6 Shockingly Easy Habits Of ‘Naturally’ Skinny Women

Have you ever wondered why some women gain weight and some never do?! The habits of naturally skinny women aren’t hard to replicate once you know what they are…

It can be frustrating, constantly dieting and exercising to lose some weight, only to have friends who seem to be naturally skinny!

They seem to eat what they want and never put on weight, while you have to watch each calorie you consume. How do they do it?

The truth is that while they might have some good genes that help them keep off weight, most ‘naturally’ skinny women share a few of the same habits.

Adapting these habits into your own life might help you keep off excess weight, while still being able to live a fairly normal life diet-wise.

So, if you are wanting to try and keep off weight, or even lose a few pounds, here are a few habits of ‘naturally’ skinny women that you could try to make habits of your own!

Habits Of Naturally Thin Women

Women at the beach enjoying herself

1. They Avoid Sugar

Avoiding sugar, and not enjoying too much sugar in your diet, are two different things.

However, if you lower the amount of sugar in your diet, you will soon be put off sweet foods or having too much sugar in your coffee.

Many women who appear naturally skinny do not consume that much sugar, whether they do this with some will power, or just don’t have a taste for it.

If you are a fan of sugar, try and cut back how much you consume.

Soon the sweet things you once found satisfying will taste too sweet!

2. They Eat Slowly

It is common to see skinny or thinner people eating their food slowly.

For many of us, we cannot wait to dig into a huge helping of food, it can be difficult to resist the urge to eat it quickly and move on to the next thing!

However, taking your time to eat your food slowly can actually help you control portion size.

By eating quickly, you are not giving your body enough time to register as feeling full. Whereas eating slowly, your stomach will feel full as time goes by, but with you eating less food than normal.

It is easy to trick your body into not feeling full when eating quickly, but this is a sure way to over eat, and to consume a bigger portion than what you should.

It might be difficult at first but try to slow down at dinner time.

Put your fork down between bites and really chew your food and enjoy each mouthful!

3. They Practice Portion Control

Avocado toast is an amazing meal and easy snack as well - naturally thin women practice portion control with all foods

Being able to practice portion control does take some serious will power at first, but once your body gets used to smaller portions, it just becomes a way of life.

Whether they do it consciously or unconsciously, naturally ‘thin’ women are the type to have one or two oreos and be satisfied. They don’t have the whole sleeve!

Most of us eat way more than we should. The more we eat, the more food we think we need. It becomes a cycle.

People who appear naturally skinny usually eat smaller portions and feel full naturally after eating a small amount of food.

You can also get to this point by decreasing your portion size slowly. You will be surprised how much you have been overeating all this time!

4. They Are Picky About Food

Saying that ‘naturally’ thin people are picky about the food they eat, doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like an array of ingredients and are difficult to cater for.

Rather they will only eat foods they truly enjoy and not just dive into anything in the fridge.

This restraint of only eating food that you want to eat and not just eating food because it is available, seems to be a common trait of people who keep their weight off.

They still indulge in pasta and bread and all the best tasting foods that maybe aren’t considered ‘diet-friendly,’ but they show restraint when it comes to eating other foods that might not catch their interest as much.

This is all about fighting the urge to eat just because there are leftovers or because there is food in the fridge or freezer.

Save your meals for food that you enjoy and want, rather than eating unnecessary food between meals as well.

Some people think they have to eat foods they dislike. They think that if they only ate foos they liked they’d eat ice cream and pizza all day.

But that isn’t true at all. There are a lot of amazing foods you will find yourself craving if you allow yourself to eat what you enjoy.

I love eggs, salmon, and asparagus and eat them with pure joy. They are considered ‘diet-friendly’ but that isn’t the mentality I go into it with.

They’re just my favorite foods.

If I forced myself to eat brussel sprouts (hate those!), I would find myself craving something I enjoy after. And it would most likely be junk food since it’s what I am restricting.

Eat only foods you enjoy! I promise you, even if you hate health foods, you’ll find some amazing vegetables you’ll like.

5. They Don’t Always Respond To Hunger

We all know that person who can go all day without eating and not feel hungry until dinner time.

This is by no means healthy, but finding a good medium between responding to every hunger pang you have and not eating at all throughout the day will help you keep off the weight.

‘Naturally’ thin people seem to be able to brush hunger aside quite easily and are able to carry on with what they are doing without giving in to feeling ‘hangry’.

This will definitely take some practice but you might be able to go for a little longer without feeling hungry during the day.

When you eat often, you also begin to misinterpret the signs of hunger.

Boredom feels like hunger, stress feels like hunger, and so on.

By only eating a set amount of meals per day, whatever is recommended for your weight and body type, your body will soon adjust and only feel hungry when it is time to eat.

6. They Don’t Diet

Women eating a burger - naturally skinny women don't diet and enjoy a variety of foods

‘Naturally’ thin people do not diet.

They do not do a two week cleanse of no carbs or only eat low-fat for a month.

These can be great to drop off some pounds, but they are not sustainable, and they most often result in you just putting the weight back on (and then some!)

In fact, studies show that dieting leads to weight gain! Isn’t that crazy?!

Those who keep off weight easily just follow a well-balanced lifestyle and eat a variety of foods and meals that are conducive to a healthy life.

They do not eat a certain type of food because it is low-fat, they eat it because they enjoy it.

Their well-rounded meals are also their only meals of the day, and they don’t prepare snacks or anything else in between.

This helps to knock down their overall calorie intake for the day, which is key to keeping off weight.

This type of lifestyle is much more sustainable than a diet and by following a well-rounded meal plan and some light exercise, you could keep weight off!

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