How Can I Decorate My Room Without Spending Money? (14 Ways!)

Decorating, or redecorating, your bedroom can be so exciting! But you’re on a tight budget. How can I decorate my room without spending money?

The money we think it takes to decorate can hold us back from actually doing it. You do not actually need to empty the bank!

There are a lot of budget-friendly and even completely free ways of decorating a bedroom!

Can you decorate a room for free?! It can be tricky but not impossible! All you need is some creativity and a couple of power tools (if you don’t have, I’m sure someone you know does and can lend you a hand).

The best thing about decorating a bedroom for free is how unique your room will be. When you DIY and stick to a tight budget, you’re forced to get creative. No one will ever have the same, or even similar, room as you!

Have a look at the ideas below that cost nothing, or very little, to help decorate your room on a budget, and give your bedroom a freshening up!

Cheap And Free Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom

DIY A Headboard From Scraps

Scraps of wood used to DIY headboard for a unique bedroom aesthetic

A headboard can elevate a room from boring to glam. Yes, headboards are typically expensive, but not if you make a headboard yourself!

Keep a lookout in your neighborhood or local market place for some salvaged wood. Get your DIY hat on and use this wood to make a salvaged wood headboard! The wood will have a natural weathered look, which gives a luxury rustic look to the room.

Pro-Tip: Some home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes cut wood for clients and throw away scraps. You can ask associates if they can give you any of those scraps they’re throwing away.

Overall this DIY is pretty easy and you just need a drill and some bolts to create your headboard. If you have sanding sponges and finishing spray even better to give it a vintage look, but it’s not completely necessary. See the full tutorial over at DesignSponge

You could also use old shutters to make a headboard. Two or three shutters (depending on the size of your bed) can be painted and placed behind your bed as a beautiful feature headboard.

Old shutters used as a headboard. Cool way to decorate a bedroom on a budget

You could even mix and match different shutters for a more eclectic look, and paint them whatever colors you want.

Hang Up Christmas String Lights

String lights for a cheap or free way to decorate your bedroom that makes your room go from bleh to amazing

Simple string lights can really make such a difference to the look of a room and add in soft, subtle lighting. You could even hang up your Christmas lights, to avoid them sitting in storage all year long.

String lights look lovely hung above your bed, but you could hang them by the curtains, your desk, or even along with the ceiling if you have enough.

If you have a certain theme, such as floral, you could look for cheap or second-hand string lights that have little flowers, etc.

If you have long enough string lights, you could hang them down and across a wall, and use little pegs to hang photos off of them. This creates a center display in your room filled with pictures of some special memories!

Bring out Your Hanging Clothes Rack

Use a hanging clothes rack as a simple and function decor for your bedroom. Looks stylish and minimalistic

This is an especially handy idea if you do not have enough closet space as it is! Hanging clothes racks are in, and they really do give your room a modern-chic look.

It is also really simple to make a hanging clothes rack. Purchase a thick dowel rod, drill a hole on either side and thread some strong string through the holes.

Hang the string from the ceiling on the end of the room, making sure it is secure. Hang your favorite or most used pieces to be on display in your room!

If you don’t want to DIY it, this is on of those items I have seen time and time again on Craigslist for either free or less than $10.

Use Wallpaper Accents

Wallpaper accent on a bedroom as a budget friendly way to decorate a room.

Wallpaper can be expensive if you are covering your whole room, but just using wallpaper to accent one or two areas can add such a unique touch to your room. Plus it’s a budget-friendly way to update your home!

One idea is to use some wallpaper to cover the inside of your door. This is a subtle touch, and you will only be able to see it fully when the door is closed. It doesn’t take up much wallpaper at all and is a great way to add in some patterns or color.

There are some wallpapers that cost less than $8, like this one, and can completely upgrade your bedroom. Accenting just one wall with wallpaper is the most simple way of making your bedroom stand out and look fresh.

Another way to use some wallpaper is to use a rectangular sheet as a headboard. This saves space in the room, and you can have some great patterns or colors center stage at the head of your bed.

You could also use interesting tape, such as metallic tape, to highlight and frame the headboard wallpaper further.

DIY Hanging Shelf

Hanging shelf for an easy and cheap DIY bedroom decor idea

Hanging shelves are great – they don’t take up any floor space, and can be a decorative piece if done right.

To make your own hanging shelf, you can look around for a piece of driftwood, or ask around your local market place, and drill holes through the wood to thread some strong rope through. You then attach this to the ceiling securely.

