51+ Black Nail Designs For The Chic & Edgy!

Black nail designs are THE epitome of sophistication and edginess. From sleek and chic to bold and daring, the versatility of this dark hue allows for endless creativity and self-expression.

Don’t be scared of black nails! They aren’t just for goths anymore.

They compliment almost every (and any!) outfit. From a gala event to a casual brunch date. Seriously!

Whether you’re going for a classic black matte finish or adding a pop of color and glitter, black nail designs make a powerful statement that can elevate any outfit or mood.

I honestly have been rocking black nails for ever! but I haven’t gone too far down the rabbit-hole with intricate designs.

But I decided recently, why not?! These nails don’t have to be plain and boring.

You can truly mix and match, get witchy, or even be girly with some flowery nails.

Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they can’t be feminine.

Sure, they don’t give off the pink flower-dress vibe, but I’m sure you can still rock these hands in a classy, girly manner. I know I have.

Let’s mix and match!

If you’re tired of the same old boring manicure, this is the new style for you.

Get ready to embrace the dark side and unleash your inner fierce with these stylish and timeless black nails.

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Trendy Black Nails Designs

Matte Black Nails

Matte AND glossy… Is that even possible?! Yes. Yes, it is.

The nail base is matte AF and the french tip is glossy. I know, I know… it’s TOO damn good.

Gold Foil Black Nails

Chic Black Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

These black and gold foil nails are a perfect combination of elegance and power. They demand attention!

Cloudy Black Nails

Matte black nails, Black acrylic nails
Source: Pinterest

The intricate designs on these black nails are truly mesmerizing! the stiletto shape takes it up a level as well.

I truly have SO many questions on how they got this design like this…

French Tip Beauty

Double french is ALWAYS a good idea…

Glossy Black Nails AND Glitter

Black nail art, Black nail designs, Nail art stripes
Source: Pinterest


We can’t get over them.. There are a lot of glossy polishes out there that can really elevate any manicure.

MORE Glitter… The Herpes Of Craft Supplies

 Black nail designs with glitter silver:
Source: Pinterest

Plus ten points if you get that reference!

Okay, We May Have An Obsession

Stylish nails art, Fashion nails, Stylish nails
Source: Pinterest

Glitter is HOT right now snd we’re not mad about it…

Intricate, Shiny Nail Art

Sculpted nails, Black nail designs, Stylish nails
Source: Pinterest

Yes, I used the word ‘shiny.’ How else can we describe these?!?

Black Tips on Long Nails

Black gel nails, Acrylic nails coffin short, Long acrylic nails coffin
Source: Pinterest

The twist on the classic black tips here is pure elegance!

If you don’t want complete black on black on black, the nude nails as a base makes this look stand out.

Long Black Coffin Nails

Long black nails, Black coffin nails, Black nail designs
Source: Pinterest

The long nails mixed with the subtle glitter gives these hands a POP

Edgy Black Nail Designs

Cuded | Clear nails, Nails, Coffin nails designs
Source: Pinterest

Not sure if just me, but I get a snakey vibe from these…

I think it just may be the swirl design. There are A LOT of ways to do swirl nails, and this is the RIGHT way.

Acrylic Marble Nails

Cat eye nails, Nail art, Winter nails acrylic
Source: Pinterest

I have NO idea how you do these nails and I’m dying to find out.

Someone slide in my DM’s and tell me PLEASE!

Black and White Coffin Nails

Black And White Acrylic Coffin Nails Ideas
Source: Pinterest

The splatter on the middle and ring finger makes me think of an art project I did years back. If only my final results looked THIS good..

Black French Tips

Black nails with glitter, Winter nails acrylic, Short acrylic nails
Source: Pinterest

This is a twist on the classic manicure (and not just because they’re black!)

The diagonal design is gorgeous..

Black Line Art

Zero-Shine, Matte Black Nail .
Source: Pinterest

My hand is NOT steady enough to do these gorgeous lines, but I respect anyone who can pull it off…

Marble & Line Nail Designs

 Black Nails Designs For An Epic Manicure
Source: Pinterest

OKAY! Let’s talk about the contrast on these hands. The black tips with the marble middle nail is a LOOK!

Short Black Line Art Nails

Black shellac nails, Short acrylic nails, Nail art manicure
Source: Pinterest

You don’t need long nails to rock any of these looks.

Especially with matte black nails, the look just speaks for itself. Add any details you want, especially in white for a POP, and you’re set..

90’s Retro Nails

Black Nail Flower Design
Source: Pinterest

Hello!! The 90s are calling! Flower power and glossy finishes, yes PLEASE..

But can we zoom in on the ring finger?! Honestly, the level of detail on that nail is INSANE. I have so much respect for this nail artist..

Glitter On Glitter On Glitter

Fancy nails designs, Nail art designs, Stylish nails
Source: Pinterest

Glitter and girly! But make it goth…

Allow Me To Slytherin These Hands

Black long Snake design
Source: Pinterest

The snake-y nails are giving me Harry-Potter-Slytherin vibes and I know you’re feeling them too..

Black Cow Print Nails

Dots nails, White nails, Polka dot nails
Source: Pinterest

We’ve been noticing cow print nails making a HUGE scene lately and we are all for it…

Plus the swirls that blend with the cow print?! How do they do that so perfectly?! Uggggh

White & Black Nail Designs

Black white nails, Striped nails, White nails | White shellac nails, Striped nails, Black white nails
Source: Pinterest

Geometric nail designs have been around forever! Literally since I was a kid I would see this style of nail out and about.

And when something has stood the test of time, you know it’s for good reason..

Alternating Nail Designs

Casual nails, Trendy nails, Swag nails
Source: Pinterest

The one French tip nail is pure elegance!

I want to copy this look IMMEDIATELY.

