23 Thoughtful Bullet Journal Gift Ideas For The Stationary Obsessed

Looking for the best bullet journal gift ideas?! Finding a useful and caring gift can sometimes be hard but it doesn’t have to be!

Bullet journaling can be done with a simple notebook and pen, but if you are wanting to gift a bullet journal or planner lover with something to take their art and hobby to the next level, there are some amazing things you can give them.

To help you out, I have rounded up some of the best gifts to give to a bullet journal lover. As a self-proclaimed bullet journal addict, these are all products I adore and recommend!

I know all my fellow bujo-ers and planner aficionados will appreciate and use these gifts on multiple occasions.

They will absolutely love adding these accessories to their collection and taking their journals to another level!

Gift Ideas For Bullet Journal Lovers

The Obvious: A Brand New Journal

A gorgeous new bullet journal notebook is the perfect gift idea for someone who loves planners and journaling

The first gift one would think of is an actual bullet journal. This is a great gift for the bullet journal lover even if they have a bullet journal already – it could be for when they run out of pages.

A high-quality journal is a must, with the most popular size being A5. The Leuchturm1917 is a favorite among many, but if you’re an OG reader, you know I much prefer the Minimalist Art journals.

I honestly can barely tell the difference between this one and the Leuchturm1917. It’s half the price and available in many different colors!

These are the three best bullet journal notebooks you can buy right now that anyone would love to receive.

Vintage Leather Journal

A vintage journal is an extremely thoughtful gift idea for a bullet journal lover

Although this journal isn’t practical for a bullet journaler, it is an incredible gift for anyone who loves journals and stationary!

This journal just transports you to another world.

It makes me feel like I’m in a 1600’s drama and all I need is a quill pen to write down my thoughts or perhaps even a secret letter to my lover.

If your friend loves scrapbooking as well, this is the perfect journal to create intricate and beautiful memorabilia.

Quill Pen

Looking for a unique gift idea for thos who love journals and planners? Give a stationary lover a quill!

Just like the vintage journal, this gift idea is so incredibly stunning the receiver will be obsessed.

There is something just so timeless about a quill.

Most journalers are old souls and love the idea of putting pen to paper. A quill will transport them to a time that’s only alive in films and our imaginations.

Personally, I would be dumbstruck by this gift. It’s useful, beautiful, and extraordinarily thoughtful. What more could anyone ask for?!

Alternatively, check out this stunning quill pen with a blue feather that looks like a constellation! This is a gift that is sure to get an audible gasp.

Colored Fine Liners

You can't go wrong with colored pens if you're looking for bullet journal gift ideas

Every bullet journal lover needs a good set of colored fine liners! They are ideal for doodling and drawing and help create precise, fine lines.

The Staedtler Triplus Fineliners are some of the best quality around, and will definitely be an appreciated gift. The stand-up wallet makes journaling with these markers a breeze, and the colors remain beautifully vivid.

Steadtler is an incredibly popular brand among bullet journalers, but these felt tip colored pens from Paper Mate are also an incredible set (plus it packs 24 pens!)

I alternate between both of these and can’t decide which is better if I’m being completely honest. They both stand the test of time and I recommend them highly for yourself or as a gift!

Weekly Bullet Journal Sticker Kit

Stickers are a bullet journal lovers best friend! Give the journal aficionado in your life a pack of stickers to design their favorite pages in their planner

To make a week of bullet journaling easier, you could gift them with this weekly bullet journal sticker kit. It is the perfect kit to fill up a week of journaling and contains 22 stickers in total.

The roses and the subtle colors of the sticker kit are gorgeous, and help with planning the week too!

Also check out this set of 160 planner stickers! (These are often on sale for less than $6!)

Want more variety? This set has over 600 stickers and is the perfect way to help your friend decorate their planner.

Wait, 600 isn’t enough? How does 1,100 sound? Plus you can’t compete with the price of these!

Washi Tape

Washi tape is incredibly fun and useful tool for decorating and organizing your planner! Best Bullet Journal Gift Ideas

Every bullet journal lover will love washi tape, so this is a must when gifting someone special!

There are many different types of washi tape available, but these gold foil washi tapes in different colors will go well in almost any bullet journal.

This kit includes 20 washi tape rolls in varying colors, and should last the journaller quite some time!

