427+ Private Story Names For Snapchat To Steal

Snapchat offers an amazing feature called Private Stories, allowing you to share your snaps with a select group of friends.

These stories have a unique name that sets them apart from your regular “My Story.”

You might be wondering what makes a good private story name and how you can come up with creative and engaging names to keep your audience hooked.

A Private Story name represents the essence of the content you’re sharing, so try to select a name that reflects the theme or mood of your private story.

Your friends will see this as a representation of your exclusive content, and it’ll help them understand what to expect before viewing it.

There are several types of Private Story names, including funny, witty, cute, and clever names, which you can choose from according to your preferences.

  • Funny names can use puns, wordplays, or humor to make your friends laugh and feel relaxed.
  • Witty names showcase your intelligence and humor, hinting at thought-provoking or entertaining content.
  • Cute names can evoke warm, positive emotions and suit moments filled with endearing snaps.
  • Clever names can surprise or intrigue your friends with an interesting play on words or phrases.

You may want to try to avoid using any offensive or explicit words in your private story names, as that may push away some friends or viewers.

Instead, focus on using words that resonate positively or evoke curiosity.

Private Stories are a fun way to share more intimate or tailored content with your closest friends and family (if appropriate.)

What Are Snapchat Private Stories?

Snapchat Private Stories are a feature on the Snapchat app that allows users to create a private story that can only be viewed by selected friends or followers.

Unlike regular Snapchat stories, which are visible to all of a user’s friends or followers, private stories are only visible to those who have been specifically chosen by the user.

Private stories can be created by selecting the “My Story” or “Private Story” option from the app’s main menu, and then adding photos or videos to the story.

The user can then choose which friends or followers they want to be able to view the story. Private stories are a great way to share more personal and intimate content with a select group of people, while keeping it private from the rest of the user’s Snapchat audience.

Best Private Story Names

Best Private Story Names List
  1. & that’s the tea
  2. A-list
  3. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  4. After Dark
  5. After hours
  6. All Fax No Printer
  7. All night crew
  8. All Snap, No Cap
  9. All-day tea party
  10. Apam squad
  11. Backstage babies
  12. Backstage entry
  13. Backstage Pass
  14. Begin Again
  15. Behind These Hazel Cries
  16. Big, Big Energy
  17. Bloopers
  18. Call Me Daddy
  19. Chamber of secrets
  20. Chill pill
  21. Confidential Chronicles
  22. Confidential Musings
  23. Confidential Thoughts
  24. Cool as a Cuke
  25. Create your own magic
  26. Cut the cameras
  27. Daily vlogs
  28. Days of our lives
  29. Death Eaters
  30. Disguised Emotions
  31. Don’t @ me
  32. Don’t tell my therapist
  33. Drafts
  34. Drama club
  35. Escape from the Reality
  36. Everything happens for a reason
  37. Exposed!
  38. Fact-street Boys
  39. Felt cute
  40. For Harry Styles’ Eyes Only
  41. For S—ts and Giggles
  42. Forbidden Feelings
  43. Game of Bones
  44. Hello, It Me
  45. Hidden Agenda
  46. Hidden Memories
  47. Highlights
  48. Hi, I’m the problem, it’s me
  49. In my own world
  50. In the know
  51. In the loop
  52. In the mood
  53. In the zone
  54. Innermost Desires
  55. Inside scoop
  56. Invite-only
  57. It’s Personal
  58. Keke, Do You Love Me?
  59. Keeping it real
  60. Life is beautiful
  61. Living the best life
  62. Local Banger
  63. Locked Away
  64. Love Actually
  65. Mortal Frenemies
  66. My Crazy Life
  67. My Escape
  68. My Literal Flex Zone
  69. My Private World
  70. My Sanctuary
  71. My Secret Place
  72. No Boundaries
  73. No one asked but
  74. No, Bro
  75. Not Lucky I’m Blessed, Yes
  76. Off the record
  77. Off-topic
  78. On Wednesdays we wear pink
  79. Peace out bro
  80. Personal Reflections
  81. PhatChat
  82. Photo dump
  83. POV: You’re my therapist
  84. Private showing
  85. Project X
  86. Rise and shine
  87. Rock Paper Scissors
  88. Santa’s Naughty List
  89. Secret Diary
  90. Secret Journey
  91. Secret’s out
  92. Secrets revealed
  93. Shits and giggles
  94. Silent Dreams
  95. Simps & Pimps
  96. Snitches get stitches
  97. Snap Ya Later
  98. Snap you, mean it
  99. Star in the making
  100. Stressed But Dressed
  101. The Chilling Adventures of [NAME]
  102. The Circle of Trust
  103. The hot goss
  104. The insiders
  105. The Meme Team
  106. The Tea Is Spilled
  107. The truth comes out
  108. The truth is out there
  109. The whole truth
  110. Tick Talk
  111. Tomfoolery
  112. To the streets!
  113. True Confessions
  114. True Story Bro
  115. Uncharted Territory
  116. Unexpressed Passions
  117. Unfiltered truth
  118. Unspoken Words
  119. Untold Stories
  120. VIP
  121. Welcome to my channel
  122. What happens next?
  123. What lies beneath
  124. What’s the 411?
  125. What’s the big idea?
  126. What’s the story?
  127. Wine Time
  128. Yay! You Made It
  129. Yellow-stoned
  130. You can’t sit with us
  131. Your Mom Jokes

