Why Did He Block Me?! (13 POSSIBLE Reasons!)

Nobody wants to be blocked. Especially being suddenly blocked by someone you have feelings for or who you thought had feelings for you as well.

Once a guy blocks you, you can’t necessarily message him and ask why (and you especially shouldn’t!)

But as human nature, we want to know WHY. You likely are dying to know what the reasoning behind it is.

So if you’re sitting at home, wondering, analyzing, trying to figure out just WHAT happened and why he cut you off cold-turkey, we’ve got your back.

There are a lot of possible reasons why he blocked you, most of the time, it’ll be one of the reasons on this list…

What Does It Mean To Be Blocked?

Womans hand checking phone

First, we should look at what being blocked really means. When someone blocks you, it means that they have chosen to completely cut off contact with you on social media or a messaging platform.

This usually involves you not being able to message them, view their page, or contact them in any way whatsoever.

The ability to block someone is really useful actually. You can use it when you want to guard yourself against someone you do not like or trust.

Perhaps someone you don’t know very well and want to prevent them from viewing your personal information or from being able to contact you.

However, many people also use it as a tool to hurt or even control others, and one person might block another and cut them off through social media or text, to prove a point or get their message across. 

If you have been blocked, the messaging site or social media platform will usually let you know when you try to message the other person or it will say that you are not able to view their page.

With iMessage it’s a little trickier as the message will be viewed as ‘delivered,’ but the person will never see it on their end.

13 Possible Reasons Why He Blocked You

Woman checking phone - Why did he block me?

If you have been blocked, you’re only human and want to know WHY. Especially when there was no obvious reason he suddenly blocked you.

Since you can’t message him and ask *boston voice* “what’s your problem, buddy?!” You would need to try and figure it out on your own.

The best way to do this is to consider your relationship leading up to the traumatic blocking (sarcasm) and anything that may have happened.

(I joke, but blocking someone is totally cruel and unwarranted. You have every right to feel hurt and, unless you did something horribly wrong, I hope you find people who respect you enough to communicate clearly and not just block you without warning.)

Now, let’s get into this list of the most common reasons he might have blocked you…

He Is Angry At You

Blocking someone is really easy to do; it just takes a simple touch of a button, and it is a sure way to get the message across that you are angry and done with someone.

It’s incredibly immature, but he might lash out and block you simply because he is upset with you.

It is not the most rational reaction to the situation, but he might feel that blocking you will hurt you, and it will show you how angry he is.

This impulsive action is his way of dealing with his anger and the situation.

It will make him feel as though he is in control and he has the power. He is preventing you from having your say and is dealing with things on his terms.

While this isn’t a mature way to deal with conflict, it might be a good option if the both of you need a little bit of time to cool off and think things through.

If all you do is argue when you talk, this could be his way of avoiding further conflict until things cool off.

However, if his go-to move when there is any problem between the two of you is to block or stonewall you, there is something deeper going on here.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is a manipulative tactic. He’s saying in a not-so-subtle way, ‘if you upset me, you no longer exist.’

Can’t say this enough. Red Flag. Red Flag. RED FLAG!

You Overwhelmed Him

You might not realize it, but it could be that you are just a little ‘too much’ for him. He might find you to be quite overwhelming and too much to deal with.

This is especially true if the two of you have only been talking for some time and there isn’t much loyalty between you.

In getting to know each other, you have come across as too strong for him, and the best way he knows how to deal with this is to back off completely and cut ties.

It could also be that you might want something different from what he wants. Instead of doing the adult thing and just telling you this, he takes the easy way out and disappears.

By blocking you from messaging him or contacting him on social media, he doesn’t have to have an awkward conversation. It’s a cop out and it’s lazy, but it happens quite often.

Also, f*** him! You will never be ‘too much’ for the right person.

He Is In A Relationship

Oh, we can’t forget this one…

Maybe you met this wonderful man and things kick off but then… BOOM. He disappears off the face of the planet.

It could very well be that he has a girlfriend and was just using you. Now that he’s ‘done’ he wants to get as much space as possible between the two of you.

Or maybe the two of you are good friends and might spend a bit of time talking during the day. But he is in a relationship and his girlfriend doesn’t like the friendship that the two of you have, and feels threatened by it.

Whether or not your relationship has pushed the boundaries of what it should be, he might have decided he needed space or his girlfriend could have put pressure on him to stop talking to you. She may want to make sure that there is no contact between the two of you.

She might have put quite a lot of pressure on him to block you or he might be going along with what she says to make her happy.

Either way, it would end with you being blocked because your friendship is threatening their relationship in her eyes.

