7 Productive Things To Do Before Bed (That Aren’t Netflix)

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Are you the type of person that spends the last two hours of your day glued to your screen? I used to be like this. And then I’d complain I didn’t ‘have time’ to accomplish my goals (insert eye roll here).

There are plenty of productive things to do in the evening to make the most of your day and to be better prepared for the next one.

Productive Night Routine Ideas

Pick Out Your Outfit

Make things easier on your future-self by laying out your outfit the night before.

How many times have you wanted to wear something only to realize it needs to be ironed?
The smoother your mornings go, the better your days tend to go.

Give yourself less headaches and save up to 20 minutes in the morning trying things on and ironing blouses.

Write Down 3 Tasks

One of the most productive things to do the night before is writing down three things, only three, that you need to get done tomorrow.

Don’t cop out by making the list something like ‘1. brush teeth 2. go to work 3. reply to emails.’

Make an actual list of three things that will take you closer to your goals.

Big, grand goals require baby steps. If you take just three baby steps in the direction of your dreams a day, you’re doing more than most.

Unplug and Disconnect

About an hour before you go to bed, put your phone and electronics away. This will help you get a better nights sleep and also allows you to be more mindful of what you do versus mindlessly scrolling.

If you have a demanding job and constantly find yourself checking emails, this tip is practically mandatory. You shouldn’t be ‘on-the-clock’ 24/7. When you check emails at home, your stress levels go up and you don’t allow yourself time to recuperate and relax for the next day.

Work on a Hobby

Is there something you love to do? Or perhaps you’ve been wanting to earn, but ‘never have time?’

Working on your hobbies before bed is a great way to release stress and become a happier person. Whether your hobby is painting or learning Photoshop, take an hour of your night just to work on this skill.

Consider this ‘me’ time and just enjoy yourself.

Meditate or Do Yoga

A night time yoga session can be extremely beneficial to your well-being and sleep quality. Yoga helps relieve aches and pains as well as lowering your stress level.

If you’re looking for healthy things to do before bed, yoga and meditation are it. Help your mind get at ease as you work on your flexibility and strength.


Perhaps during that hour that you unplug, get into bed with a good book. It can be a mystery novel that keeps you on your toes or a life-changing book you can’t put down.

Reading is another great stress reliever for a busy mind. When you read, your mind is actively engaged in the process, unlike watching t.v. where you can zone out.

Since reading takes you to (quite literally) another world, you are able to relax and de-stress as your mind isn’t focused on your present situation.

Express Gratitude

We’re always so busy we forget to take stock and give thanks for the blessing that is our life. Take a moment to jot down a couple of things your grateful for that happened that day.

It can be anything. “I had the best cup of coffee” or “my neighbor smiled at me.” Gratitude, for the big and small things, is one of the biggest steps towards a happy life.

You’ll realize when you are grateful, very little things can get you down. Try going to bed thinking about the things that you are grateful for and seeing how much your baseline happiness changes in a couple of days.

What do you do before you go to bed? What are some productive things to do before bed that you practice? Comment below!

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