You could even use a hanging shelf as your nightstand next to your bed. You could either varnish the wood the shade you want, or paint it a color to match the rest of your room.

Check out this video on how to DIY a hanging shelf with only Dollar Tree items. The shelf is beautiful and cost less than $10 to make! How amazing is that.

Grab Some Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers on a nightstand are an easy and cheap home decor idea perfect for your bedroom.

Flowers aren’t just for kitchens and living rooms!

If you have a garden outside, it is a great idea to pick some fresh flowers or greenery once or twice a week to place in a vase next to your bed.

You could also ask your local florist to give you a special price on unsold flowers at the end of the day.

Flowers bring a touch of color and natural beauty to your room, and some flowers can also add a fresh aroma to the area as well.

Recycle Furniture

Recycling furniture is fairly easy. You can either choose to recycle furniture from your own home, moving the drawers in the living room to your bedroom and even giving it a paint to freshen it up.

You could also keep a check around your neighborhood to see if anyone is giving furniture away, or if you could pick up a cheap piece of furniture from the local thrift store. Some sanding and a fresh coat of paint can completely transform an old piece of furniture.

Look for interesting handles and knobs to give the piece of furniture some extra personality as well.

A lot of people don’t have pickup trucks to throw their furniture away and put it on Craigslist for free if you pick it up asap.

Add In Some Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can make a huge difference to the comfort level and look of your room. If you don’t want to purchase new pillows, but have some older ones hanging around, you could use some fabric dye to give them a whole new look.

Fabric dye is cheap and is super easy to use at home. You could even attempt to tie-dye the pillowcases if that is the look you are going for in your room!

Floor Plants

Just like having flowers next to your bed, floor plants can lift the look of your room! If you do not want to spend money on big plants, you could buy a few seedlings for cheap and care for them and watch them grow.

A nice pot isn’t expensive either – you could look for old pots being given away for free or cheap in your neighborhood or at charity shops, and you could give it a coat of paint to freshen it up as well.

Leafy plants are the best to add some natural accents to your room, and some plants are also really great at providing cleaner air indoors.

Make sure to do your research as to which type of plant is best to keep indoors so that you don’t land up with plants that are only suited to be grown outside.

If you have pets, there are a lot of beautiful, pet-friendly plants you can buy!

Add Aromas To Your Room

Redecorating your room doesn’t have to just be with what you can see – you can make it a whole sensory experience. Other than adding décor and furniture, you could add in some fresh aromas to your room as well.

This could be by using incense, essential oils, or diffusers. There are so many scents to choose from, and it really does help to liven up the space.

You could even look for scented candles, humidifiers, or incense stick holders that look great and fit in with the other décor in your room.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging furniture is an easy and free way to decorate your bedroom.

Sometimes just simply moving the furniture you have in your room into a new position can make a huge difference.

Move your bed to the other side of the room, bring the dresser closer to the window – rearranging what you have is not only an easy way to redecorate – but it is completely free as well!

A touch of paint here and there on old pieces or new handles on a nightstand really can be all it takes to bring a new look to your room.

Use Your Accessories As Decor

This is probably my favorite way to decorate a room without spending money. Chances are you already own a lot of cool things.

Instead of having your hats and purses grabbing dust in a closet, put them on display as a decor element!

if you have more accessories than you can wear, grab a couple of nails or adhesive wall hooks and have your hats on display for all to see.

On top of a stylish decor element, this is a great way of reminding you what you own and getting full use of your purchases.

Paint The Room White

While it is tempting to paint your room fun, bold colors, you should hold off doing this. You might change your mind in a year or two and not be able to redecorate the room as you would want to because you have a difficult-to-work-with color on the wall.

Instead, painting your room white, or off-white will allow you to redecorate as many times as you want without worrying about wall color.

You should also be able to find white or off-white paint for a cheaper price at your local stores, as they do not usually cost as much as tinted paints.

Have A Photo Wall

A photo wall is an easy and cheap way to decorate a bedroom

Hanging photos in your room is a wonderful way to remind you of special memories, and the people that you love. You could use photos to create a feature photo wall in your room.

It gives a chill vibe to your bedroom that you’ll love.

You could place the photos into certain shapes, such as a heart or a circle, which further makes it an interesting feature.

You just need to get the photos printed and find a way to place them – it is such a wonderfully sentimental decoration, and fairly cheap as well, especially if you have the photos printed already.

There are some great guides online on how to create a photo feature wall, on how and where to place the photos to create certain shapes and patterns.

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