6 Cheap Date Ideas That Aren’t Totally Lame

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Let’s not kid ourselves, the dating life can be really expensive! Between buying presents, going out to fancy restaurants, watching a movie, and getting some drinks, a normal person can spend hundreds of dollars each time he or she goes out! Luckily for you, I came out with a list of six things you can do to spend less money or no money at all. Here are six cheap ideas that will blow your mind!

Create your own cinema at home


Cheap Date Idea Netflix Watch Movies

This is probably the most basic option but it’s also the greatest one, at least for me.

Create your own cinema home by doing a Netflix night. Let your date pick the movie you’re going to watch and later you can pick one. Try to choose movies neither of you has seen before, this way it would be a new experience for both of you. Moreover, try to do a thematic night on holidays like Christmas and Halloween. Additionally, you should try to create customs for each other with materials you have at home! It is such an amazing idea and you’re going to have so much fun without spending money.

If watching movies at home is not your cup of tea then why don’t you take your laptop and do a movie night at a nearby park? This idea costs nothing and I am sure you’re going to surprise your significant other so much!

So, yes, watching a movie at home can be a basic choice for some but once you do some changes it can become something fantastic and an incredible option. I highly recommend you this tip for having a great time with your loved one.

Cook some yummy food


Cheap Date Idea Cook Yummy Food

Some people say that the belly is the true way to a heart. What does this mean? It means that if you prepare some good food your date will fall in love with you right away. (Okay, maybe not! But it’s still a great gesture!) The best perk about this tip? You don’t have to spend that much money since you can use some ingredients that you have at home plus some cheaper items you buy at the supermarket. Of course, the ingredients will vary depending on the food you both decide to cook and you can cook anything that fancies your belly!

Cooking food is a great bonding experience because you get some delicious meals with a person you deeply care about. And let’s not even start with the look of satisfaction you get once this person is enjoying the food. Oh man! I enjoy that look so much!

Do a tour around your city


Cheap Date Ideas Explore Your City Girl Analog Camera

Are there places in your city neither of you knows? Doing a tour around your town can be such an entertaining experience especially.

If either of you has a car then take it, try to decide which places are you going to visit and later make a list in which order are you going to visit them.

Don’t have a car? Don’t worry! Public transportation is always available and way cheaper than spending your gasoline. Another great idea for this type of date is inviting other friends too.

A recommendation? Go to a museum you have never visited before. Most of them have something called “Museum Night” a special night when you can visit it for free! Or visit a local cafe you haven’t been to before! Explore your city like a foreigner.

You can rest assured that all of you are going to have an amazing day (or night) getting to know the places you have never visited.

Go camping

Cheap Date Ideas For Couples Camping

Camping equals bonding with your partner while getting some exercise and disconnecting from the digital world. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me!

I understand this plan probably doesn’t look appealing to everybody but I will try to make it look good since it’s super cheap and fun.

Going on a camping trip is a great choice if you’re an outdoorsy person that enjoys nature. It’s even nicer when you’re spending your time with the person you’re dating. You can go hiking to a nearby mountain and later spend the night there. Bring some food and snacks that you have previously prepared; you can even bring your computer with you and watch a movie together.

If you and your loved one don’t enjoy camping on a remote place then you can try it in a backyard. Have some fun drinking and eating, prepare a tent, and enjoy a night with many stars. If you still don’t like it you can take your business inside the house and sleep in a comfy bed but I highly recommend you to try it at least once in your lifetime.

Have a Game Night


couple game night

Whether it’s board games or you pull out the dusty, old Nintendo 64 – a Game Night is a great way to spend some time with your love.

If you don’t have a gaming system (most guys do though!), there are plenty of two-player card games available. Or perhaps invite other couples and have a game night. Charades, Monopoly, anything!

Games are a great, relaxed way to get to know someone. There’s very little pressure and your bound to laugh a lot! Plus learn early on if your significant other is aggressively competitive (it ALWAYS comes out on game night!)

Volunteer at a local animal shelter


cute pets volunteer animal shelter

This has to be the greatest option of all! I mean, who doesn’t love puppies and small kittens? Volunteering at a local animal shelter is such a powerful and fun idea for a date. Trust me, there isn’t better way to bond than helping puppies find a home. I would only recommend you to leave your wallet at home for not returning with a puppy of your own (unless you want to).

Remember a good date isn’t about how much money you spend. A good date is about how much fun you have, and you can have a thrilling experience doing any one of these ideas. Please share in the comments sections more cheap, budget friendly, date ideas.





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