17 Incredibly Good Third Date Ideas You Will Both Love

Looking for some fun, unique, and good third date ideas?!

The third date is definitely one of the most fun milestones to reach in a budding relationship. You and your date feel more comfortable together and are past that awkward first stage.

As you are more comfortable around each other, you can really have some fun on your third date, and connect a little bit deeper.

To help you plan it out, here are some good third date ideas, and if they go well, should lead to a fourth and fifth date after!

Amazing 3rd Date Ideas

Stargazing is an Amazing Third Date Idea


How incredibly romantic would it be to go stargazing on a third date?!

This is very dependent on where you live in the world and how much pollution there is, but if you can drive outside the city for a bit it’s well worth it.

Maybe bring some wine, a picnic basket, and just spend some time gazing up at the stars.

This is a great 3rd date idea if you want to go deeper and get to really know this person.

Attend A Cooking Class

Attending a cooking class together is an ideal third date idea! It is fairly hands-on, and both you and your date can learn some great cooking tips while spending some quality time together.

Even if the relationship doesn’t go any further, at least you would have picked up some handy cooking skills!

Go Hiking

You really shouldn’t go hiking with someone on the first or second date, you don’t know them so well, and you can’t exactly leave mid-hike if you don’t want the date to continue.

Hiking on the third date is a good idea, as you can spend the whole day out together for the first time, exploring natural beauty close to you.

Pack a picnic or some snacks to enjoy halfway through the hike, hopefully somewhere scenic and romantic, like beside a waterfall!

Watch A Sports Game

Book tickets to go watch a sports game close by. This is a great idea if you and your date are into sports, and both of you enjoy supporting local teams.

You can really make a day out of it, having some drinks and snacks at the game, and maybe even going out for some drinks afterward too!

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Go Beer Tasting

You don’t need to be a beer connoisseur to enjoy a great day at a brewery!

Going beer tasting (or wine! if that’s more your speed) is a great third date idea that you will both enjoy.

It’s such a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy each others company while discovering your new favorite craft beer!

Beat An Escape Room

Escape rooms are such fun, and it really puts you and your date under pressure, which is when you get to know someone best!

Work together to solve all the mysteries and clues to get out of the escape room.

This is the perfect way to see if you two can communicate well together, especially under pressure!

Take A Dance Class

Nothing will get you as up close and personal as a dance class, especially if you opt for salsa!

A dance class is a fun way to just let loose and enjoy your time together, while still learning a new skill.

Dance classes will also break down any physical barriers, and make you feel more comfortable together.

You both might fall in love with the dance class, and it could be your plan for your next few dates together!

Visit A Market

Visit A Market Third Date Idea

It should be easy enough to find a local market near you, and visiting a market together makes for a wonderfully relaxed date. You could try out some local foods and grab a beverage while strolling around.

Walking around and browsing the different stalls gives you a great opportunity to spend some quality time together getting to know each other a little better.

Play A Sport

Doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, soccer, or tennis!

Playing a sport is a great way to spend a third date. You can be playful but also see each others competitive side.

Are you dating someone who likes to have fun? Or is he a sore loser? Haha!

This is a very telling date and a great way to get to know each other in a light-hearted way.

Take A Trip To A Museum

Museums are always great to visit, and you get to relaxingly walk through the exhibits and find out more about each other’s interests.

You will also find so much to talk about with all the different displays and exhibits!

Look for an interesting museum nearby, something that will be fun to experience together.

If you are on a budget, this is a great idea too, as you can often find free or reduced tickets to certain museums!

Go For Massages

People often think that couple’s massages are very intimate, and while they can be, you can also find couple massages that are relaxed too!

It is a great way for you both to treat yourselves to a sensual and calming experience.

Try and find a massage parlor that has a hot tub or steam room for you both to enjoy together once the massage is finished.

Attend A Concert

Concerts are such fun, and offer up a good way for you both to get to know each other’s tastes a little more.

Whether you opt for a huge live show or a more intimate acoustic performance, concerts and gigs can be a great bonding experience.

If you attend a huge live show, go for drinks before or after to extend the date a little. For a more intimate gig, see if you can book a table for two in front of the stage, and enjoy dinner while you watch the performance.

Be A Tourist

How often have you gone out and been a tourist in your own town?

Pull up TripAdvisor and see what is the most popular spots and activities in your city!

Plan a day trip to these spots and see your city through a fresh lens with your date. This is both exciting and new!

Visit An Animal Farm

Farms aren’t just for kids!

Visiting a farm together is a perfect idea, especially if the both of you love animals and love being outdoors.

Visit a local farm that allows for feeding and petting of the animals, and which maybe has a pretty picnic spot too.

You could spend some time walking around and seeing all the animals, only to retire to a comfortable picnic blanket for some lunch afterward.

Make An Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinemas are a great third date idea

If you have a small garden to use, you should try and set up an outdoor cinema.

Hire or borrow a projector from someone, lay out some blankets and pillows, and have some popcorn and hot chocolate to enjoy during the movie!

This is definitely a little intimate, but if you feel like you are both comfortable enough around each other, this is a wonderful date idea and shows that you have put in quite a bit of effort for them.

If not, look around town for outdoor cinema venues!

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the best date ideas around.

You might have been too nervous to go ice skating on your first or second date and have them see you fall all over on the ice a couple of times, but by the third date, you should be comfortable enough!

Ice skating helps to break down any barriers between the two of you, and really just lets you have some good fun together!

Go To A Restaurant

You can’t go wrong with the traditional date of visiting a restaurant.

It is intimate, romantic, and you get to enjoy good food!

If you want to make the dinner a little more fun, why not go to a new restaurant you haven’t tried before?

If you’re both adventurous, there is a lot of different and exciting cuisines too try.

Have you ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant? I went on a date and it was delicious and a fun experience!

Try something interesting or go to a show after dinner.

Remember, a lot of the times, it isn’t what you’re doing but who you’re doing it with.

Something as simple as a meal out can be extremely fun with the right person. So what’s a better way to find out if you’re a good fit than by doing ‘boring’ things together and seeing whether you have fun!

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