22 Signs A Guy Is Really Turned On By You (SPICY!)

Are there always obvious signs a guy is really turned on by you?! Or are there more subtle signs to look out for? Honestly, it can go both ways depending on the guy…

If you are attracted to someone, you would naturally want to work out whether the attraction is mutual. Or maybe you’re getting a vibe from someone and not sure what it means exactly.

This could be a new guy you are dating or your partner you have been with for some time – you might even be looking for reassurance that he is still attracted to you.

The best way to work this out is to look for signs that he is really turned on by you. You could ask him, but he might just tell you what you want to hear or he might be too afraid to express how he feels.

It is a bit of an awkward question to ask someone flat out, so understanding the obvious signs a guy is really turned on by you is better. Especially if you aren’t 100% sure.

So, to work it out, I’ve listed all the signs to look for that a guy is really turned on by you. Let’s dive through this list and see if any of the signs match his behavior…

And remember, someone expressing some of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean they are very turned on by you. Every situation is different, but people’s behaviors (if consistent) is always a huge sign of sexual attraction over time.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Is Turned On By You?

But we look at the signs a guy is turned on by you, it helps to know exactly what it means so we’re all on the same page here.

Relationships and dating come with many different emotions and phases, but when it comes to being turned on, it alludes to the sexual attraction he feels toward you. That sexual, almost animalistic drive.

So when you are looking for signs that a guy is really turned on by you, you are looking to see if he is sexually attracted to you.

This gives a good indication of how he might feel and if he sees you as more than just a friend.

Some guys are very open about their sexual attraction to a woman, especially if they feel comfortable with them, but other guys may be shy and try to hide it.

In this case, you would need to try and look for signs that he is truly attracted to you.

Signs That A Guy Is Really Turned On By You

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Let’s dive into the signs to look for that a guy is really turned on by you. When looking for these signs, keep in mind that every guy is different, and every relationship is different as well. What might be a sign from one guy might be completely different from the next.

Use your judgment when looking for these signs to work out whether he is turned on by you!

Physical Contact

One of the biggest and most obvious signs to look for that a guy is turned on by you, and that he is sexually attracted to you, is when he initiates and enjoys, physical contact with you.

If he initiates physical contact, that is a rather big sign he is attracted to you. A lot of men’s love language is actually physical touch.

He would find any reason to touch you, whether it is moving hair off of your shoulder, sitting closer to you, or just casually brushing against you as he walks past.

His hugs would last a little longer, and he would stick close to you in case any reason arises that he can be physical with you.

These small physical touches are affectionate and gentle, but they do show that he is attracted to you and he is turned on by you.

A lot of these touches may also linger a couple of seconds longer than necessary.

He Flirts A Lot

Flirting can be fun and innocent.

But a guy will typically not be flirting constantly with you if he is not turned on by you. His flirting shows that he feels a spark and sexual chemistry between the two of you and he wants to act on it.

Flirting might seem like a simple thing, but it is actually a really important phase in a budding relationship, where the sexual tension is built up between two people. The more he flirts, the more it shows that he is turned on by you and ‘pursuing’ you.

All guys have different flirting types, and some are more obvious than others, but if you notice that he has changed the way he acts around you, or is being friendlier and more forward with you, then it could be that he is flirting.

He would not be flirting with you if he didn’t feel an attraction to you!

He Puts Effort Into His Appearance

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When a guy is turned on by you and is sexually attracted to you, he would want you to notice him and hopefully be attracted to him too.

To achieve this, he would put more effort into his appearance, spending more time grooming himself and paying more attention to how he dresses and comes across.

If you have known him for some time, and he starts flirting more and starts paying more attention to his appearance, then this can be a sign that he is interested in you.

Naturally, when you turn him on, he would want to try and turn you on too, and his physical appearance does play a role in this.

Take notice if he’s dressing sharper than usual or smelling better!

There Is Lots Of Staring

Eye contact is a great sign that a guy is interested in you. Eyes are truly the windows to the soul.

If he makes eye contact constantly, that’s a major green flag. This could be when he holds your gaze longer than normal or when you catch him looking at you from across the room.

But you would be looking for more than just eye contact when figuring out if he is turned on by you.

To tell if he is turned on by you, look to see if he stares at you more often and is not just making eye contact.

He would be checking out all parts of your body, and he might even seem distracted because he is focusing on you too much!

So, while eye contact shows he feels a genuine, emotional connection to you, him staring at your body shows that he wants a connection in a more physical way.

