Why Does He Text Me Everyday If He Only Wants Friendship (12 REASONS!)

Have you been getting daily messages from a certain guy in your life? Does he keep insisting on keeping things platonic, even when his messages get flirty or suggestive?

It can be puzzling to see this unfold, especially when you might be interested in something more than friendship.

So, why does he text you every day if he only wants friendship?

Let’s dive into this and see what possible reasons he may have for this confusing behavior!

Why Does He Text Me Everyday If He Only Wants Friendship

He’s Lonely Or Bored

He's Lonely Or Bored

Does this guy have a lot of friends? If he doesn’t, he might not have many other people to talk to.

He could be bored at work or lonely due to a lack of friends. You might just be his only option for regular social interaction.

And even if he does have a big social circle, that doesn’t mean he’s hanging out or talking to them 24/7.

So if you’re always available to text back, he can simply be using you as a form of entertainment.

He Wants Someone To Vent To

He Wants Someone To Vent To

Men are often shamed for showing strong emotion or dealing with personal struggles. There’s a false idea that men have to be strong all the time to prove their masculinity. He might feel that his friends aren’t open to hearing his vulnerability.

This is why a lot of more open-minded individuals find themselves becoming a safe space for men who need to vent. This is especially true for women, who sometimes get treated like therapists by random men in their lives.

It’s okay for you to be comfortable being a safe shoulder to cry on for him. Just be sure you’re not being taken advantage of emotionally!

He’s Insecure And Wants An Ego Boost

He's Insecure And Wants An Ego Boost

If you have a crush on this guy, he might have picked up on it through your actions.

Even though he doesn’t feel the same, the ego boost he gets from knowing you like him compels him to text you. 

Men often want to seek approval from other men by showing how many women they have in their lives.

If you’re a woman receiving these texts, he might be using you for this purpose.

He’s Keeping His Options Open

He's Keeping His Options Open

Some men like to flirt around and see what their options are before committing to someone. You could be one of the people he’s considering.

As such, he texts you daily to maintain a connection with you just in case he chooses you. 

He’s Playing Mind Games

He's Playing Mind Games

There are some jerks out there who just like playing mind games with those in their lives. It’s a mark of severe insecurity. 

A man who acts like he’s into you while texting you every day, only to turn around and insist you’re just friends, might be doing this.

He might also be using these texts as a way to test you to see how far he can go before you call him out.

He Just Likes Being Chatty

He Just Likes Being Chatty

Texting every day might have nothing to do with you.

It could entirely be a result of this guy’s personality.

If he loves to talk to people and chat, he could be doing this with multiple other people.

It can be purely platonic and it’s just who he is!

He Considers You His Backup Plan

He Considers You His Backup Plan

Sometimes, a guy knows exactly what he wants. He has his eye on someone he wants to date, and it’s not you.

But he has some attraction to you, and there’s always a risk that his current pursuits won’t work out. 

So what does he do?

He keeps texting you to keep you in his life and maintain your interest, just in case. It’s up to you how well you like being his Plan B.

He’s Holding Back

There are lots of reasons someone might hold themselves back from entering a relationship. He could be afraid of commitment.

He may have past trauma from a previous relationship.

He may worry that he’ll ruin your friendship by making a move.

Whatever the case, he’s holding back, and it might show now and then in his daily texts.

He Wants A Friends-With-Benefits Relationship

He Wants A Friends-With-Benefits Relationship

The problem with friends-with-benefits relationships is how easily the lines blur between platonic and romantic bonds.

In order to avoid complications, a man might try to keep his intentions completely clear to ensure you’re on the same page.

He’ll insist you’re just friends even as his texts get more risque, hoping that you’ll be down for some no-strings-attached fun.

He Just Got Out Of A Relationship

He Just Got Out Of A Relationship

So, this guy’s flirty with you and sending you all sorts of messages filled with intent. But he insists he’s only here for some friendship despite his flirtation?

This could be because he’s distracting himself from something – such as the pain of a breakup.

Let’s face it: rebound relationships suck, and he knows that. He logically knows he’s not up for dating yet until he recovers from his breakup.

But he needs to distract himself with something, and you’ve been available, so he messages you every day to cope. 

He’s Trying To Figure It Out, Too

He's Trying To Figure It Out, Too

Feelings are complicated! It’s hard to interpret different emotions, especially when a potential attraction is involved.

If he’s confused about his feelings for you, he might text you every day to try to clear things up for himself. 

Until then, though, he doesn’t want to lead you on, since he doesn’t know what he wants out of your connection.

So he presents the interaction as platonic until he figures it out!

He Sees You As A Good Friend

He Sees You As A Good Friend

Many people text their closest friends on a daily or almost-daily basis.

When you form a true connection with someone, even if it’s platonic, you want to talk to them regularly. 

Sometimes, if a man is texting you every day, he just thinks you’re cool and wants to be your friend. You don’t have to read into it too much!


There are countless reasons a man might be texting you every day despite claiming to only want friendship.

Your best bet in understanding this may be to ask him what’s up. Regardless, make sure you’re happy with the arrangement that you two find yourselves in.

If you’re interested in more or less than what he wants to give, consider setting some boundaries or distancing yourself from him.

Also, keep in mind the dynamic of the relationship you both have. Is he a friend of a friend? Maybe our best-friends brother even?

If you have a lot of mutual friends, it makes sense he will be nice and cordial with you. Even if he isn’t interested in anything deeper, you both are in each others lives constantly and it makes sense to have a good friendship.

But if that isn’t the case, and this is a man you want something more with, it may be time to cut ties. It’s hard to be ‘just friends’ with someone you’re attracted to, especially if they don’t see you the same way.

Unless you truly believe you can have a genuine friendship with him (be honest!), then it’s time to move on. You shouldn’t feel like someone’s backup plan or second option.

If he’s bored, recommend him a book or Netflix show. It’s not your job to entertain these men.

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