8 Red Flags of Emotional Manipulation to Watch Out For

Navigating relationships in can be tough, especially when it comes to recognizing the subtle signs of emotional manipulation.

Whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend, or even a family member, being aware of these red flags can help you maintain healthier relationships.

Let’s break down eight common tactics manipulators use so you can spot them from a mile away.

Signs of Emotional Manipulations

Couple on couch, looking at each other angrily - signs of emotional manipulation

Emotional Blackmail

What it looks like: Someone makes you feel guilty or scared to get their way.

For example, your partner might say they’ll break up with you unless you skip your weekly night out with friends. It’s all about control through fear and guilt.

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Playing the Victim

What it looks like: No matter what happens, it’s never their fault.

If every story from them positions them as the wronged party and you as the villain, take a step back. They’re likely using sympathy to manipulate your perception.

Passive-Aggressive Behavior

What it looks like: Instead of telling you what’s wrong, they give you the silent treatment or make snide remarks.

It’s a way to express displeasure without confrontation but leaves you guessing what you did wrong.

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Targeting Your Insecurities

What it looks like: They know your weak spots and aren’t afraid to use them.

This could be anything from commenting on your appearance to subtly criticizing your career choices, all to undermine your self-esteem.


What it looks like: Ever doubted your memory of events because someone insists you’re remembering it wrong? That’s gaslighting.

It’s a dangerous form of manipulation that can make you question your reality.

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What it looks like: They might try to distance you from close friends and family, claiming that no one understands you like they do.

Isolation makes you more dependent on them, which is exactly what they want.

Excessive Control

What it looks like: They have an opinion on everything: how you dress, where you go, who you see.

While it might seem like they’re just really into you, it’s actually a tactic to control your decisions and, ultimately, your life.

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Minimizing Your Feelings

What it looks like: Whenever you’re upset, they accuse you of being overemotional or too sensitive. By trivializing how you feel, they maintain the upper hand in the relationship.

Being aware of these signs can empower you to take action and set boundaries—or even walk away if necessary.

Remember, a healthy relationship should make you feel secure, respected, and free to be yourself, not controlled or undermined.

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