15+ Birthday Trackers For Both Bullet Journalers and Digital Lovers

Do you use a birthday tracker?!

There’s nothing worse than remembering a friends birthday the day after. Or worse, forgetting it completely!

When Facebook arrived into our lives, many of us stopped putting an effort in remembering birthdays. Facebook reminds you of all these important dates, so why should we keep track of them?!

Even if everyone you care about is on Facebook, you only get the reminder the day-of to send over your birthday wishes.

For the people I’m close to, I want to go out of my way to get them something a little nicer than a ‘Happy Birthday!’ text.

So I started keeping track of everyones birthdays in my bullet journal and even in apps. I want to be triple sure I won’t miss an important day and possibly hurt someones feelings in the process.

A lot of people say they don’t care about birthdays, but I don’t believe that! Everyone likes to feel appreciated and loved. So why not make a little extra effort on your loved ones special day if it’s as simple as using a birthday tracker.

What Are The Best Birthday Reminder Apps?

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the best Birthday Tracker app

Few things compete with Google Calendar!

I sync up everything on mine and make sure to have my birthday notifications go off a week before so I can prepare in time.

You can create different calendars and have one be just ‘Birthdays’ allowing you to see a birds eye view of all upcoming dates.

You can even connect your Facebook account to your calendar so you don’t miss a single one.

2. Hip: Birthday Reminder

Hip Birthday Reminder app is an amazing app to never forget important occasions

Considered the most popular birthday reminder app, Hip won’t allow you to ever forget another special occasion again!

I downloaded this app and loved how intuitive it is. You can see all the important dates in chronological order.

Another really great feature is it offers over 100+ greeting cards you can send

3. Birthday Countdown

A fun and cute Birthday Tracker, Birthday Countdown is a must-have app

Just like it sounds, Birthday Countdown allows you to set up multiple birthdays and have a countdown going for all of them.

It’s a fun way to get excited about upcoming birthdays and see, down to the second, how much time until the important date.

You can set up reminders, put pictures in the countdown, and even add a song to the countdown.

4. Birdays – Birthday Reminder

This is a great app for Android users who like no fluff or frills.

Birdays (nope, not a spelling error) looks like a productivity app and reminds me of Hip. You can see all the important dates coming up in chronological order or on a calendar view.

It’s very modern, simple, and free!

5. Birthdays for Android

Just like the name suggests, this app is just a simple Birthday reminder for Android users

I’m not a particular fan of the way this app looks but it does what it promises and the reviews back it up!

If you’re an android user and don’t care about whether it’s ‘pretty,’ as long as it’s functional, this may be the best app for you.

You can set reminders and sync it with your other calendars to make sure you’re always on top of important dates!

Bullet Journal Birthday Trackers

Even though I love my apps and Google Calendar, I still feel the need to write things down.

I don’t know if it’s because I simply enjoy the cathartic experience of journaling or perhaps I’m just deeply distrusting of technology (porque no los dos?), but I just have to write stuff down in my bujo.

What if there’s an electrical outage or nuclear war? The ‘I had your birthday on my phone, how could I have known an apocalypse was coming’ excuse will get old and your friends will start to get upset.

Don’t be that person! Forget bunkers and canned food, you need to start writing down important dates in your bujo.

“Fine! You’re right. I don’t want to be in an apocalypse and an outcast, how do I get started?”


I’ve rounded up some birthday trackers to inspire you. These are some great selections and I’m sure you’ll find one here you love and can make it your own.

Let’s get started…

Just Peachy Birthday Tracker

Source: @susshimie

The peachy colors in this bujo spread are my absolute favorite. The best thing ablout this spread is you don’t need to be a professional doodler to recreate it.

Even if you have no artistic talent, I’m sure you can draw a cake and some balloons for your tracker!

This spread is simple but oh-so cute! Plus the colors gives me some Harry Potter vibes which I’m loving.

This goes to show you don’t need to go too crazy to make your journal work.

Astrology-Inspired Birthday Tracker

I am obsessed with everything about this spread. Plus, it combines my love for astrology (it’s 100% real!)

If you have some time on your hands, you can try and recreate this beautiful birthday tracker yourself.

Minimalist Bullet Journal B-Day Tracker

If you don’t want any of the fancy-schmancy designs and just want something simple, this minimalist bullet journal spread would be perfect for you!

You can make this spread in no-time and have always have your important dates

Another beautiful spread that’s simple and functional, what more could you want?

Grab a ruler and some highlighters to make sure the lines are as straight as can be and you’re basically done!x

Circular Birthday Tracker

The circle birthday trackers are one of the most popular spreads I’ve seen. They’re easy to do and can be customized however you want.

You can add any and all important dates on this one, not just birthdays.

Birthday Tracker Bullet Journal Spread
Source: @alionsworld

Another style of circle tracker that’s even more simple and easy to replicate.

I love the detail of balloons on the sides to give this page celebratory feel.

Army brat? Or do you just love green? Either way, this tracker would be perfect for you. Just looking at it makes me want to do ten pushups.

This tracker is so good because you’ll always have space (unless you have sixty friends, of course)

With the tracker on the left, you simply put the name of your loved one, year of birth (if you know it), and day under the month.

Effortless and clever!

Put on your party hats! This birthday tracker will get you in a celebratory mood in no time.

From the hats and hearts to the presents, you can make your birthday tracker your very own in no time.

Can’t get enough of minimalism? This ones got to be on e of the most delicate looking spreads I have seen. Even the lettering in ‘Bdays’ looks dainty, like that fancy necklace you bought that broke almost instantly.

Which one of these bullet journal birthday trackers will you be trying out?!

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