32 Sage Green Nails That Are So CHIC We’re Dying

This season, many colors are in trend for nail art. But do you know which color stays trendy throughout the year? It’s sage green!! 

The best way to look chic is to have a gorgeous nail manicure. And sage green manicure is a perfect choice for this purpose.

Sage green nails suit multiple occasions and even outfits. The pastel hint and calm aura of this color elevate your style with minimum effort. So, let’s get you some beautiful, sage green nail designs inspiration…

Why Are Sage Green Nails Trendy?

Sage green comes under the category of pastels. Pastels have been a huge trend and will remain so in the upcoming year.

This is the reason why you see sage green manicures on every influencer, blogger, and model’s hands.

Which Pattern Is The Best for Sage Green Nails?

In the nail world, there are endless patterns and styles that you can try out. There really are no ‘perfect’ nails.

And sage green is such a color that looks good in both simple and extra designs. So, no matter what style you choose, sage green will look amazing anyway…

Go through this list of gorgeous sage green nails and see which one speaks to you!

Sage Green Nails We Love

Simple Sage Green Nails Tips Gradient

Source: @iollapallade_beauty

The simplest way to get that elegant sage green look is to go for a green gradient. Keep the colors on your tips for an alluring everyday casual nail look. 

Hack: if you don’t have so many sage green shades, add white nail paint to lighten the color and make a gradient.

Elegant Sage Green Manicure

This mix of dark and light sage green nail look is another elegant casual wear manicure. You can keep the dark green on one finger or multiple ones according to your liking.

White and Sage Green Nails

sage green nail design
Source: @nailszmaricruz

This all-in-one sage green and white manicure is a must-try for anyone who loves a little pattern on their nails.

The different design on any nail is a trend nowadays and it brings out everybody’s creative side.

Sage Green Marble Nails with Gold

sage green and gold nails
Source: @14nailz

Marble nails are the best when it comes to having a little fancy touch to your nails. And you can apply this pattern with sage green.

Adding a little bit of gold lining will enhance the fanciness of the manicure.

Sage Green Nails Coffin

Coffin shape is a personal favorite. This nail look is another manifestation of the beautiful marble design using sage green nail paint.

Mix and Match Sage Green Nails

Source: @nailzzbysteph

Mix and match yin-yang and checkered patterns using sage green and blue colors is a unique way to get a gorgeous nail look. You can add in more patterns or keep some nails simple by painting the tips only.

Light Sage Green Nails with Flowers

Adding white flowers to a sage green manicure will get you that perfect insta baddie vibes.

This nail art will look better with long nails if you want to go for the bad bih look. Adding a gem or two enhances the baddie vibe.

Sage Green Swirly Tips

Why go for basic french tip nails when you can get a sage green swirl design on your tips?

Lining the half-done tip with white will get you that swirl look instantly. It is an easy DIY design that can go with every sort of outfit.

Sage Green Daisy Nails

Sage Green Daisy Nails
Source: @_alwbeauty

Daisy on your nails has been a huge trend this year. You can pair it up with sage green nail paint and get an on fleek nail look.

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Sage Green Swirl Nails

Source: @jill.does.nails

Long nails with swirl design! What’s better than that? To make the look unique and attention-worthy, use different shades of sage green on every nail.

Abstract Sage Green Nails

Source: @nailsby.hannahlouise

Abstract art on your nails is the perfect way to get out your creativity and give it life. You can use a sage green color for this contemporary pattern.

The best thing about this look is that you can do it on any nail shape and size. It’s a great look for short nails.

Polka Dots Sage Green Nails

Polka Dots Sage Green Nails
Source: 1.800.nailme

Polka dots with sage green nails and a negative space design on your nails; nothing can be chicer than this. You can also use different hues of sage green on every nail to add in a gradient.

Hack: use the circular end of a bobby pin to make flawless polka dots.

Sage Green Forest Nails

Sage Green Forest Nails

Doesn’t green and its shades remind you of a peaceful green forest? You can get that vibe on your nails with this nail look. Adding in some rose gold swirls will bring a touch of lavishness to the nails.

Simple Sage Green Gradient

Get all the sage green hues on your nails and make an enthralling gradient. This color will make your whole outfit gorgeous and put all your friends in awe.

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Blue and Sage Green Nails

Blue and sage green is a great mix and match and this look can go with multiple outfits. The details and creativity of this look make it a must-try sage green nail design.

Sage Green Leaves Design

The first thing that comes to mind when we read the word green is leaves. So, make a leafy pattern on your nails using sage green and get a nature inspired look.

Chrome and Sage Green Design

Shiny chrome nails are the best for a night out. Adding sage green as a base and making cute patterns with chrome is a quirky way to get an alluring nail look.

Sage Green Fiery Nails

All the people that love subtle nail art, you can get this fiery manicure using sage green color. This nail art looks beautiful on both short and long nails.

Cute Sage Green Nails

Hearty designs look adorable no matter what color you use. Sage green itself is a beautiful color and when you make a hearty design with it, you get a super adorable and gorgeous nail look. Simple, a little heart can get you that look.

Sage Green Fun Nails

If you want to go big with a hearty design and get a charming manicure, try out this look. You can use white or a lighter sage green shade for this look.

Self-Print Sage Green Nails

If you want a subtle, elegant, and charming nail look, get this self-print sage green manicure. It looks simple yet luxurious and prepossessing.

Sage Green Nails for Fall

Sage green is perfect for fall and spring as well. This simple cow print nail look using sage green nail paint is a lovely design for fall.

Fancy Sage Green Nails

The easiest way to get a fancy nail look is to get super long coffin-shaped nails. To make it fancier, get a gold butterfly design with a sage green background.

Abstract patterns are also suitable for this look.

Sage Green Leopard Print Nails

Long nails, leopard print, and sage green color; what’s a better combination than that? For a little quirkiness, the leopard nails are matte while the rest are glossy.

Sage Green Swirls

Another way to get swirly sage green nails is this simple yet gorgeous nail look. The snakey swirls are easy to do at home that’s why it is a super trendy look.

Gold and Sage Green Abstract Nails

Make random metallic gold patterns mixed with sage green color to get a royal-looking look. This will be a perfect manicure for a fancy day or night out.

Sage Green Marble Tips

Why put marble design on your whole nails when you can do the tips only for a stunning look? This look will make your hands stand out and elevate your style a lot.

Sage Green Gel Nails

Uneven tip design using sage green and white color is the best way to utilize your gel nail paints. It is easy to do at home, looks awesome, and makes you look fashionable.

Negative Space Sage Green Nails

Painting only your tips with sage green is too mainstream for you? Well, then try out this negative space by lining the bottom of your nails with sage green too.

Luxurious Sage Green Nail Design

Luxurious Sage Green Nail Design

This gold and sage green nail design is the way to get a lavish nail look. The gold stripes and diamond with gold gemstones get you the perfect expensive-looking baddie nail look.

Matte Sage Green Nail Design

This random pattern nail design using matte sage green is for you if you want something classy and amazing.

Short Sage Green Nails for Fall

Looking for fall nail inspiration using sage green color. No worries, this look is perfect for you!

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In Conclusion…

Now that you have some of the most amazing sage green nail designs, which one will you go for? This color is so gorgeous that any design looks enthralling with it. You can go for any of the above inspirations or combine some of your favorites to get a perfect mix and match design. 

All these inspirations are perfect for any season and they will make you look super trendy. So, why wait when you can have beautiful nails in no time?

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