29 Funny Bucket List Ideas To Do Before You Die

Skydiving, seeing the pyramids, yes – we all have those on our bucket list, but do you have some funny bucket list ideas?! Those ‘just because’ ideas?! Now you do!

What’s on your bucket list?

I know mine has a lot of weird and funny things on it, but I did realize that lots of people put grand, fantastical things on theirs.

There’s nothing wrong with aiming for the staples and putting serious items on your list, but what’s the fun in only having those types of goals?

There’s a lot of fun to be had if you decide to add some silly “just because” types of adventures to your bucket list.

Here are some hilariously, funny (and some warmhearted) bucket list ideas to consider!

Unique and Funny Bucket List Ideas

Spend A Day Giving Out Free Hugs On The Street

Give strangers free hugs with this fun bucket list idea!

Have you ever seen someone standing in the middle of the road with a big sign proclaiming “Free Hugs”?

Why not try to be that person?

You get to let go of some of your fears of embarrassment and release social convention requirements for a day!

It seems a little crazy, but people get to actively choose to approach you for hugs, so things don’t get awkward with random strangers.

On top of that, you’ll be doing some good for people who really need a hug!

Introduce Children To Your Favorite Old Movies

Introduce kids to your favorite movies for a fun and engaging day

Generations fly by so quickly and the things you once loved soon become lost to the past.

Fight some of that change by hosting a fun movie night (with pizza and other treats) for the young ones in your family, where you show them some of the old stuff you once loved!

While this works best if they’re your own kids, you can also do this for nephews, nieces, grandchildren, and others.

You’ll get to share something special with them while letting them make fun of your age – a fair exchange! Remember to choose age-appropriate options! May the force be with you. 

Say “Yes” To Everything For One Day

Have a YES day and say yes to everything

Imagine what would happen if you just said yes to everything you were asked.

It’s not practical, but for just one day, it can be a whirlwind of an experience.

If you dare, you can tell others when you’re doing it; hilarity may ensue!

It’s fair to use your judgment to decide if you need to cut the day short and try again due to a too-high request.

Still, it’s pretty cool to see what opportunities may arise if you let go of fears and doubts and just jumped in with agreement! 

Spend A Night At A Haunted Location

Love horror? Add visiting a haunted house to you bucket list!

If you’re a bit of a scaredy-cat, spending a painfully creepy night in a spooky place is an awesome addition to your bucket list!

Of course you may be terrified in the moment, but you’ll look back on your antics and laugh in the future and it’ll make for great stories.

If you’re afraid to be there alone, force this on a friend’s bucket list too! Just be sure to do it safely! 

Have An Adult Sleepover

Sleepovers aren't just for kids! Add a sleepover to your bucket list and have a great time with friends!

Sleepovers are a common childhood experience, but they happen less and less the older you get.

What a shame!

Make things right by adding an adult sleepover to your bucket list. By the way, I don’t mean the intimate bedroom kind of sleepover!

Instead, get together with a bunch of friends or family members and relax in your pajamas.

Tell scary stories, play board games, watch movies, and eat snacks to your heart’s content! 

Make A Prank Call

Everyone needs to do a prank call at-least once! It's a hilarious and funny way to mess with people

Ever tried calling a random number and rattling off something silly to the person on the other end?

It’s not something you should do every day, but it sure makes for a fun bucket list item. Pick something harmless and silly to talk about and make it lighthearted and fun!

Not comfortable doing this with total strangers?

Call a friend or family member from a number they don’t know and create some hilarity! 

Crash a Wedding and Give A Toast

Have you ever crashed a wedding?! Make sure you do before you die! Hilarious bucket list idea

Not for the faint of heart!

You definitely need some guts to crash a wedding! And much more to offer a toast when you don’t know anyone.

There is a 99% chance you’ll get kicked out (unless everyone is so drunk they can’t remember ‘how they met you.’)

Make sure you go into detail during your toast. Make up a random story about the bride and groom and enjoy their faces of confusion before security comes.

Depending on who’s wedding it is, they will either be incredibly pissed off or find it hilarious (hopefully it’s the latter!)

