Causebox Vs. FabFitFun: Which Subscription Is Right For You?

Causebox Vs FabFitFun: Two of the major players in the subscription box world. Find out once and for all, which is right for you!

Causebox Vs. FabFitFun: Full Review

Subscription boxes really are such a great way to treat yourself throughout the year. Every few months you get a pretty box in the mail containings specially curated items that you get to use and love.

The problem comes in with choosing which subscription box is right for you.

They aren’t necessarily cheap, so you do need to put some thought into which box would give you the most value, and which would give you the items you would enjoy the most.

Two of the best subscription boxes are Causebox and FabFitFun. Both are seasonal boxes that contain hand-picked beauty, health, skincare, and lifestyle items.

To help you choose which subscription box would be best for you, we have put them up against each other for you to choose a winner!

Causebox Vs FabFitFun

What Is Causebox?

Causebox seasonal boxes contain between 6 and 8 hand-picked products that are sourced from socially conscious brands.

Causebox focuses on providing members with products from environmentally friendly and socially conscious companies and artists.

The products in the box range from wellness products, jewelry, accessories, artwork, beauty products, houseware and so much more.

The boxes often have themes to them, and these usually have to do with the season. Summer boxes might contain items to help you spend a day out on the beach, and winter might help deal with dry skin and cooler weather.

You can sign up for an annual membership of Causebox, and save some money per box, or you can pay per box which costs $55.

What Do You Get In A Causebox?

To give you an idea of what you might receive in a Causebox, below are the items contained in the Spring Causebox.

Annual members choose between the following options, while seasonal members receive one of the options chosen by Causebox.

  • Canvas Market Tote (Annual members choose the color)
  • Champ Lite Portable Charger, or Set of 4 Upcycled Napkins, or Finn Sea Tortoise Blue Light Glasses 
  • Katherine Tech Organizer Roll, or Collapsible 16oz. Cup, or Stretch & Exercise Bands
  • Power Couple Nail Care Duo, or French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge
  • Lip Treatment Kit, or Lit Mist Illuminating Setting Spray, or Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask 
  • Stress Check Sleep Spray – Included in Every Box

The box only costs $55 but holds a total value of up to $325 – you are definitely going to get your money’s worth, whether you choose your own items or Causebox makes the pick for you!

The Pros & Cons Of Causebox

All subscription boxes have their pros and cons. Here is what to consider about Causebox:


  • Products sourced from socially & environmentally conscious brands
  • Range of beauty products, lifestyle products, and even artwork
  • Special privileges and features for annual members
  • Boxes are themed to the season
  • The value of the boxes well surpass the price of the actual box


  • Customization of products is only available to annual members
  • Some items are not must-haves, and without customization, you might not use all the items

Can I Skip A Causebox?

Yes! You can pause or skip a subscription of Causebox at any time!

They offer this feature for both quarterly and annual memberships (which is really nice as FabFitFun doesn’t allow annual members to skip a box!)

What Is FabFitFun?

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that is sent out each season. The boxes contain a range of new and exciting products, ranging from beauty, accessories, healthy, and apparel.

The products all come from different brands, so it is a great way to discover products you would not have come across before.

There are two different subscription options to choose from with FabFitFun. You could either choose a seasonal subscription, which is $49.99 per box, where you are billed before each box is posted, or the annual subscription which costs $179.99 for four boxes.

Annual members do enjoy more perks than seasonal members, but both have the option to customize their boxes to some degree. This means that you do get to choose items that you will actually use and that suit you and your lifestyle.

When creating a FabFitFun account, you have to partake in a lifestyle quiz which helps the company get to know you better, what you like, how you exercise, your skin type, and so on, to ensure that the box is suited to you – which is a huge bonus!

(Psssst.. I did a more in-depth review of FabFitFun here, check it out!)

What Do You Get In A FabFitFun?

FabFitFun boxes contain three items that you can choose on their site, and then another five ‘surprise’ items.

Before your box is shipped, you will have to go onto their site and choose the three personalized options.

Here is what the Spring Box 2021 from FabFitFun might contain (the company keeps most of the products a secret until the boxes are released):

  • Alice + Olivia Daisy Print Duffel Bag
  • Tech Candy UV Sanitizer
  • Our Place Layered Lunch Box With Clips
  • Splendid Faux Fur Slippers – Crystal Pink
  • Short Stories LED Indoor Planter
  • Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Face Mask & Mini Face Serum

The cost of a FabFitFun box is $49.99, but the total value often exceeds $200.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the items in the FabFitFun box might seem overpriced, so the total value might be slightly inflated, but most items are at a good price. 