Geometric Nails

Nails, Gel nails, Geometric nail
Source: Pinterest

These black nails are bold and edgy, with just the right attitude.

Lime Green & Black

Black nails, Nails, Black nail art
Source: Pinterest

I neeeeeeever would have thought lime and black made a good pair, but here I am…

Hint of Aqua

Black Nails - Black Gems
Source: Pinterest

Someone explain to me how they got these nails SO bright?! it doesn’t look like regular glitter? or am I going crazy?

Chrome Black Nails

Chrome Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

You don’t need a mirror in your bag if you have these bad boys on your hands!

Chrome is IN IN IN and I don’t see it going out anytime soon. Mark my words

Flame Black

Black flame nails
Source: Pinterest

These nails are just TOO good!

The fire nail art (yes, pun intended) on the ring finger is one of the cleanest designs I’ve seen in a while.

One Heart Nail

Black Heart - Short Nail
Source: Pinterest

If you want your nails to be girly but not TOO girly, this is the look for you!

Black Nail Trend To Copy

Chic Black Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

Black French nails have been going strong for a while now, and you can truly see why!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond..

Black glitter Nail Polish / Nail Polish
Source: Pinterest

The black and silver glitter on these nails is stunning!

All you need is a little bit of black nail polish, glitter, and BOOM! You’re set..

Leopard and Rhinestone Nails

Source: Pinterest

I don’t know when and when leopard print nails made it onto the scene, but I’m 100% here for them!

Out Of This Galaxy

Black Nails - Black art design
Source: Pinterest

It’s like having the world at your fingertips!

Honestly though… What nail tools can make such tiny designs?! I have to get back to practicing these…

Starry Nails

Black nail art - Star art Design
Source: Pinterest

Who said black nail polish is boring?! Look how these elegant hands just STAND OUT!

The shape of the nail is a big factor, I don’t think these would look as good on square nails (do you agree or disagree?!)

Long Square Black Nails

Black Bunny Long Nails
Source: Pinterest

I can’t rock long nails (thanks contact lenses) but I always appreciate nice, long square nails like these.

They truly always make me do a double take..

Green and Black Stiletto Nails

Green and Black nails
Source: Pinterest

Another very witchy look you’ll want to steal soon! It doesn’t even have to be Halloween to give this look a try..

And the stiletto nail design makes these even more bewitching..

Black Glitter Ombre Nails

Black Nails- Silver & Black Design
Source: Pinterest

It’s like having a galaxy at your fingertips! I don’t know how they get the ombre to look THIS good, especially with glitter, but we’re feeling this one..

Red On Black

Red and Black Nails
Source: Pinterest

Red and black is a combination that stands the test of time. It’s crazy how much you can do with just a little bit of black nail polish!

Matte Black Nails AND Gloss

Acrylic Nails Black Design
Source: Pinterest

The black matte finish on these nails gives off a modern and minimalistic vibe. So chic!

Plus the fact that it also has a glossy detail on the tips is AMAZING..

Black to Red Ombre Nails

Red and Black Color Block Design
Source: Pinterest

Black AND Red AND Glitter?! Yes, more is more and we are fangirling over her..

The length on these nails is a huge factor as well.

Plus, did you notice how all are square but the pinky is stiletto? Something I never would have thought of but I’m a huge fan..

Just… Wow…

Extra Long Coffin Press on Nails, Crystal Luxury Nails with Grey Black Rhinestones, Black Pure Color Glitter,
Source: Pinterest

I don’t know how to describe these… So I’m just titling this one ‘WOW’

Black Nails For A Wedding

Mattle Black Giltter
Source: Pinterest

Who says you can’t rock black on your wedding?! These nails beg to differ!

Black Ombre Nails

Black Stiletto Nails Designs
Source: Pinterest

These black nails are sleek and sophisticated, with a touch of mystery.

Dots Dots and More Dots

black polka dot nails
Source: Pinterest

Just put little rhinestones on matte black nails and you have a LOOK that is sure to turn heads. I’m completely vibin’ with polka dots this season!

Pair it with stiletto nails and BOOM you’ve got a look that absolutely SLAYS.

Constellations That Are Out Of This World

Black Nails - Black constellation
Source: Pinterest

Constellations on nails are one of my favorite designs. I truly can’t get enough of them.

Long Almond Line Art Nail

 Long Almond Line Art Nail
Source: Pinterest

Looooong almond nails with white swirls. We are IN LOVE…

Witchy Black Nails

Black Nails - Smooky design
Source: Pinterest

These nails are SO witchy and goth..

Where can I find a nail tech that can do these?!

Leafy Design

Matte Black Nails - Black Nails
Source: Pinterest

These nails are more than pine (LOL…. Okay I’ll show myself out…)

More Jaguar Animal Print

Black Nails _ Black Leopard Design
Source: Pinterest

Animal print is having a MOMENT! The combination of matte black and gloss takes this look up a notch..

Is There A Doctor Here?

Black Nails Art Design - Black Nails
Source: Pinterest

The heartbeat style monitor on these nails is so original and a look I know I’ll be copying soon…

Black Nails For Halloween

Halloween Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

Never too early to start thinking about your Halloween nails!

Flower Power

Black Nail - Daisy white flowers on black matte nails
Source: Pinterest

Celestial Black Nails

Halloween-inspired black gel polish nails
Source: Pinterest

Okay! The black and celestial nail combo here is TO DIE for! I can’t look away from these…

You have so many different ways to express your unique style and creativity! Black nails are just one amazing way you ca do this.

Whether you want a minimalistic look or something very stylish and intricate, you have endless possibilities with just a little bit of black polish.

Have some fun and create your own eye-catching design!

Don’t forget to send them to us as well for a chance to be featured!

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