6 Ab Routines You Can Do Anywhere

Whether you workout twice a day, every day or once in a blue moon, these 8 minute ab workouts are going to BURN in all the right places.

You can do them on their own when you’re on a time crunch or at the end of a sweaty gym session as a quick finisher.


Fitness Blender Fast Abs – 8 Minute Abs Workout

I’m a huge fan of Fitness Blender videos.

I have done dozens and have never been disappointed.



8 Minute To Flat Abs

This one has 3 different levels.

Remember, to focus on form and really feel it in your core.

Faster isn’t always better


Poster 8 minute abs
(Source: fitwirr.com)


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Lower Ab Workout

I tend to hold my fat in my lower belly area (like many girls) so I gave this quick session a shot.

I did it 3 sets in under 10 minutes and was in some serious pain


lower ab workout
(source: unknown) (if you know the source, please send me an email or comment so I can give proper credit.. Thank you!!)



HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout

This one is a lot of fun, but you get sweaty reaaaal quick (those mountain climber I tell ya)

LaurenGleisber offers many great resources if you want to check her out!

I scroll through her site on a regular basis for inspo


hiit cardio and abs workout
(source: LaurenGleisberg.com)



Sizzling Summer Ab Workout

Another one that looks misleadingly simple.

This one doesn’t state reps or sets, so I did 20 reps of each and 5 sets!

(You can do it!!)



sizzling summer ab workout
(Source: TheLiveFitGirls.com)



Core Crusher Workout

Last but certainly not least!

The plank crunch to push up is hard, but push through it!


core crusher workout
(source: thebalancedberry.com)




There you have it

Quick ab workouts for busy gals on a time crunch or as a quick way to finish up a workout

Let me know if you try any of these!


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