21 Summer Sunflower Nails We Are IN LOVE with

Sunflower nails aren’t only trendy this season but have taken over social media! They are everywhere from Instagram to Tik Tok. I

f you want to get trendy nails for summer, you have to try sunflower nails.

The yellow color of sunflower brings out a bright hue on your nails, making them look gorgeous and attention-worthy. 

They are perfect for summer and can go with anything from a casual day out to even a fancy night out.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start and see some amazing inspirations for summer sunflower nail designs this year!

What Is The Best Shape For Summer Sunflower Nails?

The best nail shape for summers is either square nails or coffin nails. Depending upon your nail length, both these nail shapes will look good with a sunflower nail design on them.

If you like to keep your nails short, a square shape is the best. The coffin shape looks fancy and boujee and adding sunflowers to this shape will make your nails look royal.

What Is The Best Base Color For Summer Sunflower Nails?

To keep everything well-balanced on your nails, you can keep the background either clear or white before making sunflowers on them.

For a more trendy look, you can go for a pastel background.

Pastels are quite trendy in summer. Pastel pink, green and blue would look beautiful with a sunflower design. 

Summer Sunflower Nail Ideas

Let’s dive right in and get you some of the mesmerizing inspirations for summer sunflower nails….

Van Gogh Style Elegant Sunflower Nails

Summer sunflower nail ideas
Source: @___Dacci___

These sunflower nails aren’t just sunflowers drawn on your nails. They are elegant, artistic, and unique.

The Van Gogh touch given to these nails makes them mesmerizing and eye-pleasing.

You can try these nails on different shapes such as almond, square, and coffin. The gold lining touch brings out a vintage vibe in the nail design.

Simple Coffin Sunflower Nails

Want to have extra-looking nails but have a minimal design on them? Go for these sunflower nails with a coffin shape.

The blending yellow color and gel sunflower design are perfect for a summer day out.

Short and Simple Sunflower Nails

Sunflower nails not only look good on long nails but also on short ones.

So, you can get simple sunflowers on your short nails to achieve an elegant and delicate manicure.

Keep the base clear so that the sunflowers can stand out.

Simple Sunflower Nails with Gold Pecks

Simple Sunflower Nails with Gold Pecks
Source: @claw_queen

Adding gold specks to any design makes it look royal and alluring. You can randomly add gold specks to the sunflower nail design and enhance the whole look of it. 

White and Yellow Sunflower Nails

Summer sunflower nail ideas - White and Yellow Sunflower Nails
Source: @_naileditbylauren

You don’t need to draw the sunflower on all of your nails.

This white and black dot design with sunflowers on one nail is a beautiful inspiration for a unique summer look.

This design is easy to achieve and can look good with a casual summer dress.

Yellow Gradient on Short Nails

Why should long nails get all the attention when short nails can look equally alluring?

This acrylic sunflower nail design with a yellow and transparent gradient on short nails is a prime example of a beautiful short nail design. 

Sunflower and Moo Acrylics

Acrylics are the best to draw on 3-D sunflowers on your nails.

This cute design involving a cow and sunflowers is unique, artistic, and enticing.

You can try it out on short nails too but it is better to have more nail space for this nail design.

Polka Dots and Sunflowers

Polka dots are one of the most common summer nail designs. You can mix it up with the trendiest summer nail design: sunflower nails.

The minimal vibes these nails are showcasing are perfect for the summer.

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Minimal Summer Sunflower Nails

Want a quick and easy sunflower nail design for summer?

This is the best one for you! It is easy to do, looks decent and subtle, and can look good on a casual summer day out. 

Bright Yellow Sunflower Nails

Summer sunflower nail ideas
Source: @press_reset_nails

Bright colors imitate summer! What’s better than using a bright yellow for sunflower summer nails?

Nothing will beat this look in summer.

This nail design will get the attention of all the onlookers. We’re obsessed.

Sunflower Nails and Petals

Summer sunflower nail ideas
Source: @trufflesnails

This delicate petal design on two nails and sunflowers on the rest of the nails is a beautiful summer nail design we just can’t get over.

Keeping the base of the nails clear will make the petals and the sunflowers prominent and keep all the attention on the flower only.

Artistic Sunflower Nail Design

Summer sunflower nail ideas
Source: @rosemarie_nailartist

Nail art is a form of creativity that everyone can do according to their liking.

You can take all your creativity out on your nails by using this artistic, painting-style sunflower nail design. 

Extra Sunflower Nails with Rhinestones

Summer sunflower nail ideas
Source: @pariss_nails

Want extra-looking nails that will get everyone’s attention and awe? This sunflower nail design with rhinestone is your way to that.

The blended yellow, rhinestones, acrylic sunflowers with gold-lining, everything is perfect about this look.

Soft Sunflower Look

Summer sunflower nail ideas
Source: @rachelsbeauty_

Draw little sunflowers on your short nails for a soft summer look.

Lilac Sunflower Nails

Summer sunflower nail ideas
Source: @nolas.nails

Pastels are the biggest trend for summer. You can mix this trend with sunflower nails and get a beautiful, soft, and tempting nail look.

Little polka dots on the lilac base and sunflowers on the edges look nothing but mesmerizing.

Green Base Sunflower

Green and yellow are like two silly best friends that always look good together. So, why not use this combination for your summer sunflower nail design? 

Black and Yellow Sunflower Nails

Black and yellow are a beautiful combination. Draw sunflowers on a black base for a royal nail look.

It is perfect for a night out with a beautiful, OUT THERE dress.

Glitter Sunflower Nails

Adding glitter to your sunflower acrylic nails will make the nails look fairy-like. You can add glitter to the tips and have a gradient look with this style.

Burgundy Sunflower Nails

Why not go for a bold nail color when you can make it look sexy?

This burgundy nail design with sunflowers is perfect for when you want to look confident and get everyone’s attention and compliments.

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