How To Tell A Guy You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off (7 PROVEN METHODS!)

As you mature, your relationships mature too, and the tactics you used to tell someone you liked them in middle school probably won’t cut it out in the real world.

The dating game isn’t always easy, and you sometimes need to tread carefully. If you find someone you really like, you might want to let them know how you feel, but you could also be nervous that telling them that you like them might scare them off.

The right person won’t be running for the hills if you tell them that you do have feelings for them, but it can still be a nerve-racking thing to do.

To help, here are some of the best tips on how to tell a guy you like him without scaring him off

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him (As More Than Just A Friend)

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off

Flirt With Him

One of the best ways to send the signal across that you like him, without coming out and saying it straight away, is to show your interest in him by flirting. Hopefully, he will pick up on your flirting and react in a positive way, and things can lead forward from there.

You will need to put in some effort and not just blindly flirt. Make him feel valuable, ask him questions about his life, and make it seem like you are genuinely interested in him, and not just the flirting game.

While this is a great way to show someone that you like them, some men just aren’t so great at picking up flirting signals you could be putting down, and you may have to be a little more obvious!

Smile Around Him

Smile Around Him To Let Him Know You Like Him As More Than Just A Friend

Be happy when you are around him. Engage with him, smile when you are with him, and genuinely laugh at his jokes. This does not have to be false, if he really does make you happy, don’t be afraid to show it.

This will also be a huge confidence booster for him, and he will love seeing you smile in reaction to him. This also shows that you appreciate him and enjoy spending time with him, and hopefully, he feels the same way as well.

Listen When He Talks

So often people in a conversation just do not listen, and this is a sign that they are not interested. When you talk to him, really pay attention to what he says, and listen to him.

He will really appreciate the fact that you hear what he says, and it is a great way to learn more about his life. Not only does it show your interest in him, but it is just a decent thing to do as well.

It really helps further your relationship if he knows he can count on you to listen to him when he needs to talk – but just make sure you do not get yourself stuck in the position where your relationship never moves further than just talking-buddies.

Ask Him Out

Ask Him Out To Show Interest

If you want to be direct, but not so direct as coming out and saying that you like him, you could ask him out.

You do not even have to call it a date. You could simply ask him to join you for some drinks after work or a hike on the weekend.

He will most likely love the fact that you have made the first move and appreciate that some of the pressure has been taken off of him to do so!

You getting the courage to ask him out might even give him the courage to tell you how he feels – so it could land up being an absolute win-win situation.

If you are not sure how he might react, rather pick something safe or even plan for a group date out.

This at least gives you some breathing space, but he will still note the invitation from you, and it gives you a great base to ask him out in the future.

People love to be invited and feel included. The worst thing that can happen (literally) is him being flattered.

Be Thoughtful

Everyone appreciates someone else being thoughtful to them, and it really does not happen often enough.

It might take some courage, and some digging, but finding out what he loves or what matters to him, and following through, might just make him the happiest person around – and show him how you feel.

If he has a favorite movie, this could be getting him a mug with the movie branding or or it could be taking him to visit the dog shelter if you know he loves dogs.

It will take some time to figure out what he loves, but with some thought and consideration, you can make him feel really special.

Something as simple as remembering his coffee or drink order can make someone feel seen.

If you are following tip #3 and genuinely listening to him, you’ll catch a lot of these subtle ways to show him you are interested.

Start As Friends

Start As Friends

All relationships need a good base to start with and starting out as friends is not always a bad thing.

People talk about being stuck in the friendzone, but if there is real chemistry between the two of you, then that should not be a worry at all.

Building a relationship off of a strong friendship ensures that you know each other well, and you both know what you are getting yourself into.

Jumping headfirst into a relationship without really knowing each other does not always end so well.

This doesn’t mean you have to be friends for years before you start dating, but hang out together casually at first, and show him that you appreciate him for who he is, and not just for his potential as your boyfriend.

Let Him Get To Know You

We all put up walls for different reasons, whether it is to protect ourselves from getting hurt or to get to know people before being vulnerable with them.

If this is something that you do, one way you could really show him that you like him is by opening up and letting him get to know the real you.

This is a great way to start a budding relationship, and he will really appreciate the fact that you trust him enough to open up and let him in past all of your walls. If he is right for you, then he will like you, no matter your flaws!

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