An Honest Review of FabFitFun: Is It Worth It?

An Unsponsored & Honest FabFitFun Review: Is It Worth It?

I have been seeing FabFitFun for years now. Literally years.

It seemed like every influencer or YouTuber was reviewing these boxes and raving about the products.

But I can sometimes be a skeptic, and more than just a skeptic, I don’t like being tied down to subscriptions. So I wouldn’t pay this box any mind.

However, I am extremely curious and wanted to know what was inside of them. So I’d watch these ‘unboxing’ videos and there wasn’t a single time I didn’t love 80% of the products they received.

But still. I was cynical. I thought, they’re paid influencers and receive THE BEST products FabFitFun has to offer.

But this Spring, I finally caved. I saw they were offering a Perricone Moisturizer (valued at $98) and a couple of Alice + Olivia goodies that I’m a huge fan of. So I bought it.

And, spoiler alert: I loved it!

Please note: I am now an affiliate for FabFitFun but I bought this box before I applied. I used a regular gmail account and purchased it just how anyone else would. Nope, did not ask for special treatment or better picks because I have a blog or was hoping to promote the affiliate offers. I wanted to try this box out completely ethnically before I would even think to review it. With that said. I am now an affiliate and if you purchase through my link I do get a commission at no extra charge to you. If you don’t wish to use my link, that’s fine as well! No hard feelings (I’ll never find out anyways 😂 )

So you might be wanting to start a FabFitFun subscription yourself, but are worried that it might not be worth it, or it might not be for you.

Or you have other subscriptions already and wondering how this one compares. I get it.

Subscription boxes can be great! They give you something to look forward to, and they give you products, items, and treats that you probably wouldn’t have bought yourself, or even know about.

When it comes to FabFitFun, you are sent some of the best brands in skincare, makeup, fashion, wellness, home decor, and much more.

Read on to find out whether or not this is the subscription box is right for you! And if you do decide to sign up, use the code FAB10 for 10% off your first box!

FabFitFun Review: Is FabFitFun Worth It?

With each FabFitFun box costing $50, you would want the items in the box to either equal or exceed this value. And they certainly do!

Other than hair, skin, and beauty products, you will also receive home and lifestyle products too.

You are also given the option to swap out items in your box for other products or pay to add extras on. These are sold at a lower price than what you would usually be able to buy them.

Each FabFitFun box throughout the year contains different items, but all of the curated items are well worth the price you pay per box! More-often-than not, can equal or exceed or almost double the price you paid for the box.

FabFitFun claims that the products in their boxes exceed a value of $200, and while this seems like a bold claim for a box that only costs $50, it is completely true. All of the boxes contain items that make the subscription well worth it for me.

I added up the items I received and it was well beyond the $200 promised by FabFitFun.

The Perricone Moisturizer alone costs double the price of the box! And I still had seven more items to go through.

If you love discovering new items, and look forward to opening a box full of different products every few months, the FabFitFun box is definitely worth it, and you will be quite amazed at how much value you get in each box!

It’s literally like having a birthday every three months!

How Does FabFitFun Work?

To sign up for FabFitFun, you will need to complete a lifestyle quiz. The quiz isn’t too long and iit helps to personalize the items you receive in your box. 

Through the quiz, you will set preferences for the type of jewelry and perfume you like, and then set your workout routine, skin tone, and clothing size.

You can also highlight any skin or hair problems you have so that they can send you specific products for this.

A little while after finishing the quiz, you will receive an email asking you to choose and customize three products in your box. Most of the time, you are given five options to choose from, whether it be home decor or hair accessories, and you can pick three items that appeal to you most!

The other five items in the box will remain a surprise until your box arrives.

When choosing a subscription on FabFitFun, there are two options available. You could choose to pay per box, which costs $49.99, or a yearly subscription of $179.99 for four boxes, so you end up saving $20 for the year. When paying a yearly subscription, you are also given access to exclusive deals, earlier shipping, and the ability to customize the products more.

Note: if you purchase the yearly subscription, you can choose 5 of the 8 products that go in your box every season.

Seasonal Member – When becoming a seasonal member, you will receive a FabFitFun box each quarter, and be charged just before the box ships. Your subscription automatically renews for each quarter, unless you cancel before you are charged for the next box.