Day Planner Stamps

Some like their bullet journals or planners to be more organized and matching, and this makes buying weekly stickers a little expensive.

Instead, you could gift them these day planner stamps, which can be used over and over again.

This set contains many different layouts and designs to help a planner get their journal more organized and in a uniform manner!

Stamps are the perfect bullet journal gift idea for those who love the idea of a bujo but just don’t have the time or skills to create beautiful spreads.

Watercolor Paint Set

Watercolors gifts for journalers they will love! Best Bullet Journal Gift Ideas

Watercolor paints are amazing to experiment with, and a good quality watercolor paint set is like gold to someone who is into the art.

With bullet journaling, watercolor paints can bring a new dimension to the page, and helps to add a subtle bit of color. This watercolor set has 48 solid colors, a watercolor brush, and a refillable water brush pen, so there is everything needed to get started!

Black Felt Tip Pens

Every bujo needs a high quality pen!

While colors are fun to play around with, there is nothing more valuable than a good black felt tip pen! The Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens with a medium point are perfect for journaling and are reliable to achieve precise and accurate lines time and time again.

The pens are fade-resistant and smear-resistant, so there is no worry that your pages will be ruined. The water-based ink will also not bleed through paper, saving each page! It might seem like a simple gift, but it will be such an appreciated one.

Cute Paperclips

Adorable paper clips make the Best Bullet Journal Gift Ideas

Paperclips are always handy to keep, and instead of using plain, boring paper clips, you could gift some cute ones! These kawaii paper clips are simply adorable and serve a purpose to save your place in a journal, and to add a different design and color to the decorated pages.

In this set, there are hearts, ice creams, diamonds, bows, dolphins, envelopes, cactus, planets, stars, and cameras, so something for everyone!

Also check out these adorable paper clips, especially if your friend loves rose pink!

Supply Bag

Pencil case perfect for journal lovers. Organize all your stationary, pens, and pencils with this bag which doubles as the Best Bullet Journal Gift Ideas

Every bullet journal lover needs a place to keep all of their supplies, and a big pencil case that can hold all their bits and bobs is ideal.

It is a good idea to get a large storage bag with lots of compartments. There should be space for pens, markers, scissors, tape, and all their other accessories. It should offer them some organization to keep things in place and tidy!

Mechanical Pencil

Pencils are so 2007! Give the Best Bullet Journal Gift with this mechanical pencil

Bullet journaling takes some planning and a mechanical pencil is ideal to preplan pictures and designs before going over them with fine liners.

A good quality mechanical pencil is a must-have, and a comfortable grip is so important to make the drawing process much easier. You can never have too many mechanical pencils, so gifting one is always a good idea! Why not buy a pack of refill lead to go with the pen as well?

Stencil Set For Dotted Journals

Best Bullet Journal Gift Ideas for easy decorating with this stencil set

Help the journal lover boost their productivity with this set of stencils to help plan their week. The stencil set aligns to 5mm dot gird journals, but it also works with other notebooks and organizers.

There are 15 different stencil designs in the set, including the alphabet, a calendar, circles, and habit trackers.

The set helps to track habits and goals and helps to draw the most perfect designs each time.

Check out this 20 piece stencil set as well! This stencil set has is versatile and often times on sale for less than $10. Check the price here – if it’s under $10, it’s a steal!

Sticky Notes And Tabs

Sticky tabs and Diary sticky notes - Multi coloured sticky notes perfect gift idea for bullet journals

Sticky notes and sticky tabs help to organize a bullet journal wonderfully. Instead of using the bright neon, overdone colors, these pastel sticky tabs are perfect to fit into a more subtle theme.

They separate sections of a bullet journal and planner to make organizing it much easier!

Pastel Highlighters

Pastel highlighters make amazing Bullet Journal Gift Ideas especially if they're these gorgeous BOSS highlighters perfect for planners

Highlighters are great to add some color here and there, but if the bullet journal has a more subtle color theme, bright neon highlighters just won’t do. This is why the six color pastel set of highlighters from Stabilo would make a great gift!

They are subtle but still colorful enough to use in a bullet journal, keeping with color themes and designs. The highlighters are also great to use for bullet planning too!

Which of these bullet journal gift ideas will you be giving the planner lover in your life?!

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