His Voice Sounds Deeper

This might not be something that he is even aware of, but a man’s voice naturally deepens when he is sexually attracted to someone. A deeper voice is his masculine side coming out to try and win the woman over.

While this is a subtle sign, it might be noticeable if the two of you chat often and you suddenly notice that his voice deepens when you are together or talking over the phone.

This deepening of his voice is not random, but is because he is turned on by you, and is attracted to you.

This may be similar to what people call a ‘bedroom voice.’

Similarly, you might notice that your voice becomes higher-pitched when you talk to him too, which is the female way of showing that you are attracted to him as well.

This happens all very subconsciously and it’s likely he’s completely unaware he’s doing it as well.

He Blushes More

Blushing can be a clear sign that a guy is attracted to you, and is being turned on by you. It is his body’s natural way of reacting to sexual attraction, with a rush of blood.

When he sees you, his heart rate and his blood pressure increase, which then causes him to blush and look flush, so make sure to look for rosy pink cheeks when you see him next.

This is a subtle sign that he is physically attracted to you and t’s one sign that it almost impossible to mask.

He might begin to blush more when he sees you or when the two of you touch, even by accident.

These moments of physical contact will definitely get his heart racing more and the increased blood flow will show up in his cheeks!

He Seems Unsure In His Movements

Even the most confident of guys might become unsure of themselves when they are around someone they are attracted to.

He might not be so obviously nervous, but you will notice that his movements become a little tenser and more unnatural.

it could be something you notice only happens with just you as he seems chill and put together around others.

This is likely because he is more aware of his movements around you and is overthinking things. Yes, men get in their head too!

He is also trying to control his urges and attraction around you, which makes him seem more tense too.

So if he was comfortable and confident before but now seems more nervous and unsure around you, then it is a good sign that you turn him on, and he is sexually attracted to you!

He Hints That You’re His Type

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Because you turn him on, he would want to try and win you over if he hasn’t already done so. The physical touches and flirting help with this, but to solidify it even more, he would drop hints that you are his type of girl.

He will bring up his type of girl in conversation, maybe bringing it up more than usual, and he will describe his type in a way that is very similar to you. You will check most, if not all, the boxes, which shows that he is very interested in you, and wants to be with you.

He Licks His Lips

Body language can speak louder than words, and by watching how he acts around you, you can tell if he is turned on or not.

When he looks at you, you could catch him licking his lips or biting his lips, and this indicates that he is sexually aroused, and it is because of you!

It probably won’t be overly obvious, like shown on television, but a subtle lick of his lips or a bite of his lips can indicate that he is thinking about you, and you are causing a physical reaction.

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He Jokes About You Two Together

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If he is sexually attracted to you, but the two of you have never been together before, then he would want to test the waters first before making a move.

One way he might do this is to joke about the two of you being together. It could be jokes about you hooking up, or being in a relationship.

While these might come across light-hearted, he would be looking to see how you would react to these jokes, whether you go along with them and seem happy, or whether you shut him down.

By joking about the two of you being together, it shows that he does have some attraction to you, and he is likely turned on by you.

He Talks About Intimacy Often

If he is not joking about the two of you being together, he might try to bring up the idea in a more serious conversation.

He is probably not going to talk about you and him specifically, but he could bring up his past sexual encounters or talk about it generally.

Bringing up the topic of sex with you shows that it is something he thinks about when you are together and is a sign that you turn him on.

He Talks About You

When he is turned on by you, then you will be on his mind a lot during the day. We’ve all been through it – being attracted to someone and not being able to get them out of your mind, so you try to bring them up in conversation where you can.

In this case, he could be talking about you to mutual friends and his inner circle. He can’t get you off of his mind, and talking about you validates these feelings for him. He is also trying to get approval from his friends and family when it comes to you.

So if you hear through the grapevine that he is talking about you to friends and family, take it as a positive, and there is a very good chance that you turn him on and he feels a definite attraction to you!

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He Fidgets When With You

Woman holding a mans hand whle talking - Featured In Signs A Guy Is Really Turned On By You

As he is turned on by you and is attracted to you, he would feel nervous and a little on edge in your presence. This could manifest as him fidgeting in your presence.

He would adjust his shirt, run his fingers through his hair, or fiddle with his watch strap when talking to you. 

The fidgeting could be because your presence makes him nervous, or it could be that he is trying to distract himself from the sexual attraction he feels for you.

If he is usually confident and self-assured, but is suddenly fidgeting and nervous around you, then it is likely that a sexual attraction has grown. The nervousness will probably die down after the two of you eventually get together, but while the tension builds, he would probably fidget more and more.

