8 Clear Signs A Woman Is Intimidated By Another Woman

Every now and then you come across a person who you feel a little off about. Sometimes, this could be because someone is intimidated by you, even if you think there is no reason for them to be.

There are some signs to look for that a woman is intimidated by another woman, to help you work out why they might be acting a little different towards you. 

Most often you would not have gone out of your way to make another woman feel intimidated, so finding out that they do feel intimidated can help you mend these bridges and hopefully build a better relationship together.

We should all help to lift each other up and feel comfortable being around other successful women, so finding out that another woman is intimidated by you and then working past this can really help to create a more comfortable environment for the both of you.

Here are the obvious signs to look for that another woman feels intimidated by you.

Signs A Woman Is Intimidated By Another Woman

Signs A Woman Is Intimidated By Another Woman

She Avoids Eye Contact

If another woman is intimidated by you and even feels threatened by your presence, she might find it very difficult to make eye contact. Body language gives away so many emotions that a person might not even be aware they are showing, and it is definitely something you should look for first.

Not being able to make eye contact, or avoiding eye contact often, shows that she feels anxious, shy, or that she is lacking confidence when she is around you.

Try to notice how she acts around other people – if she holds eye contact with others but then looks away the moment you speak to her. Eye contact with you makes her uncomfortable, and this can be fairly obvious by her body language.

She Never Asks Questions About Your Life

Someone who is intimidated by you will find it very difficult to ask you questions about yourself or your life. She will feel uncomfortable approaching you with questions and then might not want to hear your answers and hear how your life is going because it will make her feel inferior.

She will feel as though she will not be able to match your answers, and that her life and her story pales in comparison to yours.

One way to test this is to ask her a question. It could be about anything, but try and find something that you both share some interest in or something that you both have knowledge of. Let her talk and express her feelings and opinions and then see if she asks you anything back.

Some people are very self-centered and won’t care what others have to say, but if you think that she is intimidated by you, then if she does not ask you your opinion back, your suspicions can be confirmed!

Just try to make her feel comfortable in the conversation and keep trying to include her where you can.

She Is Quiet When Around You

Along with noticing her body language, if she stays quiet when she is around you, which is not usual for her character, there is a good sign that she feels intimidated around your presence.

She might show very positive signs with her body language, such as smiling and facing you, but she doesn’t show it in conversation.

This is likely because she does not know what to say, and she feels anxious trying to talk with you or talk in a group where you are a part of. If she does talk, she would come across as timid and maybe even short. She might stumble over her words and even speak in a higher pitch – which shows that she feels anxious.

It can be so difficult to try and take part in a group or conversation where you feel intimidated by the other person – so try and see it from her point of view!

She Stays Away From You

When in a social setting or in the office, you might notice that she chooses to stay away from you and backs away from you noticeably. She would feel more comfortable when there is a little bit of space between the two of you.

She would do this because she wants to stay away from you, and not encourage any conversation between the two of you. The more distance that she has between herself and you, the less threatened she would feel.

It is completely natural to want to distance yourself from the person who threatens you and who makes you feel anxious. Respect this and give her the space she needs to feel comfortable at first – you do not want to force her into a situation she isn’t comfortable in.

She Doesn’t Speak Up Around You

Being able to speak your opinions freely in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable takes courage, and she might feel really uncomfortable voicing her opinion or giving an answer to something when she is around you.

Feeling intimidated by you might throw her off and cause her to stumble and not think correctly. She would come across as indecisive, and unable to have a view different from yours. She will not speak her mind and she will just agree with what you have to say.

Your presence makes her feel as though she cannot say what she wants.

She Appears Nervous

One clear way to tell if she is intimidated is if she acts nervous and fidgety around you.

She might start playing with her hair, tapping her feet, or wringing her hands together. There are many nervous ticks that she might display, and they should be easy enough to pick up on.

This is especially true if she does not act this way around other people, so watch her when she speaks to others and see if she has nervous tendencies or fidgets when talking to them as well.

She Asks About You

She might not feel comfortable asking you questions about yourself and your life, but you might hear that she is asking other people about you. She will not approach you to find out the information she is interested in and instead will turn to others who she feels more comfortable speaking to.

This is probably not malicious and not to talk about you behind your back, but she would be nervous and intimidated to ask you the questions herself.

Don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that she is trying to talk about you behind your back, and instead try to look for other signs that she might be intimidated.

She Avoids You

If she really does feel quite intimidated by you, she might find it easier to avoid you altogether. This can be quite hurtful, especially if you thought you had a good relationship or friendship.

She might find that being in your presence is too overwhelming for her, and this could lead to her finding the easy way out of the situation by just not being in your presence at all. Sometimes it is just impossible to avoid someone, but look for signs that she tries to stay as far back from you as possible, or if she is short with you when you do interact.

Reasons A Woman Might Be Intimidated

Reasons A Woman Might Be Intimidated

We all feel intimidated by others for many different reasons. If your work is one of your priorities, then you might feel intimidated by someone higher than you in work. If you are conscious about how you look, then someone you consider to be beautiful might intimidate you.

It can be quite difficult to work out why someone else might be intimidated by you, but here are some of the main reasons why a woman might be nervous in your presence:

  • She is jealous of your financial status 
  • She is intimidated by your professional position
  • She might find you to be physically intimidating
  • She finds your personality to be overwhelming

Other than if you are actually trying to intimidate her for some reason, it might be a bit difficult to work out at first why she feels this way about you, but try to look at things from her point of view and see if it paints a clearer picture on her behavior.

What Can You Do?

It is hard to try and change someone’s perspective on you, especially if that person feels intimidated by you.

You do not want to approach her to talk about it and make her feel even more intimidated, but you also don’t want it to affect a possible relationship between the two of you.

The best thing you could do is try and see things from her point of view, and work out what she might be intimidated by.

You can then slowly start speaking to her more and making her feel more comfortable around you.

Just remember, you don’t (and shouldn’t!) have to change or make yourself softer because someone is intimidated by you.

At the end of the day, that is her own baggage and she needs to learn to deal with that herself.

But with that said, if this is someone you want a relationship with (perhaps an in-law or co-worker), it’s hard to have one if she’s scared of you.

Ask questions about her life and give her compliments – this will all go a long way to show that you do not think you are above her and that there is no reason for her to feel intimidated!

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