10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers

This post is all about gift ideas for travel lovers or frequent flyers.

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We all have that friend who is obsessed with travel (*ahem* I am that friend) and we just never know what to get them.

What do you get someone who values experiences over things? Memories over products?

But just because travel lovers tend to prioritize moments or physical goods doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a couple of great pieces that will add value to their life while also letting them know how much you care for them.

Some of the items on this list are things every frequent flyer needs as well as ‘fun’ gifts that anyone who’s been bitten by the travel bug would enjoy.

Let’s get into it….

Best Gift Ideas – Travel Lovers


The Perfect Travel Wallet

This travel wallet is one of the best purchases I have made! Every time a fellow traveler sees it, they immediately ask me where I got it.

It has a slot for everything – passport, money, cards, boarding pass – all this for less than $20 making it the perfect gift for a travel lover.


Packing Cubes

The absolute best way to keep your luggage organized! I didn’t know packing cubes were a thing until I was personally gifted them by a family member and they were a game-changer.

They’re also a great way to keep your shirts and pants wrinkle-free. Not just for travel-lovers, this is the perfect gift for someone who travels a lot for work.


International Power Adapter

Frequent international travelers know the hassle of finding a converter and adapter for the dozens of different outlets available worldwide.

Depending on where you go in the world, you will need a different converter. What’s nifty about this gadget is that it has every power converter in one. That’s right. Every. Single. One.

Give the gift of convenience to your friend with this great and practical gift.


Dainty Map Necklace

You can’t go wrong with jewelry, especially dainty pieces that go with every style.

Jewelry means a lot more when the pieces evoke emotion, that’s why a travel piece is perfect for that friend that has a bad case of wanderlust.


Phone Camera Lens

There is a direct correlation between travel-lovers and photography-enthusiasts (don’t fact check me). However, traveling with big DSRL cameras can be a bit much, plus most of us don’t know how to work all the settings on those cameras.

It makes much more sense to just accentuate your current phone camera so you can get the best shots possible. Trust me, if you have anything above an iPhone 8, the quality of your camera is amazing and just needs a little boost.


Coffee Table Travel Books

For the travel-lover-book-enthusiast in your life, this is the perfect gift! There is just something so captivating about getting lost in the big pictures of these books that transports you to another destination even when you’re not traveling.

Warning: Your friend will definitely come down with a stronger case of travel bug after flipping through these.


Scratch Off World Map

Your friend can mark off the places they’ve been and hang this up on their wall.

It’s makes traveling that much more exciting when you get to scratch off a new destination!


Travel Jewelry Organizer

Traveling with jewelry can be tricky as dainty pieces and earrings can easily be lost. A cute and stylish jewelry organizer would make an amazing gift to anyone who knows the struggle of being stylish while on vacation.


A Mini Espresso Machine

Finding a good coffee shop can sometimes be a lot harder than it sounds (depending where you are in the world), plus some airbnbs don’t even have coffee machines! ?

I can’t go too long without my caffeine fix, so this mini espresso machine has been the best present I’ve ever received. (I even take it with me when I’m not traveling. Yes, I have a problem.)


Nintendo Switch

Definitely on the higher-end in terms of price, but a Nintendo Switch is a great travel gift as it provides hours of entertainment.

Especially when trying to survive a long haul flight, this gift can be a godsend! Even if they’re not a ‘gamer,’ the Nintendo is so universal it can be appreciated by anyone.

A great gift for millennials especially as Nintendo was just iconic during our time.

These are my absolute favorite gifts for those that have the travel bug as well as gifts for someone who travels a lot for work!

What will you be giving your loved ones this holiday season?!

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