October Scorpio vs. November Scorpio: What’s The Difference?!

Sharing a Zodiac sign with someone doesn’t mean by default that the two of you are alike.

In fact, there are quite different traits in Scorpio if one of you is born in October and the other one is born in November.

Without a doubt, you still share the same sexual energy and mystique appearance but the differences between the two of you might quite surprise you.

Why are October Scorpio and November Scorpio different?


If you are Scorpio and you have compared yourself with another Scorpio, or compared two other persons both born in this sign, there is a big chance you might have noticed some huge difference between October vs. November Scorpio.

This is something that astrology acknowledges as well and if you were wondering if we can back up this thesis the answer is yes, and we have the explanation right here in this article, so continue reading.  

The Sun is in Scorpio, but the planets and other rising Zodiac signs range.

People born between October 23rd and November 21st all have Scorpio as their Sun sign.

However, looking at the Natal Chart we discover that there is so much more to it than just our Sun sign.

The placement of the Moon, the planets Venus, Mercury, Mars, and the other rising signs could vary wildly and with that, they can have different impacts on us.

Your appearance and behavior in certain areas of your life can differ as a result of these planets and signs’ placement.

That is why even though both October and November Scorpios share the same core Scorpio qualities, they still can be so different compared to one another.

One can be more emotional than the other, or express their emotions rather differently than his fellow Scorpio.

October vs. November Scorpio tends to be so different that you might even ask if the two truly share the same Sun sign. 

Your Zodiac Sign Decan

In order for you to understand your Zodiac sign decan, we must first explain to you what is decan. It includes little math but nothing too complicated or confusing. Namely, each Zodiac sign is divided into three decans, for Scorpio that is:

1st Decan; October 23rd – November 2nd 

2nd Decan; November 3rd – November 12th 

3rd Decan; November 13th – November 21st 

These groups alter the way each planet influences and expresses itself there. The next step to understand your decan is to understand degrees in astrology.

Each sign takes up 30 degrees on the Zodiac wheel therefore the first 10 represent the first decan – 0° to 10°, 10° to 20° – second decan, and 20° to 30° – third decan of Scorpio.

And now the math part – The Sun moves approximately one degree per day, which means that all October Scorpios belong in the first decan of Scorpio, while most of those born in November with the exception of the ones born on the first day or so of the month, will be either second or third decan Scorpios.

Now when we explain why there are differences between October vs. November Scorpio we can go into details and tell you what those differences are.

It is so fun to finally be able to unwrap all that mystery around Scorpios, right?

October Scorpio Gives A More Intense Scorpio Vibe

Scorpio’s ruling planets are Pluto and Mars. In Astrology Pluto signifies rebirth and destruction, while Mars represents the drive (sexual, ambition, energy) and passion.

Both of these powerful planets have a greater impact on Scorpios born in October because they are not influenced by any other co-ruling planet.

This is why we notice October Scorpio reflecting a stronger and more powerful Scorpio vibe.

These people are impressive and authoritative and are quite passionate about what life has to offer. 

Scorpios born in October uses the full force of Scorpio and its rulers Pluto and Mars.

November Scorpio Is Deeply Spiritual

Those born in November are second or third decan Scorpios, which means that they are either under the influence of the Moon or Neptune.

The Moon is the planet of feelings, emotions, and sensations, while Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusion, and fantasies. This is why November Scorpio gives the vibe of someone dreamy, highly spiritual, and sensitive.

They are empathic and can connect with people very easily.

They have the gift of reading minds, so they know what you want and you think even before you say it out loud.

Highly mystical, November Scorpios are in deep connection with the spiritual world and they have the strongest intuition to guide them around.

October Scorpios Are More Possessive And Jealous

Scorpio born in October tend to be more possessive and jealous when it comes to their relationship.

This comes as a result again of the ruling planets Pluto and Mars. Due to the influence of fiery Mars, they are also more competitive than their November fellow Scorpios.

You may very easily notice that the walls October Scorpio has are stronger, bigger, and more difficult to tear down, while November Scorpio will let their guard down and let you in their hearts way faster.

November Scorpios Are Moodier

Although all Scorpios tend to be moody and change their moods quite fast, November Scorpios are a little bit extra when it comes to shifting from happy to low-spirited.

This comes as a result of the extra influence from planet Neptune or the Moon (depending on in which decan they are).

As water signs, November Scorpios are even more affected by other people’s energy and can easily be influenced by other people’s emotions and moods.

Compared to October Scorpio they have a rather difficult time keeping their poker face on and hiding their emotions.

October Scorpios Are More Ambitious

It will be unfair to say that there is a Scorpio that is not ambitious, however, October Scorpio overrules ambition compared to November Scorpio.

The reason for this is again the ruling planet, or specifically the God of War – Mars. Because of the strong influence of this planet, October Scorpios are quite aggressive when it comes to their job and achieving what they want.

They would do anything in their power to be the best, and we might add that they would do whatever it takes to succeed at any price.

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