12 Things To Do For Your Mental Health During Self-Quarantine

This post is all about self-quarantine activities to keep you busy and sane during the Coronavirus pandemic..

The Coronavirus pandemic has a lot of us stuck indoors.

Personally, I am the type of person that just can’t be home. I slowly go insane!

So being stuck is a tad hard for my mental health, but I have found certain activities that are very beneficial and keeping me sane.

Of course, none of these will do you any good if you don’t have the right mindset. Think of this time as a self-improvement project and try to make the best of it. 

Finish that book you’ve been wanting to read, start that project, just don’t obsess over the things you can’t control..

Self Quarantine Activities To Keep You Sane

1. Meditate

We know the benefits of mediation are outstanding and so many of us struggle with it.

Meditation helps ease anxiety, stress, and promotes emotional health.

I suggest the app Calm to help guide you if you’re a complete beginner and feeling anxious (who isn’t).

2. Journal

Whatever is in your head, get it out on paper! Feel free to throw it away after, but it is therapeutic to see your thoughts on paper

3. Play Music

Put on Music! Nothing gets me in a good mood like a music and dancing in my living room.

4. Go Outside

If you aren’t in a big city and can spend sometime in your yard or the outdoors, do it! Mother Nature has a way of lifting us up and calming us down simultaneously

5. Get Creative

Explore your inner child: Get some paint, brushes, PUZZLES, (literally anything) and try to enjoy yourself during this time.

Do things just for the sake of doing them. Don’t judge yourself when creating, just let your creativity flow.

6. Watch Ted Talks

Head on over to Ted Talks and get inspired, educated, and learn something new.

I can spend hours watching Ted Talks and I feel much better about myself (versus binging Netflix).

7. Do Yoga

There are so many free yoga videos on Youtube and the app DownDog is offering free yoga during this time.

I have a premium membership with DownDog and it is my go-to yoga app and I highly recommend it. 

8. Bake

Put some music on, pour yourself a glass of wine, and bake some delicious treats to decompress.

Check out these delicious keto fat bombs to help curb cravings or this gluten and dairy free paleo brownie recipe!

9. Deep Clean Your House

I know it sounds lame, but cleaning can be therapeutic. Instead of worrying about what could happen (or is happening) you focus on the moment and feel much better about yourself for keeping busy and being productive. 

10. Start A Blog

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, this is the perfect opportunity.

Starting a blog will keep you SO busy and productive. Plus, blogging has the possibility of making you money in the future (check out how I made $6,839.30 my 9th month blogging)

If you don’t want to start a blog, but want to exercise your writing muscle, we are always accepting contributors on our site here!

11. FaceTime Friends & Family

Check in with your friends and family during this time, especially if you live alone. Talking to loved ones, even if virtually, has a way of lifting our spirits and reminding us that we aren’t alone.

I’m definitely on the clingier side, but I FaceTime my mom about twice a day and am constantly annoying my friends. Trust me, feeling the emotional support makes everyone feel better in this difficult time. 

12. Start That Home Improvement Project

Is there a project you’ve been putting off? Now is the perfect time to get a head-start on it.

Obviously, don’t remodel your entire kitchen but maybe paint your cabinets or change the wall color with an easy peel-and-stick wall paint.

My Essentials For Self-Quarantine

This is (obviously) not a comprehensive list. 

Actual essentials would include food and water, but these are the ‘fun’ essentials I need in order to keep myself busy and sane during these lockdowns.

However, if you have just half of these on hand, you can easily pass an enjoyable time while social distancing…

What are you doing during this time to keep yourself sane, productive, and happy?

Share in the comments below to help others!

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Self Quarantine Activities to keep you sane during the coronavirus. It's important to take care of our mental health during this time and focus

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