15 Cool Things To Make Your Room One-Of-A-Kind

Looking for some cool things for your room to customize and make it your own?!

I definitely have an inner struggle of trying to find cool things for my bedroom but also decorating on a budget.

However, I have found you can get cute aesthetic things for your room without breaking the bank!

There are a lot of options to make sure your bedroom stands out and isn’t a generic, boring room.

Your bedroom should be your fortress, it’s a place you go to recharge and prepare yourself for the day.

I spend a lot of time in my room; whether it’s sleeping, watching movies in bed, reading, or working and I want to make sure it’s both functional and enjoyable.

Cute & Cool Things For Your Room

Round Pintuck Pillow

Ad some color to your room!

These cushions have got to be one of the most charming and functional pieces of decor around.

Whether you want to use them to just spice up your room or as a seat for your meditation practice, they’re perfect!

Lily Jewelry Stand

If you’re looking for a very unique jewelry holder, look no further!

This lily stand is absolutely beautiful and will look beautiful on any vanity.

Gold Wall Mount

Can you tell I love gold?!

This wall mount is something else! I absolutely adore how it looks.

I also love using my clothes and accessories as decoration so this works perfectly. hey! if I splurged on a purse, i want to be able to see it in my room at all times.

Fairy Lights

These fairy lights are an absolute must-have, especially for a college dorm!

They give the room a magical, fuzzy feel that just makes you feel good when you look at it.

Ceramic Photo Stand

These little photo stands are such a cute and creative way to show off your polaroids and pictures of your favorite people.

I love putting pictures all over my room as it’s a budget-friendly way to decorate and showcase my personality.

Mini Ivory and Blush Globes

These are so adorable!

If you have a desk in your room, this is a unique little decorative piece that adds a touch of class.

These also make a great decor item for a bookshelf!

Bed Shelfie

I bought one of these for my college dorm a couple years ago and found it so useful!

They come in a byunch of colors (white, black, wood, etc) so it’s easy to customize this bed shelf for your room and aesthetic.

I always leave water on it so i drink first thing in the morning and I like to keep my favorite book on the shelf to encourage me to do some late night reading.

Hexagonal Hour Glass

More gold!

This is such a unique piece. When it comes to the coolest decor items for your bedroom, it’s hard to beat a gold hour glass.

It’s a minimalist piece that just screams #classy

Satin Pillowcase

There are so many benefits to satin pillowcases!

Beyond the fact that they look elegant AF, they help smooth frizzy hair and minimize static, plus even clear your complexion.

I feel like once you’ve left college and got your first apartment, this is an absolute must-have for all woman (and men!)

Cute Trashcan

Keeping with my theme and love of gold, I got a cute little trashcan for my bedroom.

I put it underneath my desk and even though I rarely have trash in my room, it adds a nice decorative element.

Plus, it’s nice to not have to walk all the way to the kitchen every time I have to throw away a candy wrapper (which is very often bc I have a huge sweet tooth!)

Multiple USB Charging Station

This little charging station has it all!

With five slots, you can charge all your devices in one convenient spot. It’s so convenient and also a great accessory to pack in your travel bag!

Moon Lamp

This is such a realistic depiction of the moon and one of the most eye-catching items I have seen.

You can adjust the brightness and use a dim effect as well. Once fully charged it can last between 4-8 hours.

Beyond looking incredible in your own bedroom, it would make an amazing gift idea for anyone.

The Worlds Most Adorable Mini Fridge

I got into the habit of having a mini-fridge in my dorm room and when I left college, I purchased another one for my first apartment.

In the past I used it to store drinks and snacks, but nowadays it’s become more of a beauty must-have.

I keep all my skincare items in there, from face-masks, serums to my jade roller!

There are a lot of benefits of keeping your beauty products refrigerated, and if you have as many items as I do, you need your own personal little fridge to keep them in.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Everybody needs a himalayan salt lamp in their bedroom!

There are so many benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, from purifying the air to enhancing mood and reducing stress, that it should be in every room in the home.

You can use it as a nightlight or just as a lovely glow during the evening hours.


Is there anything better than watching a movie on a big screen?!

Watching a movie from bed with a projector is a complete game-changer. Just need some comfy pillows and popcorn and you’re set!

This was one of my favorite purchases of this year thus far. No competition.

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