9 Effective Work From Home Tips You Need To Stay Productive

For many people, working from home seems like a great opportunity. You don’t have to worry about morning traffic, and you can work in comfort and on your own schedule.

What many people don’t realize, is that staying productive while working from home is really hard, and it does take some effort to get it right.

You need to put measures in place, and set rules for yourself, to ensure that you work effectively and productively at home.

Working from home comes with many perks, but you have to create an environment and routine for yourself to let you enjoy all of these perks.

I have been working remotely for awhile and these are some of the absolute best tips for working from home (or while in quarantine!) 


How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

Want to work from home like a pro and stay on top of your productivity? Not maximizing productivity is often an issue for those working from home. So here's a list of easy work from home hacks. #workfromhometips #productivitytips #workingfromhome #stayproductiveathome #productivityhacks #wahmtips #wahm

1. Do Not Work In Bed

As tempting as this is, you should make an effort to avoid working in bed. Your brain associates your bed with sleep, and working in bed can either cause you to start feeling sleepy and losing productiveness, or it can cause you to have trouble falling asleep at night.

If you make your bed your informal office, you will have a difficult time getting work off your mind when you try to relax or sleep.

If you have no option and your bed is the only place you can work in privacy, at least do something to create a sense of a formal work setting, such as getting dressed out of your pajamas or sitting up as straight as possible.

Maybe even get one of these bed desks to be more comfortable and make the ‘office’ look more put together.

2. Set Boundaries For Others At Home

For many people, working from home does not mean working alone, as there might be other family members or roommates around while you work.

This can prove to be quite challenging when attempting to stay focused without distractions.

You need to set boundaries with the people who are around you when working from home.

Let everyone know the times you will be working, and ask them to not disturb you unless it is a real emergency. Do whatever you can to avoid interruptions, even if it means putting up a sign on your door.

3. Avoid Temptations And Distractions

You need to pretend you are working in an office at home to be as productive as possible. You wouldn’t do the dishes or watch Netflix at the office, so you need to avoid this at home.

Set up a space where you will not be distracted by temptations. Do your housework before sitting down for work, and leave your TV binging for later on in the day.

Declutter excess items around your work area so you don’t get distracted, have a clutter-free zone saved for working and you shouldn’t battle with any distractions.

4. Remember To Take Breaks

It is so important to take breaks while working. Breaks don’t mean sifting through social media for a little while, but instead, they should include taking in some fresh air or talking to a friend.

Make a point of walking away from your desk or workspace to have a break. Aim to take a break every 75 to 90 minutes, and take a break of about 15 minutes each time.

5. Avoid Isolating Yourself

Working from home can be really productive, but it can also be quite lonely.

You will not have the social interactions you would have in an office environment, and the lack of socialization can get to you after a while.

Make time to connect with others, whether it be your partner or friend. Make plans to leave your home a few times a week, for a coffee break or a dinner date (schedule FaceTime calls with friends too!).

6. Get Dressed For The Day

You will feel more motivated and productive if you make an effort to get dressed every morning before you start working.

It is so tempting and comfortable to be able to work in your pajamas, but by getting dressed, you will put yourself in the right headspace to sit down and get to work.

7. Set A Schedule

Even if you only work part-time from home, for a few hours every day, or if you have a full-time schedule, you should set yourself a good routine to stick to.

Have a start time each day, set breaks and the time you want to finish for the day.

Having a schedule and routine will help you feel less stressed about fitting in work and all other household duties into your day, and you will be able to figure out how much you can accomplish each day, and set a plan from there onwards.

8. Choose Your Space

It really does help to have a dedicated space to work at home.

Create the workspace you need, whether it be laying out a calendar, a place for your laptop, or whatever else you might need.

Not only will this help you zone into work mode when you sit at your work station, but it will stop you scattering your work material all over the house in different spots, which can take up some time trying to get all your materials together when it comes time to work again.

9. Make Sure You Log Off

In an office environment, you leave for home every day and that is when your work ends.

Working from home, you need to make sure that you have a finishing time each day, where you can switch off and stop worrying about work.

If you have an idea pop up during dinner time, jot it down and get back to it tomorrow when you are back to working hours.

You need some downtime to balance your work and home life, even if both take place at home.

Staying Productive At Home

Give yourself the best chance possible to remain productive at home using these tips.

Declutter your environment, set a schedule and avoid any potential distractions.

Working from home can be incredibly rewarding, you just need to stick to some rules and routines to ensure you can make the most of your time working at home, remaining motivated and as productive as possible, free from the normal office woes.

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Want to work from home like a pro and stay on top of your productivity? Not maximizing productivity is often an issue for those working from home. So here's a list of easy work from home hacks. #workfromhometips #productivitytips #workingfromhome #stayproductiveathome #productivityhacks #wahmtips #wahm
Want to work from home like a pro and stay on top of your productivity? Not maximizing productivity is often an issue for those working from home. So here's a list of easy work from home hacks. #workfromhometips #productivitytips #workingfromhome #stayproductiveathome #productivityhacks #wahmtips #wahm

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