19 Creative Texts To Make Him Think About You

One way to get him thinking about you when you are not together is through text. There are some really effective texts that you can send him which will have him thinking about you for the rest of the day.

The texting game is hard, and it can be difficult to come up with the right text to send, without seeming too needy, and without seeming too disinterested!

However, sometimes he might need a little nudge in the right direction to think of you, and to keep him on his toes and curious, and this can be done in various ways.

To help him think of you a little more during the day, we have compiled the best texts to get this to happen. Read through the list below and pick out the text (or two) that you think is best for your relationship and situation.

While we haven’t given you word-for-word texts to type, we are rather providing the type of texts that will get him thinking of you, and you can add your personal touch from there!

A few texts now and then to get him thinking about you could be just what you need to spark up the relationship!

Texts To Make Him Think About You


Texts That Play Hard To Get

Most men love the chase, and if they feel like they need to chase you, it could have them thinking of you all day. Making him feel as though he is working to get your attention or time is one way to keep his interest, and done right, it can be really effective.

An example of this is if he texts you to meet up. Instead of replying “yes!” right away, rather give him a little bit of a chase. Respond with something along the lines of “I’m busy tonight, but we can plan for another night soon”

This might seem simple, but it shows that you will not jump to see him every time he asks and that you have your own life to live. You are valuable enough to have other things going on, and for most men, this is an attractive quality.

Ask About Him

It is always so great to have someone interested in your life and to feel as though they really care about you and what you are going through.

To get him to really appreciate your relationship, and to give him a bit of a boost, text and ask him something about him. Ask how his day is going, ask what his favorite meal is, whatever it might be, that interest in his life will not go unnoticed and you will be on his mind all day for sure.

You could even bring up things that he has mentioned in the past, just to show that you were paying attention and that you do care about what he says. Your curiosity, and remembering what he has told you in the past, will make you more special in his eyes.

Ask For His Advice

A subtle way you can lodge yourself in his mind all day is to ask for his advice or for his help with something.

Most men want to feel as though they can help, and asking him to assist you with something, even if it is just an opinion, will be something that he remembers.

Text him and ask for his opinion on your car, or to help you put up a shelf later – make it a cute and sweet text, and not too demanding.

Make sure to let him know that you wanted to come to him first and that you trust his work or his opinion. Let him know that you trust him and what he has to say and offer. This will not only be a confidence boost for him, but it will definitely leave him thinking of you.

Just be mindful to not be too needy. Do not rush off to him with every small problem that you have. Rather keep it to a minimum before you start bugging him with things and it has the opposite effect to what you wanted it to!

Show Him Appreciation

Make the effort to show him that you appreciate him, even if he hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary, text him and tell him that you are thankful for him.

Text him and tell him that you are thankful that you can always count on him, or that you appreciate how safe you feel in his arms. Appreciate the small things, and let him know that you do.

By showing him that you appreciate him, he will feel better about the relationship and the effort that he puts into it, and will more than likely have happy thoughts about the two of you all day.

Send Him A Text Out Of The Blue

You don’t have to be in the middle of a conversation to get him to start thinking about you. Sometimes surprise texts out of the blue can do the trick perfectly.

Some of the surprise texts you can send include:

Just wanted to say I hope you have a great day”

“I’ve been thinking about you today”

“Our favorite song was just on the radio”

“Good morning love, can’t wait to see you later”

The text you send will depend on your situation, but a sweet little text that he is not expecting can do wonders to keep you on his mind.

You could even send him a text before bed saying goodnight, or one in the morning before he wakes up. Being the last person he speaks to, or the first message he reads will definitely have him thinking about you.

Flirty Text Ideas

Go through this list and make it your own. Get inspired! Or, of course, feel free to copy-and-paste it. I’m sure your man will enjoy any of these and will keep you at the forefront of his mind all day….

  • “I was thinking about you last night…”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to do to you next time I see you…”
  • “Want to come over later and we can unwind together?”
  • “I just bought some lingerie. Mind if I put on a fashion show for you?”
  • “Good Morning! I would definitely be having a hard time getting out of bed if you were here with me”
  • “I keep having this dream about you. Maybe we can make it a reality later…”
  • “I don’t think I’ve been able to stop thinking about you all day”
  • “I miss the sound of you voice. Can I call you on my next break?”
  • “I can’t wait to kiss you again”
  • “I’ve got a surprise for you!”
  • “You, me, tonight?”

Texts That Make Him Miss You

Sometimes, we can be so busy with other things that we forget to stop and think about good memories. To help with this, you could send him a text reminiscing over a good time you had together, or one of your favorite memories, which will get him to miss you!

It could also be bringing up your favorite song, or quoting a line from your favorite movie. Anything that gets him thinking about spending time with you will have him missing you, and then thinking about you all day long.

Emotions can be our strongest driving factor, so use your past happy emotions to get into his mind for the rest of the day.

Send A Flirty Text

A flirty text can be a great way to have him thinking about you until you get to see each other. How flirty you are will depend on your relationship and what you are comfortable with, but send fun and flirty text to pique his interest.

You could ruffle his feathers enough that he won’t be able to get you out of his mind for the rest of the day – which is exactly what you want!

These texts could either be about the night before, or how excited you are to see him that evening and everything that you are planning.

Get his temperature rising a bit to be the only thing he thinks of no matter what he is doing!

Send A Funny Text

One of the best ways to make him smile and think of you is to send him a funny text! Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to come up with your own stand-up routine, but you could send him a funny memory the two of you shared, or send him a funny meme or video you found online.

He might really appreciate the laugh in the middle of a stressful day, and if you are the one to bring a smile to his face, then he will definitely think about you quite a bit!

You will also be bringing some happiness and cheer to his day, which is never a bad thing.

Plan A Date

Another way to get him to think about you is to text him plans for a date. Find out when he is free, and then suggest something to do together. Whether it is dinner or a hike, make a date and then text him to let him know how excited you are for it.

If he feels the same about you, he will be just as excited for the date and will be thinking about it (and you) until it is time to meet up!

Taking the initiative to plan a date for the two of you, and having the confidence to do so, can be a super attractive quality!

Texts To Make Him Think About You

There are many texts that you could send him that would get him thinking of you. Consider your relationship first and what you think he might enjoy or appreciate, and get texting!

Remember to send the right amount of texts, to not seem too needy with too many texts, or too distant with next to no texts at all!

A well-timed, and well-thought-out text, can be the perfect way to lodge yourself in his thoughts!

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