It could also very well be that he does have romantic feelings for you. In an attempt to protect his romantic relationship, he (or his girlfriend) could have blocked you to get some space.

Even if you swear the friendship is platonic, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do in this scenario.

His Feelings For You Are Overwhelming

Man chekcing his phone - What does it mean when a guy blocks you?

Your situation with him might be a little complicated, where the two of you have dated before, or there is some reason that the two of you can’t be together.

Whether that reason is you live far apart, one of you is in a relationship, or there is just something that is keeping you apart.

If he has strong feelings for you, but can’t act on his feelings due to the circumstances, then he might feel overwhelmed by them and he thinks the only way to try and stop his feelings for you would be to block you and cut you out of his life completely.

This is hurtful for both of you because there are obviously emotions there. The last thing you want is to not be a part of each other’s lives anymore.

But for him, this is the only way he knows to deal with it. Maybe it hurts too much to see your updates or to have you in his life consistently.

Especially if you’re dating someone else, his emotions for you can be ‘too much’ and he chooses to detach completely.

You’ve Offended Him

There could have been something brought up in conversation that did not sit well with him. Whether it be your opinion on something or something you said to him, and this has offended him and put him off you.

This is usually something that happens early on when the two of you have just started talking and getting to know each other.

He has picked up on some red flags that he is not happy with, and instead of going through the effort of explaining this to you, he takes the easy route and blocks you.

While everyone should be afforded an explanation, take it as a positive that you do not have to waste your time on someone who isn’t going to work out in the long run anyways!

Also, people are so easily offended nowadays that this isn’t on you. I’m sure someone out there is offended that I just said people are easily offended. You know who you are and yes, you are the problem, Becky.

He Has Moved On

Unfortunately, him blocking you could simply be because he is over you and he has moved on.

This isn’t the best way to find out, but him blocking you sends a pretty clear message that he isn’t interested and you should just move on as well.

It could be that he got bored of the conversation, he realized that the two of you are not compatible, or he has found someone else, but whatever it is, instead of telling you, he blocks you because it saves him some time and possibly some effort.

In this case, him blocking you and not sending a message is actually a very clear way of sending a message, and it is his way of communicating to you that he doesn’t want anything further. 

He Doesn’t Know What He Wants

Not everyone has everything figured out (most of us don’t), and he might be someone who does not know how to deal with his emotions or his feelings properly.

This could lead him to freak out completely and make rash decisions when he doesn’t know what to do.

His feelings for you might be confusing him, or he doesn’t know how to deal with the relationship developing between the two of you.

He lacks emotional maturity here and so he blocks you as he just doesn’t know what else to do.

It could be that he needs the time away from you to get a grip on how he feels and work out what he is actually feeling. He may think that the best way to do this is to cut contact completely so he can focus.

However, it could also be that he blocks you when he is confused and doesn’t have any intention of talking to you again.

He may find the confusion and mix of emotions too overwhelming and it is not something he is looking for in his life.

Little note here: if someone ‘doesn’t know what they want,’ that isn’t your invitation to convince them of your worth.

Someone, somewhere will know that they want you in their life and not play these games. I’m petty AF, but I’d block him back. No shame.

He Wants Control

Woman checking phone and texting - why did he block me?

Blocking someone is a very easy way to gain control of a situation and a relationship. It is highly manipulative, but it works for many people (unfortunately.)

If he is feeling particularly powerless or wants to take control, then blocking might be the easiest and most effective way he knows how.

This is especially true if the two of you have quite a history together and he blocks and unblocks you often.

This is a very manipulative way of dealing with a relationship, and it doesn’t show much maturity on his behalf. In fact, it’s one of the signs of a narcissist.

He’ll unblock you to show that he has the power of when you can and can’t speak to him. And if you do anything he slightly dislikes, you’ll be suddenly blocked again.

He should be able to take a break on his own to cool off and talk to you about a problem, without having to block you to get it done.

When he blocks you, he wants to show that he can gain control of the relationship and hurt you at the drop of a hat. He’s showing that he has the power to do so before you can do anything to hurt him first.

It really is the extreme version of the silent treatment, and it is likely that he will only unblock you or let you back in once you have apologized (even if it wasn’t your fault) and had to jump through his hoops.

Honestly. Red. Mother. F***ing. Flag. Get out now. This man is no good for you, whether it’s a friendship, relationship, or whatever.

You shouldn’t have to deal with this manipulative behavior and deserve much better.

He Wants You To Realize What You Have Done

You could have done something that has hurt him or done something in the relationship that he isn’t happy about.

If he feels as though he cannot get this across to you, or he cannot make you realize what you have done, he might feel like his last resort is to block you.

