12 MUST-KNOW Signs He Regrets Sleeping With You

One thing leads to the next and you end up sleeping together – which is perfectly fine.

However, if you have caught feelings for him, you might be worried about what he thinks about you after the two of you have slept together. Or if his body language has been off, maybe you think your guy regrets sleeping with you.

It can sometimes be hard to tell if someone is only sexually attracted to you or wants more.

You might get the sense that he regrets sleeping with you, but this can be a tough question to ask straight out.

If you are in doubt, then you can look for signs that he regrets sleeping with you, to work out what to do next.

We dive into the different signs that he might regret sleeping with you and some tips on how to move forward once the two of you have been intimate…

How To Tell That He Regrets Sleeping With You

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Before reading on, keep in mind that all guys are different, and date differently too.

However, there are some telltale signs to look for that he might not be as happy that you have slept together, especially if these signs appear after the deed, and he was different before.

Here are some obvious signs he regrets sleeping with you:

He Ignores You

So we’ve started with this sign because it is possibly one of the most obvious signs that he regrets sleeping with you.

He was probably really flirty and friendly before, but once you’ve slept together, he becomes really cold and just flat out ignores you.

This is really hurtful, and really upsetting for you, because not only does it make it seem like he regrets sleeping with you, but that he just saw you as a piece of meat. Just a booty call even.

For guys, this usually happens when they are looking for a non-complicated one-night-stand, or when they are in a relationship and cheat on their partner with you.

As painful as it is to be ignored, rather take it as a huge red flag that he isn’t the right one for you!

These men will never give you the serious relationship you want and crave. If you want a committed relationship, take his silence as an answer and move on.

He Responds Less

After hooking up, his messages might become fewer and far between, and his responses are distant and short.

He got what he wanted at the moment and now that he regrets it, he has no motivation to try win you over or flirt any more.

He’s all of a sudden busy with his own life and has no time for you.

Where he used to text you back straight away and with enthusiasm, he now takes a while and his responses are less than flattering.

He is no longer interested in you, and this along with his regret, becomes very clear in the way he communicates with you.

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He Avoids Eye Contact

Man and woman looking at each other fondly - Featured in Signs He Regrets Sleeping With You

This is a more common sign for people who run into each other often, such as if you work together or are in the same group of friends.

After sleeping together, and if he regrets it, one clear signal to look for is that he avoids eye contact. He’ll act like nothing happened and avoid you, or play it completely cool.

This also shows that he feels some shame as well, and cannot bring himself to look you in the eyes, possibly because he feels bad for sleeping with you, and he feels bad because he regrets it.

If you talk to him, his replies may be one or two words, avoiding full conversations.

This is a huge sign a man regrets sleeping with you as he’ll simply avoid looking at you, like you don’t exist to him anymore.

He Avoids Hanging Out

You would think that if things were going well between the two of you, and if he was happy that the two of you slept together, he would want to hang out more, and be excited to spend more time with you.

However, if he does the opposite, cancels plans, missed calls (without replies) or avoids making plans with you, then it could be a clear sign that he regrets what happened between the two of you.

He might change the subject when you bring up dates where the two of you can meet, or he might cancel on you at the last minute.

Once or twice is not much, but when it becomes a habit, then you can draw conclusions from this.

If he wanted a serious relationship, his body language would be different and he’d be more open to seeing you again.

If he’s not involved anymore and refuses to spend time with you, it’s likely he’s no longer interested,

He Avoids Talk About The Future

If he regrets sleeping with you, then it is safe to say that he would not want to talk about building a future together. This is a definite sign he doesn’t see this relationship progressing.

If you continue talking after sleeping together, perhaps have more sex, and you bring up the future and where you might be going together, he will likely change the conversation or give very non-committal answers.

Stop trying to push the subject, and instead read between the lines that he isn’t actually interested in a future with you.

before you get more emotionally attached, break it off and move on. Don’t feel ashamed or take it personally, he was just not the guy for you.

The Flirting Stops

Man and woman looking at each other fondly in bed - Featured in Signs He Regrets Sleeping With You

The desire to be with you and to sleep with you again should increase after the first time, and this should come across quite clearly with how he speaks to you and how he acts.

Once you have slept together, if his flirting stops and he becomes cold and distant, then it shows that he probably does not want to sleep with you again.

No matter how much you flirt with him, he doesn’t respond with the same energy.

He Is Always Too Busy

He will come up with every excuse in the book as to why he cannot see you to spend time and why he cannot talk to you or reply to your messages.

He’ll send a one line text (if even that.)

You might even know that he is free and just relaxing at home, but he tells you that he is slammed with work or activities and cannot find the time to see you.

This is a clear indication that he is avoiding you, and it is from regret.

He Suggests You See Other Guys

He possibly feels quite a bit of guilt over the fact that he regrets sleeping with you, and to try and ease this guilt, he would encourage you to see other guys.

This also helps to get you off his case, and to avoid having to explain how he feels. It could also be a good sign – that he cares for you and wants you to be happy, but he still regrets sleeping for you, as the two of you are not right for each other.

He Is Overly Nice To You

This sign can be a little more confusing, as you might mistake his niceness for him enjoying that you slept together, but you have to look for the smaller cues in how he treats you.

His niceness would be more of a friendlier type, instead of flirty and intimate. This niceness would be because of the guilt he feels for regretting the time you spend together.

When the two of you run into each other, whether at work or at class, he would act kind and gentle, and even go out of his way to buy you a coffee or similar. This is not because he likes you but because he cares for you and feels bad.

He won’t take any further steps forward with you other than being nice, which is a clear sign that he doesn’t want to have an intimate relationship with you more than what you have already had together.

