6 Productivity Hacks Of The Rich (Learn How They Get Sh*t Done)

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Ever wondered how rich people remain productive? I have struggled with procrastination my entire life and am just now learning how to be productive, even when I don’t feel like it.

But how do the rich do it? What are their secrets?

Surely, with a million dollars in the bank, their motivation does not come from a place of necessity. So how do they remain productive and motivated? How are they constantly becoming more and more wealthy?

Here are how rich people stay productive, even when they don’t feel like it.

They Know Their Why

Before you can make to-do lists and go out to conquer the world, you need to know your why.

If you’re motivation is to #flex on instagram, you’ll find yourself lacking on a regular basis. Exterior gratification only motivates in the short term. It does not produce long term results.

For the rich and wealthy, their why is much deeper. It might be they want to make a difference in the world.

Or they struggled with poverty as a kid and never want to go through that again.

Whatever your reason is, it needs to be something that sparks you up inside and wakes you up in the morning with excitement and hunger.

If your goals don’t excite you, they won’t keep you motivated and productive in the long-term. You’ll find yourself having small bursts of motivation but not be fully consistent.

Their Day Starts The Night Before

Before they go to bed, the rich have a plan of action for their day.

They don’t just ‘see where the day takes them,’ they know exactly when they’re waking up (most likely early) and they have a set of tasks and goals to accomplish that day.

The rich don’t set themselves up for failure and they know Rome wasn’t built in a day. Regardless of how grand their goals and ambitions are, they have a reasonable to-do list.

The night before, they make a clear and concise list of things they want to accomplish. Anywhere from 5 to 7 tasks that you want to get done that day.

These goals don’t have to be strictly work related. ‘Working out” can be one of the things on your to-do list.

However, they are things that take you in the right direction of your goals.

Every night, whether you have a bullet journal or a regular sheet of paper, write down the things you want to accomplish the following day.

Start off with 3 things and slowly, as you get better at accomplishing your self-imposed goals, raise it to 7 or maybe even 10 tasks. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done when you wake up with a clear guide for your day.

They Wake Up Early

If you win the morning, you win the day.

Most wealthy individuals start off their day earlier than most.

While some of us wake up at 7 A.M., rush to get ready, have a mediocre breakfast, and head out the door to get to work at 9; the rich know better.

They typically wake up an hour before they have to and spend sometime with themselves before their hectic day starts.

Most of you day is dictated by uncontrollable things, such as emails, meetings, clients, traffic, etc. So that hour before you have to start your day, they spend it with themselves however they please.

It might be working out. Reading. Meditating. Or getting some work done. Whatever makes you feel good and starts you off on the right foot will have you miles ahead of the competition.

Let’s do some basic math. Let’s say you start start going to bed earlier and waking up an hour earlier. You aren’t sacrificing your sleep and it’s likely at night time you’re just scrolling through your phone or on Netflix.

So you trade that one hour of t.v. for one hour of productivity.

One hour a day = 365 hours a year (divide this by 24 hours a day) = 15 days a year.

You have a full two more weeks of productive, meaningful work that you didn’t have before. And you’re not making any sacrifices.

Why wouldn’t you make the trade?

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They Turn Off Notifications

Whenever I engage in deep, meaningful work, I always put my phone on Sleep mode.

But more than that, I have all the notifications on my phone turned off. The only one I receive are texts and calls. Everything else is a distraction.

The rich have a similar habit. They have moments in their day when they are 100% dedicated to a task, and even their loved ones know not to bother them during these hours.

Carve out some time for yourself to get work done. Put your phone on silent, and let your loved ones know to only call during those hours for an emergency.

It’s very easy to go down that rabbit hole of replying to quick text or checking the latest youtube video. In the past, I remember picking up my phone for ‘just a minute’ and still being on it 30-minutes later replying to unimportant things.

Nowadays, I never respond to texts before 1 P.M. because that is my prime-productivity hour. Your friends and family won’t take it personally if you take some time to get your work done and respond later.

Figure out when you’re most productive during the day, whether it’s in the morning or night, and have a ‘do-not-disturb’ hour (or two).

They Have ‘Work’ Hours

Rich entrepreneurs are rich because they get strict with themselves.

One of the hardest things as an entrepreneur is setting your own hours. However, to be successful, you have to manage yourself the same way you’d manage an employee or company.

Regardless of how you are feeling (motivated or not), rich people know they have to work.

They might say from 10 A.M to 2 P.M., I’m going to get some work done. And that’s it. There’s no “I’m not in the mood.”

They respect the schedule they give themselves and get to work.

A lot of the time, when you’re feeling unproductive, you just have to find a quiet place and force yourself to get the job done.

It’s a lot easier to steer a moving car. When you’re parked (not working), it’s hard to get into the groove of it. But once you start getting some momentum, you’ll see how easy it is to get work done.

You just have to push through for the first 15 or 20 minutes.

Avoid Time-Wasters

Time-Wasters come in different shapes and sizes.

The biggest ones tend to be 1. meetings and 2. emails. If you work for a company, it’s likely you have no control over meetings.

But if you’re on your own (or do have control), try and just have an email sent out with whatever the latest company news is.

And speaking of emails. They are such a huge time sucker.

Set up two time slots a day for email. Perhaps 11:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Don’t spend the whole day refreshing your emails and responding to every little thing.

If it’s an emergency, they would call, or better yet, they may figure out the solution on their own.

Working in big companies, I have seen plenty of ‘urgent’ emails pop up. And when they don’t get an immediate reply, the employees find a solution themselves.

Which (if you’re growing a company) is what you want. You don’t want to have to cuddle your colleagues.

True emergencies will find a way to reach you. All the other stuff can wait until 4:30.

How do you keep yourself productive? What are your productivity hacks?

6 Productivity Hacks of the Rich. How entrepreneurs get stuff done and stay focused. Whether you're a mom or building a business, there's something here for you! Learn the secrets of millionaires. Become your most successful and productive self! Live your best life and manage your time to do the things you want to in life #productivity #rich

6 Productivity Hacks of the Rich. How entrepreneurs get stuff done and stay focused. Whether you're a mom or building a business, there's something here for you! Learn the secrets of millionaires. Become your most successful and productive self! Live your best life and manage your time to do the things you want to in life #productivity #rich