Go Wing-Walking

Not for the faint of heart! Wing-walking takes guts but is a daredevils must have on a bucket list

For the daredevils out there, wing-walking is a must-do bucket list item.

For those who prefer more grounded forms of recreation, it’s an even funnier thing to add to that list! Wing-walking involves walking on the wings of a plane as it flies. Wait, what? 

Don’t worry; it’s safer than it sounds! You’ll be strapped securely to a vintage plane’s wings, then an experienced pilot will take off and do all sorts of fancy moves, rolls, and tricks.

There’s often an audience watching, too. It sounds terrifying, but hey – that’s what bucket lists are for!

Go People-Watching

People Watching needs to be on everyones bucket list! It's such a fun way to spend an afternoon

Have you ever stopped to really look at the people around you without being creepy?

Well, this bucket list item makes sure that you do.

Go to a relatively populated and somewhat busy area and sit on a bench with some snacks and a drink.

Then, take note of the people passing and make up all sorts of silly stories about them based on something arbitrary.

Better yet, do it with a friend or family member! 

Create a storyline for the people. Act out the conversations they’re having with your friend and have a laugh.

This is such a fun way to spend an afternoon, everyone should do it at least once.

Recreate A Scene From Your Favorite Movie

Dress up as your favorite movie characters and recreate a scene for this funny bucket list idea

Cosplay, anyone?

You probably have a movie that you really love and there may be a scene in it that really gets to you. For your bucket list, try recreating that scene!

The kicker? Well, you definitely don’t have the budget for those scenes and probably not the acting chops either! So have a little fun with it.

Act over the top, use ridiculous set pieces and make costumes out of aluminum foil.

The goal is to have a blast and be silly, and you can choose to share it later or keep it to yourself for the funny memories.

(P.S. Wearing a stormtrooper outfit to a grocery store can get you arrested! Don’t ask how I know)

Go Skinny Dipping

Skinny dipping is a popular bucket list idea that is SO fun and everyone should do at least once

Skinny dipping refers to the act of bathing or swimming naked, especially in a body of water that isn’t inherently private.

It can mean going to a pond or lake in the forest and getting into your birthday suit. It can also mean chilling out in a trusted friend’s pool with nothing on.

Whatever the case, it’s a great way to let go of shame and just be free for a day!

More ‘Just Because’ Bucket List Ideas

  • Have A Sandcastle Building Contest
  • Have an Arts and Crafts Day
  • Go on an Epic Road Trip
  • Get Matching Tattoos With Someone
  • Only Speak In Song Lyrics For A Day
  • Play Hide-And-Seek in Ikea
  • Eat Fire (With a Professional! Actually, Ignore This One)
  • Feed an Ostrich
  • Send a Letter To A Random Address
  • Create a Piece of Art and Put it on Etsy for $1,000,000 (You Never Know!)
  • Throw Water Balloons At Strangers (Preferably a Park, Not During Someone’s Business Meeting)
  • Recruit Strangers For ‘The Dark Side’ With A Clipboard and Sign Up Sheet
  • Meow at Strangers
  • Take A Stuffed Animal To The Vet
  • Go To SeaWorld With A Fishing Pole
  • Vacuum Your Lawn (And Appreciate Peoples Weird Looks Walking By)
  • Hire Two Private Investigators To Investigate Each Other (Hire A Third One To Document The Whole Ordeal)
  • Go Up To Strangers And Act Like Lifelong Friends


A bucket list doesn’t have to be all formal and serious. It can also have things on it that are purely just for fun.

And sometimes something as simple as ‘people watching’ can make for a fun afternoon!

Remember, you don’t have to wait your whole life for these big, grand days of skydiving, bungee jumping, or hiking Mt. Everest! You make a choice every. single. day to live like it’s your last and appreciate the little things.

The whole point of a bucket list is to do all these things once (or twice) in your lifetime, so there’s no time or room for being embarrassed, shy, or hesitant. You only get one life!

Do all the silly things you want to do to your heart’s content!

No ones judging you and if they are, who cares?! They’re clearly watching from the sidelines.

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