8 Keto Diet Hacks To Make Losing Weight Much Easier

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Keto Diet Hacks To Speed Up Weight Loss


The hardest part of any lifestyle change is the first couple of days while your body adjusts. However, if you’re interested in the ketogenic diet, these keto diet hacks will be a lifesaver as you try to lose weight safely and keep it off! All these tips and tricks will help get your metabolism at peak performance so you burn fat even when you aren’t trying to.


How To Speed Up Weight Loss In Ketosis


What exactly is ketosis? Ketosis is a normal metabolic process that provides many health benefits, weight loss being just one of them. For some people, it can take them days (even up to a week) to get into ketosis, however, there are a couple of things you can do to get there more quickly and speed up weight loss. The first step is cutting carbs as quickly as possible. The Keto Diet is high fat, low carb diet so the sooner you part with goodies such as bread and cereal, the faster you will get into ketosis.

The second thing you can do to get into ketosis quickly is quickly increasing your healthy fats, consider purchasing a high-quality coconut oil. Some even add coconut oil to their morning coffee in order to get a nice amount of healthy fats first thing in the morning.

And of course, just because you’re on the keto diet, doesn’t mean you should exclusively rely on it to lose weight. In order to speed up weight loss, with or without the keto diet, you should be working out anywhere from 3 to 6 times a week (depending on your fitness level and schedule).


Tips For Success On The Keto Diet


Hack #1: Learn to Prepare Your Own Meals.


The first thing you must do to be successful on any diet is preparing your own meals. If you don’t prep your meals, especially on the keto diet, you are leaving your success up to chance. You don’t know if at the end of a busy work day you’ll find a keto-friendly dinner. You’ll probably be tired and lack the motivation to make something healthy, opting for a quick, easy, and (most likely) unhealthy option. As you get more and more comfortable with the keto diet you can wing things more, but in the beginning, it’s important to have all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!) accounted for.

Consider getting the 21-Day Keto Meal Prep Book to get you started.



Hack #2: Snack on High Fat Foods


If you’re feeling hungry or have cravings, snack on high-fat foods. Personally, I like to have a couple of fat bombs on hand at all times just in case. Snacking on high-fat foods will help keep you in ketosis while fighting off hunger (and hanger). Beyond delicious fat bombs, you can snack on peanut butter, nuts, avocado, and cheese.


Hack #3: Try Intermittent Fasting with Keto


Intermittent fasting is a great tool to help lose weight fast and when paired with keto, this duo can be your secret weapon! Intermittent fasting basically means you only eat during a certain window of time, normally 6-8 hours. This means for 16-18 hours a day, you won’t be eating anything, only drinking water. It doesn’t mean you eat less, you will eat the same amount of calories during that short window of time, however by not eating for 16-18 hours, your body is forced to break down the stored fat it has to use as energy.


Hack #4: Drink a lot of Water


Some individuals when they reach ketosis might feel a little uneasy, fatigued, and even constipated. In order to avoid these symptoms (or at least minimize them), it’s important you hydrate your body really well. Remember, your body won’t be used to eating such a high-fat diet and it can take some time to adjust. There is a normal time-frame at the beginning of your keto weight loss journey where you might not feel so great, but drinking lots of water can definitely get you through this early phase.


Hack #5: Use Almond or Coconut Flour Instead of Real Flour


In order to lower your carbs, you won’t be having much wheat flour. But what if you want pizza? or cupcakes? Losing weight shouldn’t feel like torture or a punishment! Simply purchase either almond or coconut flour and find keto-friendly recipes to make whatever goodies you’re craving. If you’re feeling deprived, chances are you won’t stick with the diet for long.


Hack #6: Use Cauliflower and Veggies in Place of Rice and Pastas


Steam some cauliflower to make rice, pasta, and even the dough for pizza! Also, get a spiralizer and turn your zuchini into a delicious pasta dish. Cauliflower and most veggies are very low in carbs and a perfect addition to the keto diet for when you are craving something carb-heavy, like pasta, but don’t want to get out of ketosis.



Hack #7: Stack Up on Eggs


Eggs are going to be your lifesaver on the keto diet. They’re very inexpensive (especially when purchased in bulk) and extremely easy to make in multiple ways. You can boil, fry, scramble, poach, or bake them. If you ever fail at hack #1 (meal prepping) you’re going to be extremely happy you have a dozen eggs on hand and can whip up a delicious, keto friendly brinner recipe in minutes.


Hack #8: Up Your Salt Intake


Due to the fact you will be drinking a lot more water, you will be using the bathroom more. To avoid feeling sluggish throughout the day, make sure you are replacing your electrolytes regularly. You don’t want to be drinking sugary sports drinks in order to do this, but make sure you are getting enough salt, potassium, and magnesium.






A couple of things that will make your keto weight loss journey a little easier. You don’t need all (or even any) of these, but if you can afford them and want to make the investment, they can definitely help you lose weight quickly and easily.






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8 Keto Diet Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner. Tips And Tricks That Will Make The Ketogenic Diet So Much Easier To Follow! These keto diet hacks are great for weight loss. Keto tips for beginners for losing weight fast! #ketogenic #keto #ketogenicrecipes

8 Keto Diet Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner. Tips And Tricks That Will Make The Ketogenic Diet So Much Easier To Follow! These keto diet hacks are great for weight loss. Keto tips for beginners for losing weight fast! #ketogenic #keto #ketogenicrecipes