5 Clear Signs It’s Time To End Your Relationship

What are the signs a relationship is over?! 
Is it just a rough-patch or is your relationship doomed….

Positive relationships are such a blessing.

However, relationships aren’t easy!

They take a lot of hard work by two people who really want to be together. 

But sometimes, simply loving each other isn’t enough and the relationships starts to fizzle out. 

Although heartbreaking, it’s important to know the signs that it may be time to move on from that relationship.

Please note, I am in no way, shape, or form, advocating for you to b=dump your boyfriend/girlfriend just because of this list.

Alllllllll relationships go through rough patches and require attention and two willing partners to work through it, however, sometimes it’s more than that.

These are the clear signs that a relationship might be coming to a close soon.

Signs Your Relationship May Be Ending

1. Poor (or No) Communications

Everyone knows communication is VITAL in a relationship. 

Obviously, there are some people who aren’t very communicative, and that’s okay, BUT a complete lack of communication is a big red flag.

Your partner and you need to be able to talk about things openly.

Also, were they more open before and now starting to be more closed off? Are the ‘”I Love you’s” sounding more like a chore and less genuine? These are early signs your relationship is in trouble .

2. Spending Time With Them Feels Like A Chore

This has to be the BIGGEST sign that you have moved on (emotionally) from your relationship. 

I remember I was dating a guy once who was a lovely human, however, I started feeling like I ‘had to’ hang out with him because we were dating. I was no longer excited.

I wanted to be out with my friends more than him.

Sometimes when that fun, flirty energy goes away and you settle into the relationship, you realize the fit just isn’t right.

That’s when I knew that relationship was coming to an end.


3. You Keep Score

A relationship isn’t a game, there’s no scorecard.

But if you find yourself keeping score of arguments, who cleaned what, and comparing gifts (I got you a $300 watch and you got me a notebook?? Really??) you’re headed for trouble.

4. You're Having The Same Arguments

Are your arguments repetitions of previous ones?

Is nothing getting resolved? This goes back to the first point about lack of communication.

You should be fixing your problems and moving on, not rehashing them ever other day.

Arguing over the same thing day-in-and-day-out is exhausting for both of you and does a disservice to your relationship. 

Try and seek outside help. A third-party may be able to see things in a better light.

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5. You Have No Time For Each Other

Whether it’s conflicting schedules or lack of priorities, not having time for one another is a major reason many relationships fail.

Relationships need time and commitment, and that’s not possible to do if you’re both always ‘too busy’ for one another.

Sometimes it’s easier to resolve this problem is one partner takes the lead, like in a FLR, and helps plan events.

But if it’s just a genuine lack of effort to text, call, and make plans; it’s time to move on.


P.S. Although we’re talking about romantic relationships here, this also applies to ending friendships that are toxic or no longer helping you grow.

Some platonic relationships also need a breakup even if they can hurt just as much (if not more) than romantic breakups at times.

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What are the signs that your relationship is ending? Here are some clear red flags that it may be time to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t date or stay in a relationship if it has become toxic or unfulfilling for you and your SO. #relationships #dating

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