However, any other products in the box make it well worth the purchase, and you are sure to find some products that you fall in love with in each box!

The Pros & Cons Of FabFitFun

Here are some pros and cons of FabFitFun that you should consider before deciding to sign up for their subscription.

Many of the choices are personal, but there are some things to keep in mind.


  • Wide range of products included in the box, from makeup to home décor
  • Subscription to FabFitFun TV included
  • FabFitFun Magazine included with each box
  • Seasonal and annual members can personal three items in their box
  • You can purchase items at a low cost to add-on to your box


  • Surprise items might not be what you wanted
  • Annual members have more customization than seasonal members

How Are Causebox And FabFitFun Similar?

In many areas, Causebox and FabFitFun are very similar. Both send out boxes quarterly, usually with the start of each season.

Both boxes feature a range of items, such as home décor, makeup and skincare, and some jewelry as well. The price of the boxes is fairly similar as well, with a few dollars difference between them, and both promise to include items that total almost quadruple the value of the box.

Annual members do get more benefits on both Causebox and FabFitFun, and being an annual member on both does seem to save some money on the price per box.

Can I Skip A FabFitFun Box?

Yes! But only if you are a monthly member. Annual members (last time II checked) can’t skip a box.

But if you aren’t on the annual plan, you can pause and skip as you please!

How Are Causebox And FabFitFun Different?

As similar as the two subscription boxes are, they are very different too.

Causebox follows a more distinct theme with each box, curating the items to suit the theme and serve a specific purpose. These themes are often centered around the season the box is sent in, and the products often help you enjoy the season a little more. 

Causebox is slightly more expensive than FabFitFun but not much more. The main selling point of Causebox is that the items are sourced from socially conscious companies, so if this is important to you then Causebox does stand out more.

FabFitFun offers a wider range of products at better deals and offers a good way to discover new products that you might fall in love with.

You are given more personalization options with FabFitFun than with Causebox, but for those who like more of a surprise, this isn’t much of a problem.

Is Causebox Owned By FabFitFun?

I honestly wondered this myself when I first heard about Causebox. At first glance, they look like the same exact subscription service.

Causebox seemed very similar to FabFitFun and I wondered if it was the same company who was simply tapping into a new market.

But nope. They are completely separate entities. FabFitFun was founded and still owned by Co-CEOs Daniel and Michael Broukhim and Editor-in-Chief Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens.

Causebox is founded by co-founders Matt Richardson and Brett McCollum.

So, Which Is Better Causebox or FabFitFun?

There is no clear winner on whether Causebox or FabFitFun is better, as they are fairly different and see to different needs.

On one hand, Causebox helps you discover environmentally and socially conscious brands, and open you up to new products that you may never have discovered.

FabFitFun is a subscription box that gives you quite a few new items to try at a good price, once again introducing you to items you might not have known about, or have bought for yourself.

If you are more conscious of where your products come from, and how they are made, then Causebox would be a better option for you. They also support small businesses and artists and often include small extras in their boxes to give it a more personal touch.

FabFitFun would be ideal for you if you love getting good deals on products, and if you want to discover new products without much effort.

FabFitFun does give you the option to add products into your box from their add-on site, often at a very reduced price. This gives you the chance to pick up an item you would not normally spend money on for a much lower cost.

Both boxes offer fun and useful products, but as with many subscription boxes, they can also be hit or miss. You will probably find that you use and enjoy most of the products in the box, but some get put to the side and you never bother with them again.

I like both boxes because it keeps me on top of trends and I discover new brands to try. However, there is a clear winner in my eyes.

In general, I do like the products in FabFitFun more! I just get more use out of them and they tend to be brands I already know and love.

However, I do love supporting and learning about ethical companies through Causebox. I find this subscription to be a breath of fresh air. I never know the brands that arrive in these boxes and that’s very exciting!

If I absolutely had to choose one box, I would choose FabFitFun though as it’s the one I get the most use out of.

Of course, this is a completely personal decision.

Choose which subscription box suits you the most and treat yourself with new products and items that you’ll love!

Also, no ones stopping you from alternating between the boxes from season-to-season 😉

Win Win Win - Michael Scott From The Office

Have you tried either of these subscriptions?

Who would you pick in the Causebox vs FabFitFun fight?!

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