Instead of trying to argue the same point over and over, he feels as though the only way to get the point across is to block you and make you think about what you have done and realize that you might be in the wrong.

Whether you are in the wrong or not is another matter completely, and whether or not you think the behavior is acceptable is up to you, but him blocking you to get you to apologize is a very real possibility.

Personally, I don’t deal with this type of immaturity. I look for clear communication from my partners and friends, like the adults we are.

He Doesn’t Feel The Same Way As You

Man checking phone, looking upset

The way you talk to him and the things you suggest might be more romantically inclined. That is obviously fine and well if you like him that way and see a possible future with him.

However, he might not feel the same way, or the way he feels about you might have changed.

For him, it can be an awkward situation to be stuck in, talking to someone who you don’t feel romantically towards, who you know has feelings for you.

If it becomes too much, then he might feel a bit overwhelmed by it, and the way he deals with it is to block you.

This could be after he has told you that he does not feel the same way. Or perhaps he has given you some hints.

Perhaps you haven’t picked up on these hints and still try to convince him otherwise, or he might not even have told you and just went straight to blocking.

He Is Moving On

Everyone deals with breakups differently.

Some people manage to stay civil, some people remain friends, and others need to cut the other person out of their life completely in order to move on.

He might be the latter, who feels that he can only move on from you and the relationship if he blocks you and if you have no contact with each other. 

This could come from a few different places. He could be really hurt by the breakup, and the only way he can move on is to pretend that you don’t exist.

It could also be that you did something that really hurt him, and he needs to forget you and not speak to you anymore.

Or just viewing your Instagram stories is too much for him and he’d rather just block and pretend you don’t exist anymore.

Blocking someone will not fix any of the hurt that a breakup brings, but it can make the first few weeks and months a little easier.

The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is true for a reason. And if he feels this is the only way to move on, then so be it. Respect his wishes and don’t try to contact him to ‘make things right.’

He Needs Space

Social media and having the ability to text means that everyone is on call 24/7. Although this can be a good thing, it also means that we do not have any breathing space.

He could very well feel that he cannot have any space of his own or any time to think when you can message him or contact him any time of the day.

Sometimes in trying times, having some space for yourself to think and reflect on what has happened and your emotions is the best way forward.

For him, blocking you could be the only way he feels he can have this guaranteed space.

You might also have been a bit overbearing, where you are not respecting his wish to have space and some time apart.

So he takes matters into his own hands by blocking you and creating that space for himself.

Be honest with yourself and reflect on whether he asked for space and you didn’t respect his wishes. It could be that he was a bit desperate, and although he may feel guilty doing so, blocking was the only way he knew to get some space.

If a person blocks you, it’s best to respect their wishes and not try to get around it. It takes very strong emotions to block someone and it’s much more than just a few clicks.

If he doesn’t want to have any uncomfortable conversations, this could be the best way he knows how to go about getting space.

He Is Impulsive

Some people have impulse-control problems. Seriously. And if he is one of these people, then it could present as him blocking you on a whim whenever he feels angry or upset.

This will likely mean that he unblocks you later on but then eventually blocks you again, and it falls into a cycle that really is quite toxic.

Instead of dealing with things properly and in a mature manner, he just blocks you on impulse. You will likely notice he has other impulse control issues too. Perhaps he is quick to anger or become jealous, and it all just lands up with him being toxic.

Being in a relationship with someone who acts negatively on impulse, especially when it is directed at you, is exhausting. It isn’t something that is sustainable long-term without a lot of effort and hurt on your side.

If you notice a pattern occurring, it might be time to rethink the relationship. Even if you’re just friends, this isn’t the type of relationship you deserve.

What To Do When He Blocks You?

Woman under covers checking phone

Being blocked by someone you care about is not a fun experience, and you might be a bit confused as to what to do next.

If you are unsure how to proceed, then there are some things to do when he blocks you.

However, it is important to keep in mind your relationship, how long you have known each other, and the terms in which he blocked you.

The way you react to someone blocking you who you have known for many years is probably different to how you would react to someone you have just started talking to!

Give Him Space

It can be so tempting to try and talk to him straight away after he blocks you, because your emotions are very much raw and strong. It can be difficult and painful to try and put it to one side.

As difficult as it might be, though, you need to give him and yourself some space.

If there was a fight or argument that led up to the blocking, or if he is upset with you, it is definitely best to have space for the two of you to think things through.

If you try to pressure him to talk to you too soon, it could very well make the situation worse, and make the possibility of reconciliation more difficult.

Give him a few days to cool off and have some time on his own before you consider doing anything. Keep yourself busy, and try not to check your messages every minute, waiting for him to make contact with you again.