Funny Private Story Name Ideas

If you want a little more spice for your private story names, a funny one is the way to go.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite, funniest private story names you will want to copy ASAP:

Funny Private Story Name Ideas List
  1. [HOROSCOPE] Vibes
  2. 3 am
  3. 99 Problems and My Life Is One
  4. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  5. Bed Bath and Bad Decisions
  6. CEO of “Oh S–t”
  7. CEO of crying
  8. Chat What Happens Live
  9. ChatGPT’s Chronicles
  10. Dear Diary
  11. Deleted Scenes
  12. Drama Llamas
  13. Dungeons and Daddies
  14. Exposing Myself
  15. Fan Club
  16. Fetty Pop
  17. From the Desk of Robin Sparkles
  18. Homie Depot
  19. Humor Has It
  20. If You In-cyst
  21. Inside Scoop
  22. I Survived 2020
  23. Just Between Us Squirrel Friends
  24. Last Story on the Left
  25. Life From My Cloffice
  26. Live From My Cloffice
  27. LIVE! with [NAME]
  28. Lost in the Grocery Store
  29. Loves Men (without the n)
  30. Midnight Rain
  31. Mention It All!
  32. Mistakes Were Made
  33. Mortal Frenemies
  34. My Own Drama Club
  35. Naughty List
  36. No Boys Allowed
  37. No Filter
  38. Off Topic
  39. Perks of Being a Snapchatter
  40. Pillow Talk
  41. Pod Squad
  42. Santa’s Naughty List
  43. Scott’s Tots
  44. Serenity by Jan
  45. She’s Off the Clock
  46. Shine Bright, Shine Far, Don’t Be Shy
  47. Shower Thoughts
  48. Sir-Chats-A-Lot
  49. Snitches Get Stitches
  50. Soulless
  51. Sorry, Mom
  52. Spam Keeping Up with (Your Name)
  53. Suite Life of (Your Name)
  54. Tea Time
  55. The Chilling Adventures of [NAME]
  56. Tick Talk
  57. True Story Bro
  58. Vibes and Tribes
  59. Wanna Fanta?
  60. Welcome to My Channel
  61. Where’s the Chapstick?
  62. Whoop it Up
  63. Your Dad’s Basement
  64. Your Local Loser

