How To Make A Pisces Man Miss You (10 Ways!)

Pisces men can be wonderful partners, but they can also be distant from time to time. In periods of silence, you may find yourself wondering if they’re even thinking of you at all.

Well, worry not, because it’s actually pretty easy to make a man of this sign crave your presence!

Here’s how to make a Pisces man miss you….

How To Make A Pisces Miss You

Express Your Concern For Him

Pisces men are deeply emotional, and they feel things very strongly. They can withdraw when there’s a lot of big feelings welling up within them.

Showing a Pisces man that you care about him and asking if he’s okay can even grant him insight into his own emotions, which will make him feel more connected to you.

Being attentive to his internal state will touch his heart and make him miss being around you.

Tap Into Your Mysterious Side

The Neptunian side of Pisces men shows itself in their love of being intrigued.

They simply can’t resist a mystery. If your relationship with a man of this sign is becoming predictable and safe, that can feel boring to him.

Learn to spice things up and keep a little mystery to yourself and a Pisces man will immediately be hooked right back in. 

Showcase Your Intelligence

Showcase Your Intelligence

While the Pisces man in your life is certainly physically attracted to you, most men of this sign are much more attracted to brains over beauty.

Your intelligence, thoughtfulness, insightfulness, and good traits will draw him to you, even when you’re away.

A Pisces man can’t resist wanting to be around someone who he views highly!

Talk About The Memories You Share

Talk About The Memories You Share

As a water sign, Pisces lends itself to emotional traits, so Pisces men can be very receptive to anything aimed at tugging on his heartstrings.

Talking about the good times you shared will cause them to be very nostalgic very quickly, and he’ll miss you immediately!

A Pisces man is even more emotional about someone they love or have feelings for, especially given the mythological background of the sign.

The two fish of Pisces are representative of Cupid and Aphrodite, who escaped and disguised themselves as koi in order to spend forever together.

It’s no wonder, then, that the sign’s men can miss you so strongly when you talk about your memories!

Indulge In Fairytales

Indulge In Fairytales

Pisces men spend a lot of time in their heads daydreaming thanks to their ruling planet of Neptune.

They like to get lost in fantasies. So if you want your Pisces man to miss you, don’t be afraid to emulate a little fairytale magic!

Create moments that remind him of the past, help him to see meaningful instances as signs of fate, and – if you’re into that sort of thing – send him some pictures of you looking like a princess!

Let Him Have The Space He Needs

Let Him Have The Space He Needs

This may sound counterproductive, but hear me out! Pisces men are sensitive souls and can become drained quickly as they absorb the emotions of others.

They are also susceptible to strong and overwhelming emotions and can need time and space to process that. If you don’t give a Pisces man that space, he’ll become bitter and resentful and won’t miss you.

Pisces is also in the zodiac’s 12th house, which represents spiritual healing and self-reflection.

This makes that time and space to think and process things even more important and central to the wellbeing of a man of this sign.

Give him that, and he’ll be eager to return to you as soon as he’s processed what he needs to.

Leave Something Of Yours Behind With Him

Leave Something Of Yours Behind With Him

Remember how Pisces men can get so emotional about fond memories? You can encourage them to miss you in that way without ever saying a word.

All you have to do is leave something of yours behind with him, and that item will trigger good memories that make him miss you!

You can do this by leaving behind an article of clothing, spraying your perfume in his room or car, or “forgetting” an item of yours in his house.

You can even opt for a more direct route by giving him a gift or leaving him a note, so he thinks of you fondly every time he sees that item!

Talk About The Future

A Pisces man is an idealistic one. With his head in the clouds, he loves thinking about best-case scenarios and can get very hopeful for them.

If you’re apart due to issues with your relationship and you want to make him miss you enough to get back together, talking about the future in a positive light is the way to go.

Unlike earth signs, which need concrete and logical evidence, plans, and proof of results, Pisces men just need to be able to dream it up.

If you’re able to make a Pisces man want a future with you, he’ll miss you and want to start working on building that future.

Work On Yourself And Your Personal Growth

Work On Yourself And Your Personal Growth To Make A Pisces Man Miss You

As a mutable sign, Pisces gives those of its sign the ability to adapt easily. A Pisces man is great at changing as needed, and he appreciates people who are able to replicate this flexibility.

This is also why he self-reflects so much – he wants to keep adapting to new situations and circumstances.

When you show that you’re equally adaptable and are always growing and improving as a person, you’ll intrigue a Pisces man. This is especially true if you showcase the improvements you’ve made since you last saw him.

When he sees that growth and your capabilities, he’ll barely be able to wait to get back to you!

Show That You Miss Him Too

Show That You Miss Him Too

Water signs are often empathetic, and Pisces certainly is. When you show how much you miss a Pisces man, he’ll feel that way too and can relate to your emotions.

The mutual feelings that already exist between you are even further strengthened with this sign, so take full advantage of that by being vulnerable and open about how you feel!

In Conclusion…

Pisces men are intuitive, romantic, sensitive, creative, and artistic. They can get lost in their heads and their emotions can get the better of them, all of which can contribute to their distance in your relationships with them.

But by understanding the needs of a Pisces man and making sure he remembers you for your good traits and the memories you’ve shared, you’ll have him running back to you in no time!

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