10 Extremely Clear Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

Is there a girl that you’re interested in? If so, you’re probably wondering if she feels the same way.

It can be hard to decode the subtle signals that a girl gives you when she’s equally interested.

Some girls are very subtle and won’t just come out and say ‘hey, I like you!’ so you have to look out for the signs.

Luckily, there are a lot of signs a girl wants you to notice her! The thing is, are you picking up on them? Or are you completely clueless.

Start noticing the subtle and not-so-subtle signs she wants you to notice and maybe even ask her out!

Signs A Girl Want You To Notice Her

She Makes A Lot More Eye Contact

She Makes A Lot More Eye Contact

Girls are great at showing subtle signs of attraction, and one of those signs is eye contact.

The longer she holds that contact, the more likely she is to be interested.

She’s hoping to tell you with her eyes that she wants you to make a move. Or she may be trying to forge a connection so that you remember her!

Don’t be surprised if those intense gazes wind up sweeping you off your feet.

She Asks For Your Help

A girl who wants your attention will try to get it through indirect means. One of those ways is by asking for your help. It may be for things she genuinely needs that help for.

But it can also be for small things that you’re pretty sure she can do yourself. She’s using this as a method to break the ice and get close to you!

Let’s be clear here – you don’t want a girl who only uses you for help. That’s unhealthy! But when a girl wants you to notice her, that’s not her intention at all.

She’s showing you that she trusts you and is trying to find a way to spend more time with you.

She may also hope that, by helping her out, you’ll be more likely to feel good about yourself and remember her.

She Always Seems To Be Around You

Do you notice that this girl seems to go to the same events as you? Does she come up to you and hang out with you, or even ask you to help her with things a lot?

Maybe she even spends more time in the places that you do, even though she didn’t before.

Proximity is a common way that people try to be noticed by those they’re interested in. After all, it’s hard not to notice someone who seems to show up wherever you are!

A girl who does this wants to get to know you and wants you to get to know her, too.

She Laughs At All Your Jokes

Sure, you know you can be funny, but this girl seems to think you’re totally hilarious!

Even when you’re sure your jokes are falling flat, she laughs and looks at you with humor and delight.

This is a sign that she likes hearing what you have to say and spending time around you.

She might hope that by engaging with you like this, you’ll form a bond together.

Maybe she’s even egging you on to truly notice her and make the first move!

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She Plays With Her Hair

She Plays With Her Hair

Girls often subconsciously touch and play with their hair when they’re interested in someone.

It’s a shy and self-soothing sort of behavior, and it’s just a great bonus that lots of people think it’s cute!

She might be nervous, unsure of how to behave, or fixing herself to appear better.

There are also girls who will play with their hair intentionally as a method of flirting. Look, you can’t deny that it’s attractive, and it works!

She may do this to show her neck to you, which is a common seductive move. Basically, whether she does this on purpose or not, she wants your attention.

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She Always Reacts To Your Posts On Social Media

No matter what you post, this girl has something to respond to it with.

It might be as simple as a “like”, an emoji comment, or a generic word or two, but it’s always there. Maybe she even opened accounts on the social media sites that you’re on and befriended you there quickly!

Her constant reactions could be her way of blowing up your phone in hopes that you’ll notice.

Of course, do note that there are some people who interact with all their social media friends! It’s best to see if this girl is interacting more than usual, not just being friendly.

Better yet, check if she’s doing this in tandem with other telltale signs of interest!

She’s Dressing Up More Than Before

She's Dressing Up More Than Before

You’ve seen this girl plenty of times before, and you think you know how she usually styles herself.

Then suddenly, whenever she’s in the same place as you, she seems to have put more effort into her appearance! She may have started doing her hair more, wearing makeup, or putting on nicer clothes.

This is even more telling if she dresses in her old, usual style when she isn’t going to be seeing you.

It’s likely that, in this case, she’s dressing to impress, with you on her mind! Try complimenting her appearance. Her reaction may give you more information!

She’s Open About Herself

Like any other human being, a girl isn’t going to just open up to anyone.

If she’s told you a lot about her life and even some deeper secrets, she sees potential in your bond. She wants it to grow and blossom.

A girl will also be open because she wants you to find her memorable. The things she tells you that aren’t superficial are more likely to leave an impact, after all.

Finally, a girl may do this in order to help you open up to her. She’s likely curious about you if she’s interested in you. If you feel comfortable doing so, definitely share things about yourself in turn!

She Cares About You Deeply

She Cares About You Deeply

A girl who wants you to notice her has already noticed you. She’s seen your actions and spent enough time with you to know that she’s into you.

With those feelings, she’s also developed a sense of care towards you, and she wants to make sure you’re okay.

This girl doesn’t want to ever hurt you, and she wants you to feel secure around her. This means that she tries to be considerate around you.

Ultimately, she’s looking to form a connection on a deeper level with you, and she’s prepared to do all it takes!

She’s Flirting With You

She's Flirting With You

Is there really anything more to say here? If a girl is flirting with you, she definitely wants you to notice her!

That’s the whole point of flirting! But this can sometimes be subtle, so pay close attention.

Showering you with compliments, subtly touching your arm, or mirroring your body language are all examples of subtle flirtation.

In Conclusion

Girls in society have been conditioned not to be direct in their romantic endeavors.

While those old-fashioned roles are slowly changing, they still exist.

So if you think a girl is behaving a little strangely, ask yourself if she wants your notice.

She might want you to make the first move!

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