Dark Humor Private Story Names

Dark Humor Private Story Names List
  1. 24/007
  2. Anatomy
  3. Beef With The Chief
  4. Bingo Snapchat
  5. Blackened Smiles and Misery-Laden Frowns
  6. Camp Boxer
  7. Code Blue
  8. Crying Monster
  9. Cynic’s Circle
  10. Cynical Souls
  11. Dark and Twisted
  12. Dark Comedy Club
  13. Dear SC Daily
  14. Dirt Brag
  15. Dystopian Dreamland
  16. Evil Spawn
  17. Fatalistic Follies
  18. Ferry Boat Island
  19. Follow The Leader
  20. For The Real Ones
  21. Gallow’s Humor
  22. Grim Laughs
  23. Hate Club
  24. Hairy Mole
  25. Hot And Sticky
  26. How To Save A Life
  27. Humor in Hades
  28. Humor in the Darkness
  29. Ice Bear SC
  30. I’m Worth It!
  31. In Da House
  32. Jaded Jokes
  33. Laughing Through the Pain
  34. Last Hope
  35. Lazy Pazy
  36. Life Of A Quarantine
  37. Living in a Grim Reality
  38. Living Story
  39. Macabre Merriment
  40. Messy Eaters
  41. Misanthrope Musings
  42. Morbid Thoughts
  43. Nappies Here
  44. On Proud nine
  45. Phone Pals
  46. Play Your Way
  47. Post-It Friends
  48. Pratt Story
  49. Previously On
  50. Rock The Bed
  51. Sarcasm Central
  52. Schadenfreude Society
  53. Self-Destructed
  54. Shonda Rhimes Cry Club
  55. That’s All, Folks
  56. The Absurdity of Life
  57. The Alter Egos
  58. The Bleak Brigade
  59. The Dark Side of Comedy
  60. The dystopia of Desperate Dreams
  61. The Laughing Dead
  62. The Lighter Side of Darkness
  63. The Mc Dreamies
  64. The Stupid Factory
  65. The Tastelessness of Jokes
  66. The Walkie Talkies
  67. Twister Sisters
  68. Wry Wit
  69. Worst. Story. Ever.

Drinking Private Story Names

Drinking Private Story Names List
  1. 2 Girls 10 Cups
  2. 3 Beers and 1 Water
  3. activities
  4. Alcohol Anonymous
  5. Alcoholics Unanimous
  6. Bar Brawlers
  7. Bar Crawl Chronicles
  8. Bar Hopping
  9. Barroom Bandits
  10. Barroom Brawls
  11. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
  12. Beer It On
  13. Beer Pressure
  14. Beasts of Bourbon
  15. Betty Fords
  16. Booze and Chill
  17. Booze Brothers/Sisters
  18. Booze Buddies
  19. Booze-Filled Nights
  20. Booze-Fueled Folly
  21. Boozy Brunch Crew
  22. Boozy Bunch
  23. Boozehound Bunch
  24. Boozey Bunch of Buffoons
  25. Boozey Business
  26. Boozy McBoozeface
  27. Boozing & Cruising
  28. Boozy Mishaps
  29. Boozy Tunes
  30. Bottoms Up
  31. Buzzerkers
  32. Chilled Perfection
  33. Chuggers
  34. Cocktails and Confessions
  35. Cocktail Chaos
  36. Cocktail Connoisseurs
  37. Cocktails and Confessions
  38. Cocktails and Dreams
  39. Cocktails and Kisses
  40. Cocktails and Therapy
  41. Cocktails and Whispers
  42. Cocktails at Twilight
  43. Cocktails with Cupid
  44. Cocktails with Friends
  45. Cocktails with Sass
  46. Dead Liver Society
  47. Designated Drinkers
  48. Discoholics
  49. Drunk Dialers
  50. Drunk Dialing Divas
  51. Drunken Adventures
  52. Drunken Antics
  53. Drunken Daredevils
  54. Drunken Diaries
  55. Drunken Dunces
  56. Drunken Masters
  57. Fear the Beer
  58. Farfromsober
  59. Get Smashed
  60. Happy Hour Crew
  61. Happy Hour Heroes
  62. Happy Hour Hijinks
  63. Here 4 Cheers
  64. Hot Chicks
  65. Hot Shots
  66. I Thought You Said RUM
  67. Intoxicated Love
  68. Last Orders
  69. Living in a Grim Reality
  70. Milk, Milk, Lemonade
  71. Mud, Sweat & Beers
  72. Night Capriatis
  73. No Fear for Beer
  74. No Pong Intended
  75. On Proud nine
  76. One For The Road
  77. Piston Broke
  78. Pong Love
  79. Pour Another One
  80. Post-It Friends
  81. private party
  82. Running Impaired
  83. Served with Ice
  84. Shoot Like Kobe
  85. Shootin’ Tanks
  86. Shots at 6.30pm
  87. Sip and Sip
  88. Sipping Squad
  89. Sips and Giggles
  90. Size Matters
  91. Southern Discomfort
  92. Southern Comfort Seekers
  93. Spiked Punch
  94. Super Splash Bros
  95. Team Jagermeister
  96. The Alcoholocaust
  97. The Beer View Mirrors
  98. The Bleak Brigade
  99. The Carbonators
  100. The Chugonauts
  101. The Chug-sites
  102. The Ponginators
  103. The Southern Comfort Seekers
  104. The Tastelessness of Jokes
  105. The Walkie Talkies
  106. Tipsy McStagger
  107. Tipsy Tales
  108. Tipsy Tales
  109. Tipsy Titans
  110. Tipsy Tribe
  111. Twister Sisters
  112. We’re Always Thirsty
  113. Whiskey and Wit
  114. Whiskey Warriors
  115. Whiskey-Fueled Adventures
  116. Whiskey Wednesdays
  117. Whiskey-Fueled Adventures
  118. Wine and Dine
  119. Wine and Whine
  120. Wine Not
  121. Will Run for Rum
  122. Win Or Lose We Booze

