to the conversation.

It must go both ways; otherwise, it is just a monologue or hiding and burying feelings deep inside.

Once you get to know your Libra man, you will be able to talk about everything and keep an honest and open channel of energy between you.

Sharing your feelings is a healthy way of keeping your relationship sound and stable. 

Body Language Of A Libra Man In Love

Couple laughing - what is the Body Language Of A Libra Man In Love

A Libra man will take his time deciding whether or not to approach you and figuring out if you’re right for him.

More than any other zodiac signs, these are men of mystery, and it isn’t always obvious when they are in love with someone. Although they can be amazing flirts, that doesn’t mean they are easy to read.

However, Libra men are the lovers of the zodiac. They pour their heart and soul into their relationships. Knowing that they give so much, they are very selective in the early stages when deciding who to commit to.

However, there are some signs that show when Libra men are in love with you and hiding their feelings…

He Tries To Make You Laugh

From personal experience, a Libra man will go out of his way to make the girl he loves laugh. If he’s constantly making jokes, being sarcastic, or poking fun, these are clear signs he has a thing for you.

We would just ask you to notice whether he does this with everyone or seems to go out of his way, particularly with you.

He Asks For Your Advice

Libra guys are indecisive, but that doesn’t mean they want everyone’s input on their life choices.

However, if he goes out of his way to ask YOU for advice, that’s a major green flag!

Asking for your advice shows he values your thoughts and opinions. He wouldn’t ask just anybody!

It can be a major flag he’s fallen in love with you and your mind.

He Gives You His Undivided Attention

Woman looking at partner on phone - Does a Libra Guy Give You His Undivided Attention

When you are talking, is he busy on his phone? Looking around all over the place? These are a big no-go!

When a Libra man is secretly in love with you, he will give you his undivided attention.

His eye contact will be intense, and he won’t be scattered. He will be completely focused on you and what you’re saying the entire time.

He Opens Up To You

So a Libra man may not come out and say he loves you, but he will be very open with you about other things.

He may share his struggles and insecurities.

You can be his safe space, and he will be comfortable confiding in you when times are tough.

Ask yourself whether conversations are very surface-level or if he goes deep. If it’s the latter, that’s one (of many) signs he can be in love with you and hiding his feelings.

He Includes You In His Plans

Libras are lifelong lovers. If they are into you, they are planning and seeing a future with you.

He can be subtle and mention a trip he’s going on, while casually inviting you. Or be more direct and actually mention something in the faroff future involving the both of you.

These aren’t little things.

If he’s seeing you in his future, even if it’s just for a small road trip, it can be a sign he’s falling for you strongly.

It’s not to say Libra men don’t have flings. But they won’t plan for the future with you unless they see it actually being deeper.

What Kind Of Woman Do Libra Men Like?

Fashionable woman walking down the street - What types of woman does a libra man like?

Libra men love an excellent conversationalist. They love woman who can have deep, meaningful conversations with them but also can be lighthearted and fun.

The typical woman a Libra man goes for is well-groomed, sophisticated, and bright.

Libra guys love the finer things in life, so a woman who dresses well will catch his eye like no other. They love elegance and a sharp appearance.

These men are turned off by gossipy woman and also tend to not like stubborn, or impatient ones. These aren’t a dealbreaker, of course, just a data point.

The best thing you can do to attract a Libra man is be confident in yourself. Confidence is the key to catching this mans eye and keeping his attention.

Libras also love to talk, so being a good listener is a must!

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