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16 Pet-Safe Houseplants That Are Also Stunning

As a lover of plants and a furr-mom, I am always careful when I purchase a new green baby. I want to triple and quadruple check to ensure they are nontoxic and pet-safe houseplants!

So many people don’t realize that many common house plants are not safe to keep around cats and dogs.​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are certain plants that are toxic to pets when ingested and can cause tremors, seizures, or more serious conditions.

No matter how well your pet is trained, there is a good chance they might take a bite out of your house plant. To keep them as safe as possible, you should only keep pet-friendly house plants at home. 

Here are some pet-friendly house plants that will not only be safe to keep at home but which are delightful and beautiful to look at!​​

Dog and Cat Safe House Plants

Pet-Safe houseplants that are perfect for dogs and cat owners. These Pet-friendly plants are nontoxic and a beautiful decor idea

1. Spider Plant

Spider plants are incredibly easy to grow indoors and are very resilient plants. They are ideal for those who battle to keep plants alive.

Spider plants are great air-purifiers, helping to rid your home of toxins. Their long, draping leaves with dark and light colors are stunning to keep in any room.

2. Baby Tears

Baby tears are the most delicate, pretty plants you could keep in your home. With cute, delicate round leaves, this creeping plant is luscious and perfect for hanging baskets or small pots.

It is a popular house plant that is safe for your pets while looking like a little fairy plant as well!

3. Bromeliad

Bromeliads need bright light and a humid environment, otherwise, they are incredibly easy to maintain and grow, and are perfectly safe for pets.

They are unusual looking plants, with long green leaves on the outside and pink and red leaves growing up like flowers on the inside. 

Bromeliads are also capable of growing in soil-free conditions, attached to a log, and left in the right conditions. This is a great option if you have a problem with your pet digging up your potting soil.

Bromeliads are perfectly pet-safe and nontoxic. They are ideal for a pet owner who wants a low-maintenance plant.

4. Rattlesnake Plant

Rattlesnake plants have very distinctive colors and shaped leaves. They are ideal in a low-light living room and have a very easy watering schedule.

The light and dark-colored leaves have purple undersides that complement many different colors and themes in a house, and it is an easy enough plant to keep alive!

When I was upgrading my home decor with cool things, this was one of the first plants I purchase.

I get so many compliments from guests on this plant. Plus, the fact it’s low-maintenance makes it a perfect pick for a non-toxic houseplant.

5. Calathea Orbifolia

The Calathea Orbifolia has a gorgeous leaf pattern and can be an exquisite decor piece all on its own.

It is a relatively easy plant to keep indoors, only needing partial shade, so it can be placed on a plant stand, on a shelf, or on a bedroom that does not get too much natural light.

6. Boston Fern

Bring a little Jurassic feel to your home with a Boston fern. Boston ferns are completely pet-safe houseplants for both cats and dogs.

This fern is non-toxic, and looks particularly good when placed in a hanging basket. They are one of the least-likely plants to cause stomach cramps or gastrointestinal upset if eaten by your pet.

Boston ferns are also one of the easiest house plants to look after and keep alive – being very low maintenance!

7. Parlor Palm

For a tropical touch, a parlor plant would go well in your home. You need to place them a little distance away from the window, as it only needs a few hours of indirect light a day, water it a few times a week, and that’s it!

It is an easy-growing plant that adds some tropical decor to any room.

8. African Violet

African violets are safe for both cats and dogs, and are beautiful plants as well! The plants grow stunning purple flowers, which have a bright yellow center.

These flowers add color and beauty to a room, but they do prefer high humidity with warmer temperatures, along with moist soil – so be sure you can give the plant the right environment to thrive.

9. Money Tree​​​​​

What are the best pet-safe houseplants?! These gorgeous plants are decorative and completely safe for cats and dogs! Dog and Cat safe plants that you don’t have to worry about whatsoever! Find your favorite pet friendly house plants #houseplants #petsafehouseplant
Source: @plantmanp

If you are looking for a large house plant that is safe for your pets, look no further than a money tree.

Money trees are considered to be safe to keep around pets, but just try to keep the leaves high up, as if eaten frequently can cause gastrointestinal upset. These trees love full sunlight and need moist soil.

10. Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is a traditional, medium-sized house plant that is safe to keep around cats and dogs.

The plant sprouts beautiful, wide moss-green leaves and is a very hardy plant. It has the ability to withstand extreme temperature changes, as well as smoke, dust, and other harsh conditions.

You don’t need to put much care into a cast iron plant either, they need very little maintenance and do well on their own if left in indirect sunlight. Keep them away from direct sunlight as this could burn their leaves.

11. Bamboo Palm

Every home should have a bamboo palm! They are known as Good Luck Palms and are non-toxic to pets. Bamboo palms have a fantastic way of adding lush greenery to your home.

Just be aware that these plants can grow up to 8 feet tall, so don’t commit to one if you don’t have the space to accommodate for its growth.

Keep the bamboo palm in a shady environment, they do well in a darker apartment.

12. Orchid

Orchids, which are a favorite plant of many plant owners, are safe to keep around your pets!

Orchids can be quite difficult to care for, and most like humid, wet environments, so make sure you are able to care for them properly. Pansy orchids have no toxic side effects on animals and are a perfect flowering plant to keep at home.

13. Hawthoria

Hawthorias are perfect for those who love Aloe Vera plants, but who need a pet-safe​ houseplants substitute. 

They are similar in size and texture to a succulent, and all the plants in the Hawthoria genus are perfectly safe for cats and dogs!

Hawthorias are also easy to maintain and only require weekly watering, while left in bright light. You can even start up a little collection of different Hawthoria plants, or create a small succulent garden with the pet-safe houseplants. You can forget to water them for a week or two and they will still be fine!​​​​​​​​​

14. Cape Marigold

Cape Marigolds, sometimes referred to as Golden Marigolds, are completely non-toxic to cats, dogs, and even horses.

The ASPCA says these plants are completely safe for pets, and even if ingested will cause very little digestive problems.

They’re a beautiful shade of yellow and are sure to spice up any room you place them in.

15. Burro’s Tail or Donkey Tail

Burro’s Tail is such a cute plant!

It’s one of my favorite plants to hang up. Whenever anyone comes over, they always ask me about my Burro’s Tail since it’s so unique and many people are unfamiliar with them.

But on top of being unique and beautiful, they are a completely safe houseplant for cat, dog, and horses.

16. Prayer Plant

What are the best pet-safe houseplants?! These gorgeous plants are decorative and completely safe for cats and dogs! Dog and Cat safe plants that you don’t have to worry about whatsoever! Find your favorite pet friendly house plants #houseplants #petsafehouseplant
Source: @theprettypeperomia

This beautiful houseplant is very popular, even with non-pet owners.​

This absolutely gorgeous plant thrives in bright, but indirect sunlight and is sure to grab a lot of attention from guests.

If you’re looking for a stunning plant addition to your home that is dog and cat safe, look no further!

What are you favorite pet-safe houseplants?
Do you have a non-toxic plant at home that is safe for cats and dogs we should include?

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