Couple-Themed Private Story Names

For Snapchat lovers, having a cute, romantic, or funny couple-themed private story name can be endearing and set the tone for shared moments.

Cute Private Story Names

Cute names are a go-to for couples striving to showcase their affection. Here are a few cute snap names you can try for your private story:

  • Lovey-Dovey Diary
  • Hearts in Harmony
  • Perfect Pairing
  • Snuggle Snap
  • Our Cozy Corner

Romantic Private Story Names

If you want to evoke a more romantic flair on Snapchat, consider selecting one of the following romantic snap names:

  • Endless Love Story
  • Kisses and Wishes
  • Stargazing Sweethearts
  • Moonlit Memories
  • Forever Yours

Funny Private Story Names

Add a fun touch to your Snapchat stories with these playful couple-themed names:

  • The Silliest Sweethearts
  • Love and Laughter
  • Cuddles and Chaos
  • The Oddly Perfect Duo
  • Crazy in Love

Experiment with these couple-themed private story names to share pictures, videos, and moments with your partner in a fun and engaging style that suits your unique relationship.

Our Favorite Couple Private Story Names

  1. A Perfect Match
  2. All About Us
  3. All of Me Loves All of You
  4. Crazy in Love
  5. Endless Love
  6. Forever and Always
  7. Happily Ever After
  8. Heart Eyes
  9. Heart to Heart
  10. Heartbeats
  11. Inseparable
  12. Just Us Two
  13. Love Birds
  14. Love in Motion
  15. Love Is In The Air
  16. My Better Half
  17. My Heart Belongs to You
  18. My Love, My Life
  19. Our Journey
  20. Our Little Secret
  21. Our Love Story
  22. Our Private World
  23. Soulmate Connection
  24. Sweetheart
  25. The Missing Piece
  26. The One
  27. The Two of Us
  28. Together Forever
  29. Together We’re Better
  30. You and Me Against the World

Solo-Themed Private Story Names

Inspirational Private Story Names

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little inspiration in your Snapchat private story.

Here are some short and sweet inspirational names that are perfect for your one-on-one moments:

  • Believe & Achieve: For when you want to motivate yourself and others.
  • Make It Happen: Share moments where you work towards your goals.
  • Positive Vibes: Spread some positivity with your snaps.

Keep in mind that the key to an inspirational Snapchat private story is to choose names that resonate with you and your goals.

Mysterious Private Story Names

If you prefer to create a sense of mystery with your private story names, try these intriguing options:

  • Secrets & Whispers: Give your friends a glimpse into your secretive side.
  • Moonlit Rendezvous: Perfect for snapping moments from your nighttime adventures.
  • Behind the Curtain: Share behind-the-scenes moments of your life.

Remember, a mysterious Snapchat private story should leave your viewers eager for more. So choose names that pique their interest and make them wonder what’s next.

Group-Themed Private Story Names

When creating a private Snapchat story, it’s important to choose a name that reflects the nature of your group.

Friendship Focused Private Story Names

Your private story should reflect the bond you share with your close friends. These names will help capture that special connection:

  • Besties for the Resties
  • The Chosen Ones
  • Fam Jam
  • Forever Together
  • Friendship Diaries
  • Snap Fam
  • The Unbreakables

Feel free to mix and match words and phrases to create your own personalized name that showcases your unique friendships.

Party Private Story Names

If your group is all about partying and having a good time, consider using one of these party-themed names for your private story:

  • Party Animals
  • Wild Nights
  • Dance Floor Legends
  • Cheers to Us
  • Life of the Party
  • Snapshots After Dark

Remember, the goal is to create an engaging and fun name that reflects your group’s personality.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and play around with different ideas.