He Compliments You

When a guy likes you and is interested in you, he will compliment you often. If he has genuine feelings towards you, he would compliment you on your intelligence, compassion, strength and more.

However, when he is really turned on by you, then he will compliment you more on your looks and how attractive he finds you. In moments when he feels the sexual attention most, his compliments will shift from emotional to physical, as he can’t contain what he feels towards you.

Just make sure that all of his compliments are not just physical – as this shows that he only sees you for your body, and not for who you really are, and he is just interested in one thing.

He Becomes Possessive

For men, being turned on by someone, and being sexually attracted to them, causes them to feel possessive over that person.

When this happens, he would notice more when another guy hits on you, or when someone else is showing interest in you other than him. He could bring this up, even in a joking way, but it shows that he sees you as someone that he wants, and he wants to keep any competition away.

His sexual attraction to you, and the fact that you turn him on, will make him want to keep you for himself and not let any other guy possibly take you from him.

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He Smiles Around You

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You make him happy, emotionally, and physically, and this will show by him smiling a lot when the two of you are together. Even the simplest joke or compliment you give will make him beam from ear to ear, and he will just seem genuinely happy to be in your presence.

Most of this happiness comes from being with you, but some of it will also stem from the sexual attraction he feels, and the overall warmth he gets from being with you.

He Sits Suggestively 

Once again, his body language will give off more than he thinks.

A subtle sign to look for that he is turned on by you is if he sits with his legs spread, taking up as much space as possible and putting on display what you can have from him.

If he isn’t sitting down, he could be standing with his legs apart and shoulders back, making himself seem larger and more dominant.

This shows that he is attracted to you, and in a very sexual way! He is turned on by you, and his body is sending these signals across.

A lot of the time, these are freudian slips as he may not be aware he is doing this at all.

He Tries To Meet Up At Home

You could have gone on a few dates or even been in a relationship for some time, but when he starts trying to spend some more time at home alone, it shows that you turn him on and that he wants to be alone with you.

He might not be able to handle the sexual attraction he feels for you any longer, so he wants the two of you alone in a private space, where he could possibly make his move.

This is absolutely fine, as long as you are comfortable with the idea of something happening, and you trust him enough not to take advantage.

If you are looking for signals that he wants something more to happen, then him planning dates alone with you is a sure one!

Of course, goes without saying that this can just be a sign of pure sexual interest and doesn’t necessarily mean anything deeper.

His Pupils Dilate

One of the most well-known signs out there!

This is a naturally occurring reaction to a person seeing someone that they are interested in or whom they like.

While it can be a difficult one to spot, you should keep eye contact with him, or look into his eyes when you say hello, and see if you notice anything.

If you notice that his pupils dilate when you are together, he has very positive feelings towards you, and is likely turned on by you.

He Sends Spicy Texts

He might get turned on just thinking about you when you aren’t together, and because you can’t be there to see any physical signs, you can read into his texts.

If he is feeling an attraction to you, he might want to act on it and send you a spicy text.

How spicy the text is will depend on how comfortable the two of you are together, but if the text is different from his usual messages, then it shows he is feeling something.

He Wants To Facetime

Instead of sending texts when he is feeling turned on by you, he would ask to Facetime. He would want to be able to see you, and maybe even get a little intimate over the phone as well.

Texts might not be satisfying enough for him, so he would ask to talk over video chat so he can see you, and feel more connected to you in the moment. 

Ths s more a sign of genuine attraction than sexual interest, but combined with other signs on ths list it’s a huge indicator of interest.

He Tries To Get You Alone

It might be obvious that he is feeling turned on by you if he tries to get you alone in a situation.

This could be when you are hanging out with a group of friends or out at night together; he wants to act on his attraction, and to do this, he would try to get some private, alone time with you.

This will obviously depend on how you feel about the situation, but if he asks you to go somewhere quiet with him or if he makes excuses for you to follow him somewhere more quiet, then it is a good sign that you are turning him on and he wants to make a move.

Most of the time, guys find it very difficult to hide when they are turned on by someone. There aren’t many subtle signs as most are blatantly obvious.

In General…

If you just pay a little bit of attention to how he acts around you, you might be able to notice a sexual attraction.

Some of the signs are physical and some are more emotional, but keep an eye open for some of the above signals that he is turned on by you, and decide what move to make from there.

Not all guys give the same signs but guys tend to not be very good at masking interest. He’ll find ways to be closer to the woman he’s attracted to.

Paying attention to these signs can give you a better idea of whether to not he is super turned on by you or not!

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