15 Hilarious White Elephant Gifts That Will Have Everyone Cracking Up

Searching for some hilarious white elephant gift ideas?!

You’ve come to the right place!

Christmas is my favorite season for many reasons, snow, hot chocolate, the smell of pine, lights, gifts (both giving and receiving), just to name a few.

Speaking of gifts, I especially love the annual white elephant gift exchange. I have one with my family every year as well as my close friends and it’s always hilarious.

I have rounded up some of my all time favorite white elephant gifts at different price-points. 

Also, we are all adults here, some of these white elephant gifts are dirty 😂 and might not be appropriate for every gift exchange.

I have found gifts that are naughty, hilarious, and adorable! (So, there’s something here for everyone)

And since some white elephant gifts can get pricey, I have made sure to find gifts in all different . price points. 

What Are White Elephant Gifts?

White Elephant – also known as Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa – is a popular Christmas party game where everyone supplies a wrapped gift. Typically there is a budget allocated for the gifts.

During the Christmas festivities, it’s decided the order in which the gifts will be opened. The first person to pick selects their wrapped gift, open it and their turn ends. 

The next person has the option to open an unwrapped gift or ‘steal’ the first persons gift. The person who’s gift was stolen can then open an unwrapped gift themselves or ‘steal’ someone else’s gift.

In order to avoid a never ending turn, a common rule is that a gift can only be stolen once per turn.

The game is over when everyone has a present. 

That is the main gist of it, although a lot of rules and variations have been invented in the past years to avoid the game getting too long. 

Some are simple, like ‘after a gift has been stolen more than three times, it is ‘frozen’ and cannot be stolen anymore.’ This stops everyone from fighting over a particularly great gift.

Another ‘fun’ variation is a person has to take a shot for every time a gift they steal has been stolen. Meaning, if you want the airPods that have been stolen 4 times, you have to take 4 shots., This pushes people to pick unwrapped gifts and being more careful with their steals. Play at your own risk 😂 

Best White Elephant Gifts

A Mug With A Twist

A hilarious mug is the perfect way to kick off the yearly white elephant gift exchange.

Anyone who loves coffee and is a bit sassy will absolutely love this gift.

Check Mark Microwaveable and Dishwasher Safe

Check Mark Under $15 Gift Idea

Poop Emoji Slippers

I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t laugh when opening this gift. 

The perfect white elephant gift for family and friends alike.

Check Mark Anti-Skid Particles on the Soles

Check Mark Under $20 Gift idea

'Don't Even Ask' Wine Glass

The wine glass that lets people know your mood instantly.

Everyone needs one of these, right?!

Check Mark Text is etched (not printed!) so it will never come off

Check Mark Under $20 Gift idea

Dirty Salt And Pepper Shaker

These dirty salt and pepper shakers are perhaps better for your friends than for family or colleagues 😂 

But they’re sure to get a laugh and are the perfect dirty white elephant gift.

Check Mark Hilarious and Functional

Check Mark Under $15 Gift Idea

An Egg Rug

I have no idea what home would need an egg rug, but it will be hilarious seeing who gets stuck with this piece.

Check Mark Perfect for Breakfast Lovers

Multiplication Sign Pricey for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

Bathroom Decor

The perfect, stylish gift for anyone’s bathroom. 

I, for one, always feel better using a restroom when the host is honest about the experience of previous poopers. 

Check Mark Made In USA

Check Mark Under $20 Gift Idea

The Best Cookbook Money Can Buy

The perfect gift for (quite possibly) everyone! 

Honestly, who wouldn’t die laughing over this book?

Whether your college BFF, your single friend, or even your grandmother (ok maybe not your grandmother unless she has an awesome sense of humor)

Check Mark  Will 100% Be A Hit At Any Party

Check Mark  Under $20 Gift Idea

Electric S'mores Maker

Full disclosure, I would absolutely die of happiness if I got this as a gift!

It is the perfect addition to any outdoor activity and I would ‘steal’ it over anything else.

 Check Mark  Flameless Heater that requires nothing but an electrical outlet

Check Mark  Goes On Sale Often And Can Be Found For Under $20


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

An amazing White Elephant Gift that seems expensive but isn’t!

It’s wireless, has a built-in mic, and handsfree-call.

Check Mark  5-Hour Battery Life

Check Mark  Absolute Steal Under $15 


Bath Bombs

Another item I would fight for.

These bath bombs looks amazing and the reviews back them up!

Check Mark Handmade, All-Natural, Vegan

Check Mark Under $15 Gift Idea

Quesadilla Maker

If you are the Devil’s Advocate type, this Quesadilla Maker is sure to cause a fight!

Gift at your own risk!


Adult Coloring Book

How hilarious is this?

Coloring books are supposed to relieve stress, plus the inappropriate giggles are a bonus stress-buster!

Check Mark 42 Pages Of Inappropriate Fun!

Check Mark Under $10 Gift Idea

Bathroom Guest Book

Another great addition to the 5-Star bathroom experience.

Guest can even put in recommendations so you can offer a more welcoming ambience in the future.

Check Mark Just Pure Class

Check Mark Under $15 Gift idea

Mini Humidifier

Don’t let the picture fool you, this humidifier is the size of an iPhone!

A great gift for winter months that’s sure to be a popular white elephant gift idea!

Check Mark 7-Color LED Lights

Check Mark Under $20 Gift Idea

Toilet Shot Glass

I can just imagine the faces you’ll get at parties when you whip out these shot glasses!

Check Mark Ceramic and Hilarious

Check Mark  Under $15 Gift Idea


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Looking for White Elephant Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season? I’ve got you covered! I have found 15 of the absolute best Christmas White Elephant Gifts, most Under $20 and Hilarious! These unisex Christmas gift ideas are perfect for coworkers or family white elephant gift exchanges. This list includes gifts that are nice AND hilarious!  #christmasgifts #whiteelephant #whiteelephantgifts #gifts #christmasgiftsideas

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