Creating Unique Snapchat Private Story Names

Coming up with unique Snapchat story names can be a fun process. There’s really no reason to stress about it.

To begin, think about the theme or purpose of your private story. Are you sharing funny moments, daily life updates, or a specific hobby? Your story name should reflect its content in a creative way.

Try using puns, wordplay, or clever phrases to create an interesting and humorous name. For instance, if your story is about the gym, you could name it “Sweatin’ Secrets” or “Gains and Giggles.”

For stories about cooking, consider names like “Kitchen Confidential” or “Flavor Fables.”

Keep your private story name short and catchy to grab the attention of your audience. A memorable name will not only intrigue your friends but also make it easy for them to find your story among others on their feed.

Include emojis or special characters in your story name to add an extra layer of creativity and personal flair. These can help your story name stand out and give it a unique visual identity.

For example, if your story is about your travels, you might use a plane ✈️ or passport 🛂 emoji.

Don’t forget to change up your story name once in a while to keep your Snapchat friends engaged and curious. A new name can bring a fresh perspective and encourage more people to view and interact with your content.

By following these suggestions and using your creative side, you’ll be on your way to crafting distinctive and entertaining private story names for your Snapchat. Enjoy the process and have fun sharing your unique stories with your friends!

Things To Avoid When Naming Your Private Snapchat Story

When naming your Snapchat story, it’s important to create a compelling yet concise title that reflects your story’s content.

To help you with this process, try to avoid the following when choosing the perfect name:

  1. Using inappropriate language: Keep it friendly and avoid using any offensive language in your story names. Remember, your Snapchat friends come from diverse backgrounds, so it’s best to maintain a language everyone can appreciate.
  2. Being too vague or generic: Your story name should be engaging and specific. Choose a name that clearly conveys the theme or content, without giving away too much. This way, you’ll pique your friends’ interest without confusing them about what to expect.
  3. Ignoring character limits: Snapchat has a limit of 32 characters for story names, so ensure your title fits within this constraint. Avoid using excessively long or shortened names that can be difficult to understand. Keep it brief and to the point.
  4. Overusing emojis or symbols: While emojis can add a fun touch to your story name, don’t go overboard. Overusing emojis and symbols can make it harder for users to comprehend the theme or content of your story. Strive for a balance between text and emojis to create a clear and engaging title.
  5. Repeating past story names: To keep your Snapchat stories fresh and interesting, avoid using the same name multiple times. Change it up and come up with new names each time you create a story to keep your friends engaged and curious about your content.

Your Snapchat story name is an opportunity to express your creativity and make your content stand out.

have fun with it!

How to Make a Private Story On Snapchat

To make a private story on the app, users can go to the main menu and select either “My Story” or “Private Story”.

Then, they can upload photos or videos to their story and pick which friends or followers they want to share it with.

After creating the private story, only the user who made it and the chosen friends or followers will be able to view it.

Benefits Of Using Private Story Feature On Snapchat

The private story feature on Snapchat has several benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced privacy and security – Your private story is only visible to you and the selected friends or followers, giving you peace of mind that your content is safe.
  2. Anonymity – You can express yourself freely without worrying about being judged or harassed by others online.
  3. Creative freedom – The private story feature allows you to create content that reflects your true self without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.
  4. Control over content – You have complete control over what kind of content goes into your private story, ensuring that only appropriate content is shared.
  5. Easy organization – You can keep track of what kind of content has been posted in your private story and when, making it easy to stay organized and ensure that your story remains private and secure.
  6. Exclusive content – You can use the private story feature to share content that is exclusive to your selected friends or followers, making them feel special and valued.
  7. Group storytelling – Private stories can be a great way to collaborate with friends or followers on a group storytelling project, where each person contributes to the story.
  8. Time-limited content – Private stories can be set to expire after a certain period of time, giving you the ability to share time-limited content with your selected friends or followers.
  9. Engagement – Private stories can be a great way to engage with your friends or followers on a more personal level, as they provide a more intimate and exclusive experience.
  10. Fun and creative – The private story feature can be a fun and creative way to express yourself and share your life with those closest to you, without worrying about your content being seen by anyone else.

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