6 Easy Ways To Stay Connected & Support Friends While Quarantined

Wondering how to stay connected while quarantined and social distancing? It doesn’t have to be so hard!

We all know it’s been a crazy couple of weeks being stuck inside everyday. Some people are working or studying from home while others are just trying to make it to the end of the week.

While it is very important to maintain social distancing practices and stay inside as much as possible I have noticed that as the days go by there is an increased need for communication and mainly, connection.

While we may be in quarantine longer than expected there are still ways to have that connection and show support to friends during this time.

How to Support Friends & Stay Connected While Quarantined

Host Weekly Virtual Happy/Social Hours

I started doing this with a group of friends two weeks ago and it has made such a difference. Talking with friends over a virtual happy hour can help bridge the gap between isolation and connection.

Grab a couple friends, some drinks if possible and talk to each other over a zoom call for a couple hours.

You can even make themes, costume or dress code requirements or play a card or virtual game.

There’s a ton of ways to make a virtual happy hour more fun, get creative and find different ways to connect online.

Deliver Groceries Or Take Out To Close Friends And Family

Something that can make a huge difference during this time is making the effort to deliver needed groceries or take out food to friends near you.

Make sure this is a no contact delivery. Leave the items outside of the front door, in a mailbox or on the porch. I’ve seen people drop off anything from alcoholic beverages to coloring books or personal at home self care kits.

A small gesture of dropping off a margarita to your bestie late at night can make their whole day.

Start A Book Club

I recently purchased four different books on my last target trip. Yes, four whole books.

With this added time it’s easy to run out of activities to keep us entertained at home. There are only so many Netflix shows to binge before you get tired of sitting on the sofa for hours straight just glued to your TV.

Starting a book club is something different and fun, lets take it back to our middle school days here. Have everyone buy the same book and finish it. You can discuss your book during your virtual happy hour weekly.

Bonus: Make this book club a little less traditional by doing a book exchange.

Drop off a couple of your favorite reads to some friends in your area and have them leave some of their favorites for you to grab.

Discuss what you both love or dislike about each other’s best reads.

Have A Netflix Party

It may sound dumb but Netflix parties are a game changer in the way we can watch our favorite shows or movies.

Yes I know I said there are only so many Netflix shows for you to watch and binge, but a Netflix party is completely different than just binging alone.

Netflix parties are a great way to chat with your friends while watching a new show or movie. These can only be accessed with Chrome and on a laptop or desktop.

Make A Tik Tok Together

Honestly I know, we’ve all resulted to TIk Tok during quarantine and yes it is addicting, but it’s also a way to stay connected to your friends.

If you haven’t seen the #dontrushchallenge or people taking weird things out of the fridge videos yet, you are missing out.

Pick a theme or a Tik Tok challenge and have your friends complete it with you.

Put all the videos together to create an awesome video and a conversation started for future hangouts.

Host A Drive By Celebration

I’ve seen tons of these online, where teachers or friends will drive by someone’s house with signs, balloons or décor to show support. T

his is a creative and fun way to see your friends without actually seeing them. Get the crew together to drive by someone’s house for their birthday.

You can even drop off gifts and play their favorite song when you pass their house. Even if it isn’t their birthday it is still a nice way to show someone you are thinking of them during this time.

These all may seem simple but completing one of these tasks is an easy way to stay connected in this time of disconnect. Just because we can’t see each physically doesn’t mean we can’t connect virtually.

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We are living in very WEIRD times. Whether you are quarantined or social-distancing, you can still stay connected with friends and family. These are some easy, thoughtful ways to support loved ones while keeping safe #quarantined #socialdistancing
We are living in very WEIRD times. Whether you are quarantined or social-distancing, you can still stay connected with friends and family. These are some easy, thoughtful ways to support loved ones while keeping safe #quarantined #socialdistancing

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