Annual Member – An annual member, or Select Member, needs to pay an annual fee upfront. You will receive all four boxes for the year, and your subscription will automatically renew after a year unless you cancel it before being charged. There are many perks to enjoy as a Select Member, and you save around $20 on your subscription. 

When Does FabFitFun Ship?

FabFitFun boxes are shipped every quarter so that you receive one every three months. The boxes are shipped in March, June, September, and December.

If you are a seasonal member, you will be billed a month before the box ships. Just be aware that certain states and countries might come with additional delivery charges, so make sure to confirm this before being billed so you know exactly what to expect.

Is It Easy To Cancel FabFitFun?

Many people are wary of subscription boxes because of how complicated canceling can be.

This isn’t the case with FabFitFun.

If you ever want to stop receiving your boxes, you can either cancel your subscription online or phone through to their support center to cancel.

Make sure to cancel after receiving your last box or risk forgetting about it. In this case, you will be charged for the next box when the following billing cycle occurs.

The best part is that you can keep your FabFitFun profile, cancel your subscription, and then reactivate it whenever you want another FabFitFun box. 

If you don’t want to cancel your subscription completely, you can also contact support to skip a box.

Skipping a box is only available to seasonal members, and annual members cannot skip boxes.

What Else Do You Get With A FabFitFun Membership?

Not only do you get a box full of curated items, but other perks come with having a FabFitFun too.

One of the major benefits of the membership is having access to FabFitFun TV.

This is a streaming service where you are able to access on-demand videos that cover a range of things. Choose between cooking videos, workout videos, comedy bits, and much more.

You are also given access to a community forum on the FabFitFun site, where members can connect and ask for advice and share their own tips on skin care, beauty, lifestyle, cooking and so much more.

So not only will you receive your amazing box of items every three months, but you will also become part of a community of members wanting to learn and explore, and who want to share their own tips too!

You are also able to find product demos on FabFitFun TV, which could help you make the most of the products you receive in your box, and help you make sure you are using them all the right way.

What Comes In A FabFitFun Box?

Before opening your FabFitFun, you have to enjoy the beautiful box itself. The FabFitFun team really take their time making these boxes unique and beautiful!

The colors and designs of the box are really fun, and often match the season! The box really does help make the overall experience that much more exciting!

A FabFitFun box contains a few different things.

When opening the box, you will be greeted by the FabFitFun magazine. This magazine contains lots of tips on fashion, skincare, makeup, and more, and often features a celebrity interview as well.

Most of the time you will also find some sort of voucher in the box too, whether it be for an online subscription or a meal service. These are usually really good deals, so make sure to look out for them.

Underneath that, you will then find the products. Three of the products would be the ones you chose yourself when personalizing your box. The other five items will be the “surprise” products.

It is the perfect balance of personalization and then some surprise, to make going through the box a whole experience on its own.

How Much Can I Customize My Box?

Many FabFitFun members love the idea of being able to customize their box. With many subscription services, there isn’t much customization available, so it really does make FabFitFun stand out.

You are given two different options to customize your box.

Personalized Items – The first way to customize your FabFitFun box is through their customization option. Before your box is packed, they will send you an email telling you to log onto your FabFitFun account and choose between a few different products to include in your box.

This might be choosing between different style necklaces or a certain color scarf you would like. Select Members are given more customization options, but there is often a good selection of items to choose from.

Add-On’s – Members can visit the FabFitFun Add-On’s Shop and choose items to add to your box at an extra fee. These items are usually at a lower price than what you would normally pay. So, it is a good idea to check the shop out if there is something particular that you are looking for.

These items will not replace the products already in your box but will be added in to your box as extras.

FabFitFun Review – Final Thoughts

If you are looking to treat yourself every three months, and love trying out new products, then the FabFitFun subscription box is worth it.

Nope, you don’t need any of the items in these boxes. The subscription is a luxury and more about pampering yourself.

This box is 100% a treat-yo-self subscription. And I’m all about the good life 😂

Treat Yo Self! From Park and Rec gif

Being able to choose your subscription is an appealing feature for many, and being able to cancel at any point makes the process a breeze. If you aren’t happy with the box, you can cancel your subscription instantly.

Personalizing your own FabFitFun really makes the subscription box stand out more than others, and you are sure to get your money’s worth for the box, along with products that have been curated just for you!

Enjoyed this FabFitFun Review?! What do you think of the subscription box?

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