47+ St. Patrick’s Day Nails To Bring On The Luck of the Irish

It’s time to get into the festive spirit and add a touch of luck to your look with some St. Patrick’s Day nail art!

This holiday is all about celebrating Irish culture and what better way to do it than by showing off some fun and creative nail designs?

From glittery greens to shamrocks and rainbows, there are countless ways to deck out your nails for this holiday.

We’ll share some of the latest trends and nail designs for St. Patrick’s Day that you can easily recreate at home.

So get ready to get your green on and celebrate in style!

St. Patrick’s Day Nails

Green French Tips

There’s so much going on here! The different patterns and designs on these nails are so innovative and clever!

Lime green French tips with rhinestones and gems
Source: Pinterest

The texture and rhinestones on these nails add a beautiful dimension to the design. This is sure to get compliments left and right!

Ombre effect French tips with stones, glitters, and flowers
Source: sonnygnails

The combined designs like green ombre effect, flowers, and glitters on these nails are so interesting and dynamic. They add a lot of visual interest to the design and it’s perfect!

Two shades of green French tips with gold outline on square nails
Source: bandabeautyy

Woah! Gold and green are so versatile and wearable! I can’t stop admiring them.

The geometric shapes and swirls on these nails add a contemporary and trendy twist to the French tips.

White and green checkered nail art on the tips of these almond nails
Source: pop_polished

Glittery tips are so polished and refined! This is a great choice for someone who wants to keep their nails looking sophisticated and elegant.

Nails with Bling

Those bling and gold accents make me want to celebrate the holiday even more!

Long acrylic nails with green French tips and bear on top
Source: gbeauttyy

The bear gives such a cute and playful touch, I never would have thought of that!

Chrome green nails with 3D butterfly nail art and pearls
Source: nails.jnm
Green French tips with glitters, 3D flowers, and bling
Source: gbeauttyy

The added touch of shimmer to these square nails is so glamorous and festive. It really makes the design pop!


Green ombre nails with green and silver swirls
Source: dreamy.skies

The way she played with the shape and direction of the swirls is so interesting and creative – it’s like a work of art on these nails.

Multicolored swirls and green tips on almond nails
Source: paintbarla

From green tips to rainbows, this nail art will have you feeling lucky all month long.

Pointy nails with swirls are so mesmerizing and hypnotic. I can’t stop looking at them!

These chrome swirls on the tips are so unique and eye-catching, it really sets you apart from the crowd!

Pastel Hues

Pastel colors and white polish French tips on long square nails
Source: jannalo_

These pastel hues are so soft and dreamy! They make me think of springtime in Ireland!

The way these pastel shades blended together are so seamless and beautiful. It’s like a watercolor painting on these nails!

Green Marble Nail Arts

Milky white polish with green marble nail art and gold foil on the tips
Source: Pinterest

White nails with marble nail art and gold foil are so sophisticated and refined! The perfect way to show off your pride in a subtle and stylish way.

This is such a unique and creative take on the holiday theme!

Blueish green marble nail art with glitters on short square nails
Source: devi.maine

A sense of depth and dimension in this marble nail art for St. Patrick’s Day is so impressive.

It’s like you’re wearing a mini galaxy on your nails!

St. Patrick’s Day nails with marble nail art are so elegant and chic! I adore the way the different shades of green swirl together!

Black and dark green marble French tips with gold foil
Source: nova__nailz

Chrome Nails for St. Patrick’s Day

Metallic green nails are such a modern and edgy take on the holiday theme.

They’re perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.

Pink and green chrome almond nails
Source: poseybeaute

I am mesmerize by how these pink and green chrome nails catch the light and create a dynamic, holographic effect.

Gold chrome with bling on long square nails
Source: clawsbylyss

Look at these gold nails, girl! They are bold and striking and really catch the light and shine!

Shamrock and Clover Leaf

This intricate clover leaf nail art in matte finish is so detailed. I’m impressed!

WOW! This is a perfect example of how to do themed nail art without going overboard. They’re just the right amount of festive!

White French tips with 3D clover leaf on long acrylic nails
Source: jannalo_

White nails with an added clover leaf always give a classic and timeless look. It’s perfect for any attire or event without being too flashy.

Shimmering Green Nails

Sparkly and absolutely stunning! I’m sure you’ll get compliments wherever you go by wearing these shimmering nails.

Different shades of green on stiletto nails with glitters, tips, and bling
Source: isasclaws

If you’re looking for some festive nail inspiration, try these stiletto nails with shamrock designs and glitter accents.

Blue Nail Designs

St. Patrick’s Day nails in blue polish with animal print are so artistic and unexpected – it’s such a refreshing twist on the typical green and gold color palette!

Chrome blue nail polish on pointy almond nails
Source: carms.nails

This is purely elegance! These shiny blue nails are sure to turn heads and would look great with any outfit and occasion.

Flowers and Leaves

So fresh and light! Perfect for ushering in the spring season.

This flower nail art is so pretty and lovely! It would really show off your personal style and flair.

Such a gorgeous way to capture the beauty of nature in a nail art! This adds a femininity vibe to the holiday festivities too.

Matte Green Nails

Matte green polish are so edgy and cool, the gold foil on top adds just the right amount of sparkle to the nails.

Dark green in matte finish and shining gold polish with green shamrocks
Source: Pinterest

I love how the manicurist incorporated green and gold into these nails – they look so chic and stylish.

Orange Nails for St. Patrick’s Day

Beige square nails with orange tips and flowers in bright colors
Source: nailzbytina

These bright orange nails are a fun and festive way to show off your Irish spirit and get into the holiday mood.

Abstract and Geometric Patterns

These neon colors are so playful and whimsical, such a difficult color choice for the holiday but she really pulled it off!

Here’s a perfect nail art you can wear to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Those flames and smileys are striking and eye-catching.

Light green polish with human face and DOPE word on stiletto nails
Source: Pinterest

This is literally DOPE!

Designer inspired green nails with mouth nail art and shamrock
Source: Pinterest
White almond nails with flag of Ireland, heart, and shamrocks
Source: Pinterest

This Irish flag nail art is a perfect accessory to complete your St. Patrick’s Day look.

Heart illusion nail art with green tips on short round nails
Source: .sydsnails.

Heart design on nails is absolutely charming and it constantly gives a sweet and romantic vibe.

Minimalist Nail Arts

Round nails with clear polish and glitters
Source: carms.nails

Minimalist nail arts always look simple yet classy!

Dark green almond nails with clover leaves and gold foil
Source: aisha_naomii

The simplicity of this design really highlights the beauty of the color green.

St. Patrick’s Day nails are a fun and festive way to show off your holiday spirit.

Whether you’re attending a parade, hitting up a pub, or just spending time with friends and family, St. Patrick’s Day nails are a fun way to get in the festive spirit.

So embrace the luck of the Irish and try out some of these stunning nail arts! Make your nails be the envy of all your friends!

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