17 Naughty Valentine’s Day Gifts To Spice Up Your Relationship

Looking for something to spice up your love life this Valentines Day? There’s nothing quite as exciting as a naughty Valentines gift for your special someones.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or having dinner this February 14th with you special someone, these gifts are sure to get their heart pumping.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they open one of these gifts and have heart palpitations. If you’re looking for regular ole’ Valentines day gift ideas, these aren’t it!

Forget the flowers and chocolate, these are the real gifts men want (and woman, too!)

Naughty Valentines Day Gifts

1. Naughty Tokens

Naughty Tokens for Valentines Day

Putting this one first because it’s got to be one of my all time favorite naughty gift ideas.

Your boyfriend will be so excited to use these tokens, he won’t know which one to pick first!

You can buy them as is or even get them custom-made. So if your boyfriend has a couple of favorite positions or favors, you can include those here.

2. ‘Light Me When….’ Candle

Naughty candle perfect Gift for Valentines Day

Candles are such a standard gift idea. I had never thought of giving my boyfriend a candle though.

I mean, you give candles to Aunts, coworkers, and people you don’t know what to get, right?

But now, THIS is a candle I can give my boyfriend.

I especially love how it comes wrapped in a discrete package. I can just imagine the disappointment in my boyfriends face when he thinks he got a regular old candle and then unwraps to see the message (LOL!)

He will RUN for the matches. I can assure you.

ALSO, a not so discrete way of making sure his room smells amazing at all times. Everyones happy.

3. I like you how I like my coffee…. Mug

Dirty coffee cup for your boyfriend. Naughty valentines day gift ideas for him.

Oh my god, this mug is so inappropriate that I’m in love with it!

There’s really nothing more to say about this one.

It’s functional AND a huge ego boost. What man doesn’t want to start his day with this amazing reminder?

4. Thanks for… Keychain

Naughty valentines day gift ideas for him

It’s important to be grateful and say thanks!

This keychain is hilarious and doubles as a beer opener, what’s not to love?

I would definitely give this keychain with something else, like flowers or a box of chocolates….

5. I Miss Your… Chocolates

Naughty Chocolate gift idea for your boyfriend

Did somebody say chocolates?!

These are the PERFECT long distance gift for the man in your life.

I love things that have an element of surprise to them.

You’d just assume these are regular ole, Valentines day chocolates and when you open them. BAM!

Quite possibly the biggest smile he’s ever had on his face.

6. Talk, Flirt, Dare Card Game

Fun and naughty card game for couples to play

A game you’ll both enjoy!

The three categories are all great ways to spice up your relationship and get to know each other more.

The ‘Talk’ cards are simple conversation starters to get to know one another on a deeper level.

The ‘Flirt’ cards starts spicing things up and asking juicy questions, like how many times a week would you like to make love.

And the ‘Dare’ questions really up the ante. Dares like licking whipped cream off each other or having to do anything your partner desires for teen minutes.

Get the fire extinguisher ready! It’s getting hot in here.

7. I love you for your personality… Card

Naughty cards for him on Valentines day

I mean, a card is a must-have for any occasion and why go for those boring, standard cards?!

You can tell him he’s the love of your life and all that lovey-dovey stuff at any time.

Take this opportunity to really give him a card he’ll be sure to never lose or throw out!

8. Edible Massage Candle

Edible candle for a romantic and naughty valentines day gift ideas for him

Another candle gift and an exciting one at that!

This completely edible candle is a great way to get a steamy night started. You can choose the flavor as well.

Light a couple of candles after your dinner date and offer your partner a massage in the candlelight.

Use the edible wax as oil and see where the night takes you…

9. This Satisfyer V

Ultimate Naughty valentines day gift idea for couples

When it comes to naughty gift ideas, this is the spiciest one of all 🔥

The ‘satisyer whale’ is specifically designed for couples.

It’s pleasurable for both men and woman when you’re doing the deed.

If you’ve never experimented with some spicy bedroom toys, this is a great one to start and take your love life to a whole new level.

This has to be one of the best gifts you could give yourself, if we’re being honest 😉

10. Naughty Dice

Sexy dice for a naughty gift idea

More fun and enticing ways to spice up your nights.

The dice will give you an action and a body part, what happens after is completely up to you two.

If I’m being honest, this is likely to be a very short game.

11. Choking Hazard Boxer Briefs

Custom boxers perfect for a naughty valentines day gift idea for him

These boxer briefs are quite possibly the perfect gift.

Don’t agree? Let’s look at the facts.

✔️ Humorous Gift

✔️ Huge ego boost for your boyfriend

✔️ Brand new boxers. Some men keep underwear for TOO long. Help him get rid of those older ones that no one wants to see anymore.

12. Dirty Coasters

Naughty coasters for valentines day gift

These funny and creatively dirty coasters are the perfect gift for the beer drinker in your life.

(Especially if the fact that he doesn’t use a coaster drives you absolutely insane)

13. Top Rated.. Tumbler

This hilarious tumbler is a perfect naughty valentines day gift idea for him

This hilarious tumbler is sure to bring a smile to his face every single time.

I wish I had a constant reminder of how good I am in the sheets, ya know? 😂

I hope your boyfriend has the confidence to take this everywhere he goes (except, maybe work).

14. A Plush Toy

A plush and Naughty valentines day gift ideas for him

You’re never too old for plushie!

This is a funny gift I’d love to receive from my boyfriend.

Definitely think this is a better gift for woman (or anyone who’s attracted to men) to receive. I wouldn’t even feel weird falling asleep every night with it LOL.

Just give your partner this plush and a box of chocolates. You can’t go wrong!

15. Custom Boxers

Hilarious and Naughty valentines day gift of custom boxers

Are you the possessive type with a sense of humor?

These custom boxer shorts made me literally do a snort-laugh when I first saw them!

I’m sure your boyfriend will get a cramp from how hilarious this is.

16. A Fitness Book

Naughty valentines day gift ideas for him. The perfect book for lovers

Whether your partner loves to work out or has never stepped foot in a gym, this is an exercise program I can ASSURE YOU they will stick to.

Honestly, everyone needs this book. I mean, 300 positions?!?

How, what, where?! There’s basically a new position to try for every day of the year.

17. A Useful Rag He’ll Love

Naughty valentines day gift ideas for him

This dirty gift idea honestly made me do a double-take!

I can promise you, your boyfriend has never gotten something like this before.

It’s useful AND hilarious. *Adds to cart*

Which of these naughty Valentines Day gifts are you going to surprise your boyfriend with?!
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