8 Fast and Effective Ways to Get Into Ketosis, Backed by Science

This post is all about the Keto Diet and getting into ketosis quickly and efficiently!

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You’ve probably heard of the Keto Diet, one of the newest and probably most popular and effective ways to get rid of unwanted fat you have in your body.

No matter where you look, celebrities, social media, the news you’ll see a new report about the amazing effects of the Keto diet. Some of the testimonials are shocking: but is it really that amazing? 

When starting on the Keto Diet, we need to take into account the different terms you will come across if you are planning to do it.

I will try to keep this brief, as I have a more detailed explanation on what the Keto Diet is here.

Let’s discuss how the Keto Diet is effective – how is it done? What processes are involved? 


What the hell is the Keto Diet? 

If you have struggled in the past to stick to a diet, or you don’t have the slightest clue of how to go about it – you might fall in love with the idea of the Keto Diet. And when I say falling in love, I’m not exaggerating.

Going on the Keto Diet would require you to eat high-protein, healthy fatty food with little-to-low carbohydrates. The goal here is to ensure that your body gets supplied with sufficient amount of healthy stored fat so this is what the body will burn to turn into fuel – yes, energy.

Our normal bodily functions involves our body breaking up sugar to turn into energy; and that explains why some people experience a sugar rush.

With the Keto Diet, however, our bodies tend to look for stored fat, making it an alternative to sugar. 

In the process, ketones are created. Ketones are the chemicals that are produced in the liver. They’re there because your body is not getting enough insulin so that it can be turned to energy. Ketones are our friends and they hold a tons of benefits for our bodies. 

Sticking with the Keto diet can shock you and can leave you breathless – you can expect to shave off those few extra pounds within months, as dietitians and experts suggest. This can be very exciting and leave you feeling very positive about your weight loss journey.

However, don’t expect that if you just start consuming less carbs, you will see a significant decrease when you step on that scale – dieting is progressive and not a ‘get fit quick’ thing, keep that in mind.

So whether it’s your first time trying the Keto diet or you want to know how to get back into ketosis after vacation quickly, here are some of the best Keto hacks!


What are the best and fastest ways to get into ketosis?

Safe? Yes, safe because some people might think that this is eating suicide. Well, as a matter of fact, getting into ketosis might even be what you need to achieve that slender, coca-cola bottle shape you’ve always wanted. 

And if you’re already starting to get more curious about it, you’re in the right place!

We will be giving you some of the best techniques that Science can offer on how you can get into ketosis quickly and safely.

So here are some of the fastest and most effective ways you can get into ketosis:


More physical activities

We all know how important physical activity is to weight loss, however, with the Keto diet it literally fires up your metabolism!

During the Keto diet you are avoiding high-carb foods especially pasta and rice; so not consuming carbs will restrict the body to replenish glycogen storages. Exercising helps a person’s body to eradicate the glucose stored in the cells, speeding up ketosis.

In fact, working out in the mornings (before breakfast), has been shown to speed up ketosis as well! Get your yoga mat out and get sweaty!


Short-period fasting

Many people might not notice this but because of the fact that you’re cutting down on carb-intake, your body will become weaker upon starting the keto diet. Don’t worry, though – it’s not the end of the world and it definitely is not the end for your dream body. Allow that feeling to envelop your body and your body will become used to it. 

It isn’t permanent! Your strength will come back and grow once your body adjusts to the Keto lifestyle.

Fasting, as a matter of fact, can help you get into ketosis faster. Why? Because if you control your urge to eat, your body will be forced to eat up and use the stored fat you have in your body for energy; talk about finding ways to survive.

Doing the Keto diet in conjunction with intermittent fasting is very popular for one reason: it works!


Fat fasting

Since you will be forced to shut down most of your urges to eat delicious cakes and pastries, your body will become used to converting stored fat into energy. Now in some instances, a dietitian can suggest a longer time period for fasting (between 24 to 48 hours). It’s not that they want to starve you, it’s just because it might have a better effect for your specific body. 

Fat fasting is probably one of the most boring but rewarding ways to fast. As its name suggests, fat fasting will require you of a diet that you can only eat fat between 2 to 3 days. Although some dietitians and health experts suggest that there are people who might not be capable of undergoing this type of fasting. 

This type of fasting should only be done under the supervision of a medical professional and is best for those that are significantly overweight. Your goal is to lose weight, not yourself or you sanity in the process. 


Ketone-Levels Testing

If you thought that ketones cannot be studied, you better think again! There’s what dietitians call “ketone levels” and this particular level will determine how much ketones are in the body. There are a few brilliant ways on how to test it and it can be any of the following:

  1. Blood testing
  2. Breath testing
  3. Urine testing

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to an expert to test your ketone-levels. There are ketone strips you can purchase to test yourself. Of course, they won’t be as accurate as a test administered by a doctor, but they give you a rough idea of how you’re doing.

The more ketones you have, the better and faster you can get into ketosis! Once you become aware of your body’s ketone levels, make sure to adjust to it so that you get the correct amount that you can get into ketosis.


Healthy Fat Intake

Now if there would be one simple thing that dietitians would recommend, it is to consume foods that have the highest levels of healthy fat in them.

And I’m not talking about lucrative foods like salmon, caviar, and whatnot – we’re just aiming to skim off a few extra pounds, not our pockets – we’re talking about fats that can be found in: olive oil, flaxseed oil, avocados, avocado oil, and coconut oil. 

Allowing your body to have these will definitely be the best replacement you need for the loss of carbs in your body. 


Eat Enough Protein!

Achieving the godly metabolic state of ketosis would require you to intake enough amounts of protein but not too much.

I cannot emphasize this enough “too much of something is a bad thing;” make sure that your protein is not way above or below the sufficient amount based on your needs. 

Your protein intake should be high enough to maintain muscle mass even while your carb intake is low.

Why? Because without protein, your body will lose weight and mass altogether; you might want to take this into account as losing a large amount of muscle is not healthy nor the goal of the Keto diet.  


Coconut Oil

Now I know what you’re thinking, why is coconut involved in all of this? Well coconut oil might just be what your body needs to enter the holy metabolic state of ketosis. For starters, coconut oil contains healthy fats called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

As difficult as how its name is pronounced, it is what our bodies – specifically our livers – absorb swiftly which can then be used to turn into energy or fuel.

Make sure to add coconut oil when cooking or even to your smoothies!

You won’t even taste it.


How long does it take to get back into ketosis after a cheat meal?

It really depends on a lot of factors!

Things such as how often you exercise, what your cheat meal consisted of, how long it took you the first time to get into ketosis, etc.

However, it typically takes a person between 24 to 48 hours to get back into ketosis!

What Do You Count On Keto?

I’m actually not in favor of counting calories, carbs, etc. because I feel that it leads to an unhealthy relationship with food. You start viewing food as a number instead of reading your bodies cues.

BUUUUT, if you want to count on the Keto diet, check out this guide that walks you through it…


So those are the actual, Science-backed ways on how you can get into ketosis fast, safely, and efficiently.

Always keep in mind that ketosis is not something that alerts your smartphone when you get into that metabolic state; as some dietitians and experts suggest, you will be experiencing a difficult time in getting into ketosis especially if you’re not used to low carb-intake.

The beginning of this diet is pretty rough for most people (things like Keto flu are common), but those who push through it report feelings of high energy and better concentration.

Getting into ketosis by religiously following the keto diet can change your life in an unimaginable way.

Many people who have struggled to lose (and keep off) weight say this lifestyle change has been a game-changer for them. 

Have you tried the Keto diet? What was your experience? Comment below!!

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