Would A Player Text You Everyday (What To Know!)

Talking to someone over text is fun and exciting, and gives you a way to chat to them at any time of the time. The problem though is that you cannot really know someone’s intention just through texts.

It does not take much commitment to text someone, and it might leave you a little confused as to whether or not the guy you are talking to is actually into you, or if he is just keeping his options open.

Would a player text you every day?

There is no clear answer to this, but it is always better to be slightly cautious and not jump in headfirst with a guy who might not have the best intentions. There are some clues you can look for that speak to his relationship or intentions with you, but you have to keep an open mind.

If you have been chatting to a guy, and he texts you every day, but you suspect he might be a player, keep reading to find out how you could figure it all out!

Why A Guy Would Text You Every Day

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Before jumping to the conclusion that he is a player, even though he does text you every day, there are some other reasons why he keeps in close contact over text.

Here are some of the things it might mean if a guy texts you daily:

He Likes You

This is quite a simple answer, and one of the most obvious reasons a guy might text you every day. He wouldn’t spend his time and effort texting you each and every day if he didn’t want to.

If he really does like you, he would want to spend time talking to you and getting to know more about you, even if it is just over text.

Just remember that while this could be a sign that he likes you, he might not be ready for a committed relationship yet, and could just be enjoying the conversation the two of you have for now.

He Enjoys Your Friendship

Not all interactions between a guy and girl have to revolve around dating and being interested in each other. He might not have any intentions at all, and only texts you because he genuinely enjoys your friendship.

The two of you might get along like a house on fire, but he doesn’t see anything more there, but does not want to lose the friendship.

He Likes Being Wanted

He might love the attention he gets from you, even if he isn’t necessarily interested in you.

The attention he gets from you daily could fill some void he has, and he is using you just to keep him entertained and not feeling lonely.

This is really unfair on you, as you might be developing feelings for him, and the only feeling he has towards you is excitement when he sees you message him back, just because he craves some sort of interaction.

He Is Playing The Field

Now, this is where him possibly being a player comes in. He might be making the effort to speak to you every day because he is playing the field and keeping his options open.

If he is a player, chances are you are not the only person that he is speaking to daily, and he is playing the field to ensure that he has someone to fall back on at all times.

This is fine if you are doing the same thing and keeping your options open, but if you are looking for something more serious and more committed, then it is best to just end things with him.

Signs He Is A Player

If you are concerned that he texts you every day but he isn’t interested in anything serious and is just keeping his options open, there are some signs you can look for that show whether he might be a player.

It is more difficult to figure things out over text, but they’re definitely are some characteristics and traits he might display that show his intentions are not all that pure and wholesome, and that you are maybe wasting your time talking to him daily.

He Always Knows What To Say

A player is someone who is smooth with their words and who always knows what to say. They seem to have a well-crafted reply to everything you say.

He will probably always send compliments your way, but they will be generic compliments such as “ you are so beautiful”, and while you might be beautiful and he might mean it, his complements will never go deeper than that!

He Texts When He Wants Something 

He might text you daily, but he might only text you every day when he wants something.

If he is a player and he is not interested in a long-term relationship with you, then he will only feel the need to message you when it suits him, and when he gets something out of it.

This means texting you when he wants to meet up, or when he wants someone to talk to for attention.

His texts might also only come through late at night when he is lonely and needs someone to comfort him and maybe more.

Try and look back at the texts he has sent you to see whether they are very one-sided and generic and whether he only texts you when it suits him.

He Doesn’t Ask About You

A player will not be interested in you, he will only be interested in what you have to offer him. He could still text you daily, but he will never ask about your interests, your friends, and your family.

He will keep things very impersonal and will not make an effort to dive deeper into your life. On the same note, he will not talk about his own interests, friends, and family, and will keep his guard up if you try asking.

This is his way of avoiding getting stuck into the relationship any deeper than what he is comfortable with. Once again, everything he does, he does to suit himself.

He Is Overly Flirty

Being a player, he would want to have you right where he can get what he wants from you, but without the commitment from his side.

This means that he will be overly flirty with you in texts, but will never go any deeper than that.

His texts will be full of compliments and suggestions, and while this might be flattering and exciting at first, the two of you will never progress past this.

By being flirty with you, he is keeping you open to the idea of liking him, and by texting you every day, he is trying to get you to think of him as someone you might want to be with.

However, his intentions are not great, and when the flirtiness gets too much, it is better to take note of the red flags and just leave.

He Doesn’t Talk About “Us”

It might be too early in your relationship to have the conversation about where the two of you might be heading, and if there is a possible future ahead, but if you have brought this conversation up and he avoids it or responds with something like “we are just having fun”, then you can pretty much assume he is a player.

It could be that he is afraid of commitment, but if this has been ongoing for quite some time, and he displays other signs of being a player, then chances are he does not have the best intentions.

You deserve someone who is on the same page as you, and if he cannot do that, then move on.

What To Do If You Think He Is A Player

It can be really hard to try and work out whether the guy who is texting you every day is a player or not, but with some of the above signs to look for, hopefully, you can figure it out.

If you are feeling particularly out-there, and have had enough of the guessing game, you could just outright ask what his intentions are.

This could either open up a conversation about the future that the two of you have together, and give him some courage to say his bit, or it could scare him off, and then you at least know that he was a player.

It is always best to get things out in the open so that you do not waste your time talking to someone who is just going to break your heart further down the line.

Trust your gut, and if he is sending out some signals that he might be a player, then listen to your instincts!

Would A Player Text You Everyday?

There is a chance that a player would text you every day, but only if there was something that he could get out of it.

He might chat to you every day to keep you as an option, or just because he likes the attention that you give him. It is always best to know his intentions, to ensure that you are not wasting your time with someone who does not have your best interests at heart.

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