Why You Shouldn’t Shop At Fashion Nova : A Rant

NOTE: Although the intention of TheFab20s is to be positive, uplifting and helpful, I have to use my platform always to be HONEST and REAL. And when I see brands that take advantage of their customers and offer mediocre quality, I have to say something in the hopes to help others not make the same mistake as me.


If you’ve been on Instagram at any point in the past couple of years, you would have most like seen advertisements or celebrity endorsements for a brand called Fashion Nova.

They have gone pretty viral, due to celebrity’s like Kylie Jenner and Nikki Minaj who have been seen wearing and promoting their items.

If you have not placed an order with Fashion Nova, then DON’T!!!!!

First, lets discuss the clothing.

The clothes themselves look pretty good on the models, they have a wide range of options that are very body inclusive (yay!). All their clothes seem to frame your figure in all the right places. Who wouldn’t want to purchase an item from them?

Especially when their prices are incredibly reasonable?

Well, here’s the honest truth. Their collection is CHEAP! I placed an order for four items, two of which are complete garbage.

One of the dresses wasn’t sewn properly and was basically falling apart. On top of that, it was tight AND loose in all the wrong places. Completely loose and unflattering around my stomach and tight like a club dress around my arse.

The material feels incredibly low-quality and trashy. You can find much better fabric (and price) in the discount section of a Forever 21.

I also find it incredibly sketchy how their site allows you to leave a review, but most of their items either don’t have reviews or have a perfect 5-stars.

Now… It’s not ALL bad.

What I will say is, the jeans are somewhat okay. They are flattering if you pick your size right. I recommend you size up because they aren’t as stretchy as they seem (at least the pair I bought). I wouldn’t necessarily repurchase, but I don’t consider it an absolute waste of money. Also, a basic tee I bought was okay. I got it on sale and its just an average Forever-21-quality~esque tee that I do wear regularly.


When I tried to return the previously mentioned dress, I could not get a hold of ANYONE.

I sent emails. Called. Tweeted. Everything, and they completely ignored me.

They’re a big company with many employees, but their customer service is very, very scammy!

It’s impossible to get a hold of anyone. Once you make a purchase, that’s it. There’s no money back, no return shipping, no nothin. You’re stuck with whatever you purchased.

I did eventually get a hold of someone that offered me a gift-card for 50%

I don’t understand how they’re allowed to be in business with that type of customer service, but there they are.

That’s my rant of the day. I highly, highly discourage anyone from purchasing from FN.

The only exception I will make, is for some basic tees and only if the item is on sale.

If not, trust me. It’s not worth the head-ache.

It really is a shame, the company has some cute clothes and reasonable prices, but the lesson of the day is –

Don’t purchase things simply because Celebrities endorse them! Do some research beforehand, if I had, I would have seen the millions of bad reviews that are practically a copy-paste of mine.

Have you order from Fashion Nova?

What was your experience like?




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