29 Classy Wedding Nails To Make Your Big Day Extra Fancy

Wedding season is here and everyone wants to look their best. Getting classy wedding nails is important if you want to impress everyone around. Whether you are a bridesmaid, or the bride herself, you need a gorgeous nail design.

Wedding nails are all about shimmers, glitters, and exquisite designs. If you want such inspiration, you are in the right place.

We have got some astonishing wedding nail ideas that will make every outfit look splendid. All these designs are trendy. So, let’s get started…

What Are The Trends For Wedding Nails?

If you want a classy wedding nail design, adding glitter nail paints, gemstones, flowers, and subtle colors is the best.

There’s no hard and fast rule for this but beige, white, silver, gold, and pastels are super trendy colors for wedding nails.

What Kind Of Nails Should You Get For Your Wedding?

It’s better to get gel nails or acrylics for your wedding.

If you get regular nail paint, it might chip off unless you do them the morning of. So, to stay on the safe side, gel and acrylics are the best options.

As far as designs, look through these amazing design ideas and see if you get any nail inspiration! You can even creat your own unique design based on the ideas we have here….

Classy Wedding Nail Ideas For Every Bride

Blitz and Flowers Wedding Nails

A classy way to attain elegant and alluring nails for your big day is to use gemstones and flowers. A simple matte base and other elements on top of it will get you a super subtle yet gorgeous-looking nail design.

You can customize the nail shape and length as per your liking because both long and medium-length nails look good at weddings.

Clear Flower Wedding Nails

Another similar look involving flowers is to have a clear base. This makes it look super elegant and decent which is perfect for a bride on her wedding day.

Adding gemstones that match your outfit will take the manicure a step ahead.

Brown Spiral Wedding Nails

Source: @clawslondon

Why stay white when you can add in some color and glitter? You don’t have to get white nails for your wedding day for it to look gorgeous.

Adding colors that match well with your outfit can look unique and pretty too. For a wedding look, gold glitter is a perfect choice.

Pastel Wedding Nails

Pastel nail paint looks amazing with any outfit. They have been super trendy this season so why not use pastels for your big day? Some light pastel colors, gold glitter spiraling and glitter specks will make this look a 10 on 10.

All in One White Wedding Nails

Why use glitter or gemstones alone when you can use all of them together? This look has all the beautiful elements that make wedding nails look mesmerizing. The tip style with this nail length and shape looks alluring.

White Spiral Simple Wedding Nails

If you are someone who loves to keep everything simple then this look is the best for you. To make it a little fancier, you can add glitter to more than one nail if you want.

You can also use gold glitter instead of silver if that matches better with your dress.

Elegant Wedding Nails

This nail look is all about a luxurious yet elegant style to make you feel amazing on your big day.

You can keep the glitter tips on all the nails if you want however this way it will look special and different.

Green Jungle Wedding Nails

Adding a bit of color to your outfit will up your game and make you stand out. This green nail design is a perfect example of that. It doesn’t have too much extra design as the green stays on two nails only. 

Shimmery Wedding Nails

Want the most elegant yet easiest wedding nails for your big day? Then try out this look. It will take you the least amount of time and you can do it at home as well.

No matter how long or short your nails are, it is perfect for all lengths.

Cute Wedding Nails

Who said you can’t get cute nail designs for your wedding day?

This simple, decent, and cute wedding design with a daisy on one nail and glitter on another is a personal favorite. It would look adorable with an all-white outfit.

Marble Tips Wedding Nails

Marble nails look fancy and beautiful. Getting marble nail tips on your wedding day will make you feel lavish and enhance your overall look as well.

Gold and White Wedding Nails

Gold and white is the perfect wedding nail combination. There are endless possibilities to this combo but this one is one of the best.

It would be a great option if you are going for a subtle and decent wedding outfit.

Long Sparkly Wedding Nails

These super long, square sparkly nails will grab everyone’s attention and make you look boujee. If this is the vibe you are looking for, then you must try out these nails.

All Simple Wedding Nail

Abstract art on one nail while the rest of the nails are painted with a natural base coat. You can add in the abstract art on more than one nail but if you want a simple look then this is awesome for that.

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Matte Spring Wedding Nails

Got your big day during the spring season? Want to match your vibe with the weather? Get these all matte spring nails that are quick and easy to do. 

Shiny Wedding Nails With Gemstone

Looking for an elegant DIY wedding nail inspiration? This one is definitely for you. Just add a gemstone on the bottom of your nails and you are good to go!

Copper Glitter Tips

Glitter is your best friend if you want an alluring wedding nail design.

This design has only glitter tips so you can easily do it yourself and make your nails look gorgeous for your big day.

You can change the color of the glitter to match it with your outfit.

Abstract Tips

Black might be the color you have seen very little on bridals at their wedding.

But who said you’re a regular bride?! Stand out and get these chic wedding nail tips for your big day. 

Almond Wedding Nails

This almond-shaped wedding nail set with loads of gems is the perfect choice for brides looking for a fancy look. It will make your whole outfit look stylish, chic, and astonishing.

All Marble Wedding Nails

White marble is the safest choice for a wedding look. We all know that marble nails look mesmerizing with every outfit so why not try it out on your wedding day?

Adding a little bit of glitter to the look will make it more wedding-appropriate as a fancy manicure.

Easy Wedding Nails

Looking for wedding nails that are easy to do but also look gorgeous? Try out these glitter tips for your big day.

Use any color that matches your outfit perfectly for the glitter. Keep the base shiny as well.

Neutral Wedding Nails

Want a subtle, neutral look? Go for this one! Use either gold or silver stripes and keep the base a neutral color too.

Fancy Florals 

These nails are the most stunning for a wedding. It will look amazing on your big day. The matte nails and white florals on this nail length make it a perfectly splendid and fancy look.

Short Wedding Nail Tips

These simple short nails with painted tips and silver glitter will look alluring in all your wedding pictures.

Whether you take a picture while holding a bouquet or holding your partner’s hands, these nails will definitely grab your attention.

Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Tired of seeing silver and gold glitter on everyone’s nails for their big day? Then go for these plain rose gold glitter tips for your wedding day.

Polygel Glitter Nails

These polygel glitter abstract nails will not chip off even after your wedding day. They can make your whole outfit the prettiest.

All your friends and family will find these nails unique, trendy, and charming.

Short Acrylic Nails

Want to keep your nails short for your wedding? No worries as these acrylics will get you the perfect short nails for your day.

The touch of gemstones on one finger over the shiny base coat will make it a stunning wedding nail look.

Stunning Short Wedding Nails

Many brides like to have short and simple nails on their wedding day. Well, these short and elegant nails are a perfect choice for such people.

Coffin Wedding Nails

Long coffin nails with a simple design on them are a trendy way to achieve gorgeous and cute wedding nails.

These nails will fit any kind of outfit like a dream and make your hands look beautiful.

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In Closing…

Now that you have so many inspirations for the wedding, which one will you go for? All the inspirations above are great for both the bride and the wedding guests. At the end of the day, it depends upon your taste and you should wear such nails that make you feel confident. 

Go for a gorgeous wedding nail design for your big day so you can look perfect from head to toe. You don’t have to use all white or glitter, adding in some color is quite contemporary nowadays.

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