The space might help him see that he does want to talk to you again, or it could do the opposite and the two of you could end up going your separate ways.

Don’t message him from a different number or create different social media accounts to contact him.

Seriously. He will just ignore you more and such a thing can be extremely hurtful and even affect your mental health.

If He Reaches Out, Ask Where You Stand

This is a good step to take if the two of you have quite an established relationship already and if there is a history between you two.

Perhaps you don’t want to abandon the relationship and everything you have shared just because he has blocked you.

You would want to put some effort in to find out where you stand, but you need to be subtle about this and not overwhelm him even more.

If he unblocks you after a few days or weeks, you can ask where you two stand and where he sees the relationship going. Don’t reach out to him unless he reaches out first though!

Keep in mind that if he has gone to quite an extent to block you across multiple platforms and does not want to see you in person, then you should not force yourself on him.

Respect his wishes, as difficult as this might be for you.

I know it’s hard to have such strong feelings and have to swallow them. But that’s what strong women do.

You don’t jump through hoops and chase men that don’t want you.

Don’t Message Him If He Is An Ex

If he is an ex of yours, or if you haven’t been talking for a very long time, then it might just be better to avoid messaging him altogether.

There is a reason he has blocked you, and it sends a clear message that he does not want to talk to you or be involved with you anymore.

When he (or anyone) makes this clear, then you shouldn’t push the situation any further.

You also do not want to feed into his power plays and make him feel as though he has the power in the relationship.

This can be such a toxic cycle to fall into as well and him blocking you might be what you need to get out of the negative relationship.

Take it as a win and move on.

Take A Break From Social Media

It might really benefit you to take a break from social media completely. You might not realize how much time you have been spending online and focusing on things that do not need your attention.

Taking a break from social media could really uplift you and might really help you move on from him and constantly thinking of why he might have blocked you.

This extra time will allow you to find other things you enjoy doing, and spend time doing more meaningful things.

Instead of trying to get back in touch with him and obsessing over finding out everything he is doing online.

Taking regular social media breaks is healthy and good for your mental well-being, even beyond this whole ‘blocking’ debacle.

Block Him Too

He might have blocked you one time too many, or he might have done something to really hurt you before he blocked you, and it could be best for you to block him back.

This stops him from having all of the power in the relationship, and it also means that you won’t be vulnerable to him working his way back into your life and falling back into the same pattern all over again.

Blocking him might give you the sense of power you need to be able to really cut him out of your life and move on again.

Strong, independent women don’t allow these men to manipulate and play games with them.

Nope. You got the wrong one. Nice try, though. I’ll block you right back.

Would A Guy That Likes You Block You?

Woman upset, checking phone

In most cases, someone blocking you shows that they want to put an end to the relationship or that they want to prevent you from being able to contact them.

In rare (RARE!) cases, someone who likes you might block you.

This could be for a range of different reasons. He might feel hurt by something you have done and blocks you to try to make you realize you have upset him and hopefully apologize. 

He might block you because he may have feelings for you but is in a relationship and doesn’t want to jeopardize it.

He might also block you because he wants to feel more powerful and in control of the relationship, even when he likes you.

So while it means that someone who likes you can block you, it does not mean that it is a positive thing!

In fact, it’s the early warning signs of a toxic relationship. Tread lightly (or not at all.)

Should I Reach Out To Someone Who Blocked Me?

Woman looking sadly at her phone - wondering why did he block me?

Whether or not you reach out to someone who has blocked you would depend on the situation and how long you have known each other, and what happened just before he blocked you.

If he is an ex and the two of you have just broken up, then it is probably best to leave it at that for a while and not try to reach out to him.

Instead, focus on yourself and move on the best way you know how.

However, if it is someone that you are in a relationship with or who blocks you without any closure, then it might be worth reaching out to him after giving him some space. Depending on the situation, wait a few days or even a few weeks before reaching out.

When reaching out to him, don’t be overbearing, and rather just send a straightforward message asking to talk to clear things up, so that you both know where you stand, and what to expect going forward.

However, instead of sitting around wondering, ‘why did he block me?’ my true advice is to just forget about it and move on.

Even if it was a relationship that you had for years, if a guy blocks you, respect yourself enough to say ‘we’re done here.’

There is absolutely nothing more to say in this situation. You have every right to your own emotions, but this is real life.

Call a friend. Talk to a therapist. Allow yourself to feel miserable for a while. But don’t make things worse by disrespecting yourself and allowing someone to walk all over you.

If YOU truly made a mistake, lied, cheated, etc. Then yes, please. By all means, try and make things right.

But if you didn’t do anything to hurt him and he simp,y wanted you out of his life or to manipulate you in some way, block him back and move on.

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