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He Starts Seeing Other People

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If he was really into you, and if he didn’t regret sleeping with you, then he wouldn’t be so quick to put himself back on the market.

You might think that sleeping together means that you are ‘together’, even casually, and you probably won’t be looking for your next date. However, if he jumps back into dating and flirting with other girls, then he likely regrets sleeping with you.

It also shows that he saw you as someone to sleep with and get what he wants, and once he has had it, then he is done.

He Won’t Speak About It

Regretting sleeping together, he will want to avoid talking about it, as much as he would want to avoid it happening again.

You try to bring up what happened between the two of you, but he shuts down the conversation or avoids it completely. He wants to pretend that it never happened, and in his mind, speaking about it only makes it more real for him.

He wants to move on and hopefully pretend that it never happened, and while this is unfair for you, you probably won’t be able to change it.

He Avoids Physical Contact

After sleeping together, you notice that his touches become less frequent, and he avoids physical contact with you.
This could be due to two reasons. The first is that he wants to avoid anything happening between you again, and the second is that he doesn’t want you to think that he wants something to happen.

He feels uncomfortable and he feels guilty when he is around you, and he doesn’t want you to try to initiate anything between the two of you, as he would then have to reject you.

Where he was once affectionate and loving, he is now cold, distant, and is avoiding you. It hurts, but take it as a sign that he probably doesn’t want to sleep with you again.

What He Thinks After You Sleep With Him 

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There is no clear way to know what he might think after you sleep with him, as every guy is different, and every relationship is different. There are some common things that guys think after sleeping with someone, and it really isn’t always as bad as we might think!

Guys generally love sex, and they would be happy that they have been able to sleep with someone, whether it was planned or not. Most guys don’t change their opinion of you once you sleep together, and should respect you after the fact.

The problem is when you sleep with the wrong guy. If he was only looking to hook up with someone for sex, then he won’t really care much after you’ve done the deed, and he will not respect you as much as you would expect.

Do Guys Regret Hookups?

Men are not so different from women when it comes to hooking up and the feelings they might have afterwards.

They are better at hiding their feelings though, whether regret or not. If he is into you and wants to hookup again, he probably won’t regret it.

However, if it was a spur of the moment occurrence, he might feel some regret after the deed is done. It really does depend on the situation and what your intentions might be.

One general thought is that guys regret missing out on a hookup more than they might regret a hookup. So, if you find yourself overthinking things once you have slept together, just remember that he probably doesn’t regret it as much as you might think.

The best way to work out if he does regret it or not is to look for signs, and just be open with him and ask how he feels.

How To Get A Guy To Respect You After Sleeping With Him

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You might be worried that the guy you are into will lose respect for you after you have slept together, and this is a really normal feeling to have. You think maybe you made it too easy for him, or he might be done with you after the first few times.

If you are worried about how he sees you, and how he feels about you, here are some ways to get a guy to respect you after sleeping with him:

Don’t Be Needy

He will likely think less of you, and even lose respect for you, if you act needy and desperate after sleeping together. He doesn’t need to propose after one night, and he really doesn’t need to offer full commitment either.
Take a step back and carry on with your life as normal, and make him come to you if anything.

Speak About It

The more taboo you make sex, the more awkward it will be, and the worse you will feel about yourself for sleeping with him.

Speak to him about your time together – let him know you enjoyed it and you had a good time. This puts you on even footing with him, and makes him see you as an equal partner, not someone who he might have just used for sex.

Don’t Flaunt Other Guys

Sleeping with someone is intimate, but it does not always mean that you have to go exclusive straight away. If you really like him, and you want him to respect you, then don’t go flaunting other guys around.

This isn’t going to make him jealous, all it is going to do is make him lose respect for you, and make him think that you were just in it for the sex, and are now looking for the next guy to hookup with.

Respect Him

To get respect, you need to give respect. Treat him the way you want him to treat you (within reason), and don’t pressure him into anything. If there was no structure to your relationship before, there doesn’t have to be after. 

Give him the respect and space you would want to get, and he should return this back to you.

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How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You After You Have Slept With Him?

Man and woman in bed, looking at each other lovingly - Featured in Signs He Regrets Sleeping With You

It will be pretty clear whether a guy likes you or not after you have slept with him. You first need to consider the relationship you had before sleeping together, and whether or not there was potential there, and how well he treated you.

Once you have slept together, look at how he acts around you. Is he still flirty? Does he message you often? Does he talk about future dates? Does he initiate contact? All these are good signs that he does like you, and that he wants to see you more.

If he does the opposite, such as ignoring you, avoiding physical contact, and if he becomes distant, then it is pretty clear how he feels, and you should move on instead of trying to win him over.

Do Guys Lose Interest If You Sleep With Them Too Soon?

Saying that a guy will lose interest in you if you sleep with them too soon really isn’t a fair statement.

There have been couples who slept together on the first date and gone on to live fairy-tale lives, and others who have slept together on the first date and never spoken again.

It really does depend on the chemistry between the two of you, where you are in your lives, and what you want out of a relationship.

Sleeping together too soon shouldn’t change the way you feel about each other, and if it does, then it really wasn’t meant to be.

You are in full control of your body and your decisions, and this should be the only factor in deciding when you want to become intimate with someone.

Summary: Signs He Regrets Sleeping With You

If you find yourself doubting what he thinks of you after sleeping together, and are unsure of whether you should pursue anything or not, you need to look for signs that he regrets sleeping with you.

If you notice any signs that he might regret what happened, then try your best to move on and not blame yourself – he probably blames himself and it is nothing that you have done.

We all make spontaneous decisions, and the consequences can’t always be to our liking. For your own wellbeing, move on and find the right guy for you who won’t regret you.

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